• Will


    Any girl who campaigns to bring back 'Things That Bounce' deserves to be President of the United States.

    • Frank

      It must come back!!

    • KAMC173

      Agreed, I think I have asked for it on numerous Thursday posts….and finally a girl agrees! God Bless You Erin!

    • TheWizz

      ive been asking for it for a long time. guess you gotta have boobs to get a point across at chive HQ…

    • Felcus

      The load times are worth it. Bring it back!

    • Jin Jung

      I have an idea John. Give her a job running the new charity you are starting for the Chive. She loves to help people. Sounds like a perfect match.

      • Emzilla

        I vote yes. That comment needs more thumbs up…!

      • VegasMarcy

        then have her hire me to assist 😉

    • Biggus Diccus

      You can always do porn.

      • burt reynolds

        or just strip.

    • VegasMarcy

      Gah! I love this girl!

    • jal

      Chive, put her on your payroll, until she finds something. I think she deserves a job at the Chive.

    • TheBAMFinater

      I say we start a write in campaign. Of course she isn't old enough, and probably too smart, but…

    • theycallmedaddy

      i wouldn't mind at all if every single picture in 'things that bounce' was her.

    • Patches

      I'm sure posting videos of her tits bouncing will attract a lot of legitimate employers with good intentions. Not a single male employer seeing this post will offer her a job just because they want to bang her, no siree! This post will definitely ensure that future employers take her completely seriously and never hit on her. No way will posting half nude photos and videos of yourself in an effort to land a job result in inappropriate offers or conduct!

      • Logic Is Not Allowed

        Not on this website, no sir. She can post all the half naked pics and gifs she wants, and no employer googling her name will be led straight to a half naked gallery post of her. Only completely ethical employers look on sites known for Tan Line Tuesday and FLBP for potential employees, and they certainly don't screen those employees thinking that they just have to throw a little attention the way of someone looking for a serious career (while posting at least 3 sexy pics a week).

      • Logic Is Not Allowed

        On a side note though, I think the ethical issue had nothing to do with sexual harassment. The pic of her holding up a blotted out sheet of paper seems more along the lines of her quitting because the doc did something shady like a messed up procedure or financial/insurance fraud. Something that could be arguable and hard to prove.

        • John

          This girl is an attention seeking little whore

          • Tom Schwarz

            You are on a website that features things such as FLBP, Hump Day, and Mind the Gap, and you then say she is an attention seeking little whore.

            I have a feeling you might be stupid.

    • bdg

      Bring It Back!!!!!!

  • Sarah M.


    One time I got like three job offers in a day on Monster, this is kinda like that, but on steroids and rocket fuel.

    • Emzilla

      I got teary eyed on this post, starting with that (# 8) up there. She's so sweet! I just wish I had the kind of money to give her a job!! 😦

    • @NorCalChiver

      i met Erin at the Chicago meet up awhile back. she's such a sweetheart and deserves all the happiness the world has to offer

      • mikey

        she is also one of the biggest internet attention whores in the whole werld

  • Darren


    Suddenly, my childhood

    • Robbie Cuadros

      ha right! or the dude on the little cart and the bell

  • Bob

    #18 Give this girl a job, now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AssClown

      She qwit R jerb!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Her first job can be to remove a blood clot in my pants cause that GIF was amazing and the fact that she got John to consider bringing back "Things that bounce Thursday." But seriously, give her a modeling contract or at least let her do her job in less clothing, people won't mind.

    • Gonasiphaherpalitis

      If I hired her, she would be sexually harassed from the moment she walked in for an interview.

      • Erin

        that's great Gonad. And I could catch your cornucopia of STD's too. Sign me up!

        • DDD

          Erin what exactly did your boss do to compromised your position ethically?

          Suck it up!!

          Pretty dumbass move quitting your job in this type of economy

  • FunKiller

    I have a job for her, it pays extremely well. No gardening involved, but it does involve planting!

    • Willy T McRibb

      No worries.
      With "but her boss did something that severely compromised her position ethically" being the reason for leaving, she will be looking for work often. This thread also has the potential to "friendzone" her career for quite some time also. The sand back in Jersey isn't THAT cold anyways.

    • FunKiller

      Why so much hate??? I'm just tryin to help a girl out!!

      • DDD

        exactly! If she (and John) are going to put it out there, she and the white knight Chivers will have to take what is dished out!

        Smells like a whorish prude to me…

        Does Gifs that bounce, bts gets offended when the conversation turns sexual??

        • midnight rider

          nobody said anything about the "coversation turing sexual" your just assuming.
          good luck erin!

          • DDD

            "No gardening involved, but it does involve planting" is a sexual reference

  • DTAB

    #17 #18 Killer body!

    • Sammy

      How about a "Bikini Bridge Tuesday"?

    • Marco

      And my fav! Love her.

  • Claire


    I like this girl

    • Ted

      Let's not make a habit of this, okay?

      • dane

        this girl doenst eat donuts, have u seen that body?

    • Master_Rahl

      mmmm donuts…. I mean, Erin is hot!

    • Kristen

      That's because "Claire" is a fat girls name and you just want the donuts.

  • MOAR

    #19 We all want it back! BRING IT BACK!

    • bkfrijoles

      Thank You Erin

  • bob_the_cook

    #18: Nailed it!

  • Kigali
    • Please

      Stop posting, it's annoying.

    • Larry Longarms

      Close enough

  • jayd

    her face looks weird in these pics, thought she was hotter. rockin body though

    • A12

      i agree dude 100%, i thought the same thing

    • PA2AK

      Don't we all look a little weird though? Not you, huh. Fucking stud, you.

    • Adam

      I thought she looked better in these photos than previous ones. I always preferred the other Erin for my Chivettes but these might make me change my mind….and my pants.

    • chitownchiver

      I agree. I got blasted too for saying she wasn't all that. She's got a body, but meh to everything else.

      • Brian Wanueka

        Chink town Chivettes are uglier.

    • ayoitsdk

      The Chive community is meant for encouraging words and optimism. Keep your negatively-opinionated comment to yourself.

      • A12


      • shut up

        oh, please! you must be new here!

        • McRaePhoto

          I think you might be the new one.

      • Happyjoyjoy

        Here's some positive feedback for a teletubby carebear like you … "Go fck yourself"

      • silky

        since when?

      • OmegaSupreme

        It's a free way to get some stroke material. Let's not get too pretentious. Besides she's mediocre at best.

        • Bagel

          mediocre at best??? wow dude, just wow

    • Brian Wanueka

      Eat shit and die Jayd!!

      • DJG

        Well… That escalated quickly.

    • Biggus Diccus

      For me it's not her face and body that makes her hot, it's whats on the inside. But of course it doesn't hurt that she's fucking hot and has a rockin body.

    • Robert Kisabeth

      Sorry she doesn't look like the dude from twilight.

    • Youre A Homo

      Erik Estrada and I have bad news for you…

  • Urethra Franklin

    This will be interesting

  • Derp

    best chivette

  • Clowd

    You're in LA, become a model or actress… You definitely have the looks.

    • The Pict

      You haven't ever been to LA, have you?
      The thing that sets Erin apart from thousands of other hot girls in LA is her sweet disposition and self depreciating humor, neither of which is going to help her get a job in the industry.

      • Emzilla

        Erin wants to help people. Models and actresses only help men pitch their tents.

        • kbutt

          To which I say…that is the greater good.

          • zTom

            The greater good…

    • wowers

      Yeah, neither of those are particularly fulfilling careers out here

    • chodar


  • whyme1973

    #11 #12 #18 Hopefully she has more time to send in plenty of these kind of sexy and funny shots. Thank you, sweety!

  • DSS

    it's impossible not to like this girl

    • OmegaSupreme

      Until you have to put up with her shit

  • the common man

    I hope she told her disgusting, leering boss to go fly a kite. Only CHIVERS are allowed to ogle that body!

    • Lala

      What if her boss is a chiver, is it ok then?

      • Emzilla

        Would a chiver do "something that severely compromised her position ethically"? I would like to think if my boss were a chiver, he'd be fucking awesome. Not a douchebag…

        • asdasd

          You clearly haven't met a number of chivers here. All communities have their fair share of kind people as well as douchebags. It wouldn't be a community if it didn't.

          • Emzilla

            Just because you visit TheChive, doesn't mean you're a Chiver. It means you're a person with internet connectivity, and opposable thumbs.

            • Rule34YourMom

              stfu n00b

              • Emzilla

                Oh noes! I better listen to you! -.-

            • xrt

              Amen Emzilla! I've never seen a post by you that offended! True Chiver, you are.

            • Allizme

              Being a Chiver is great and all, but that is some fucking elitist bullshit right there. I mean, who the fuck do you think you are? You're probably the type of person who visits the Chive regularly, makes a few posts and sends in a few alluring pictures of themselves and think you're part of some special club? Congratulations. You've showed the internet your cleavage. What a fucking special superstar you are.

  • Macro

    Life is so much easier when you're a cute girl with bewbs.

    Ah who cares … bouncy bouncy! #19

  • paulhitchcock

    #18 I don't know, I'm kinda enjoying the unemployed Erin. (Seriously though, good luck finding a job. The market sucks right now, but with your skills and education, I'm sure you'll find something. I know someone on the local hospital board. I'll see if they have any needs.)

  • SUPer4Life

    #14 #17 If you relax your eyes after a while you can see a margarita and a pier with a ferris wheel 🙂

  • SaveFerris

    Hey chive, if she is so deserving, why don't you just give her one?

    • obvious

      no shit

    • Macro


    • Duh.

      Conflict of interest, Im sure.

    • DeflaterMouse

      Does one ever truly quit being a fame whore?

  • chitownchiver

    She's cute, but I've had better. Can someone please explain to me the love story Chivers have with this chick? I'll get a million dislikes and f*ckoffs, but seriously, I don't get it.

    • ChiveChive

      I think that 4th paragraph in the blurb & "OG Chivette" pretty much sums it up

      • anony

        so she was one of the first girls to send racy photos to a website with no credibility? OMG

        • missy

          so we just saw a nice redemptive, positive gallery and haters gonna hate I guess. I met her once, she was really sweet. if the chive wants to help a little, why do you care?

      • Anon

        She comes off as a fun loving, nice girl, who doesn't mind interacting with whomever(No judging). That is the reason. The other is the body.

    • Daisy

      "I've had better."?

      No, you haven't.


      • chitownchiver

        Yes I have.

        • Scaggnettii

          no, no you have not

        • You are full of shit

          Pictures or it didn't happen

    • Sarah

      Are we seriously thumbing up the guy who just said he's had better?

    • Kent

      You must be a newbie Chiver or you would.

      • Seriously

        Says the greying fat guy pictured at his desk (lookin at you, Kent)

        • Seriously

          Scratch that, misinterpreted what you were saying Kent. Damn. Apologies mate

          • Jack Wagon

            everyone needs to be as much of a bad ass stud wannabe as dipshit. oops i mean shitownchiver, it is my dream to one day be that big of a douche bag. Way to go bro, you are indeed a douche bag.

          • Kristen

            Agreed. "Seriously" is a fucking cunt.

            • Vent187

              You really like the C word don't you Kristen?

            • Dar

              Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

              • Captain

                I do.

    • Verbal_Kint

      Chicks this hot can be very shallow, self centered, and snatchy; not down to earth, fun-loving and actually give a shit about others.. She's a gem….

    • skyler

      if you dont get it…. perhaps you dont deserve to be a Chiver.

    • _LG

      No you haven't. Girls don't come any better.

      • TheDude

        I dunno, you look kinda hot…

        • @pezatsea

          If you don't know LG, you're a new Chiver or not one at all…

          Great to see you LG!!!

    • TheSimonizer

      it's not all about the looks. looks are just 80% of the battle.

    • Lojack


      In some pics, she's hot in others, just ok.

      I see you live in Chicago. To any bar/restaurant on Hubbard tonite and you'll see 10 chicks that are 10x hotter than her.

      Keep in mind that the average Chiver is a early 20's video game/comic book dork who worships a silly green shirt and an extremely overrated BIll Murray.

      • Woop

        Wow, why are you here. I love it when people claim to be elite just to wave their dicks around. Even if its true, no need to put people down for it or to insult anyone. Best to keep your trap shut and not be a douche. There's always gonna be better, hotter or cooler and if everyone just appreciate and shut the hell up about it, we might not have the social problems we have now.

        • Lojack

          I've obviously touched the nerve of a comic book dork.

          I'm not 'elite', I just know dorks when I see them.

          As for why I'm here – to see funny pictures and a random hot chick. What I'm not here to do is worship a fucking green t shirt or a picture of Bill Murray or some attention whores like you video game dorks are.

          • Jin Jung

            Lojack – I think you need to add an -ass to your name you pompous tool.

            • Patches

              How is he pompous just because he can enjoy a website without becoming a raving celebrity worshipping fanboy?
              If anything I'd say you "chivers are the best people ever" fanboys are more pompous – you seriously think liking funny photos and pictures of sluts makes you great?

            • Lojack

              It's 8:43 Chicago time. Shouldn't you have jacked off to a Bill Murray picture by now?

      • Brian Wanueka

        10x's hotter with STD's… In Craptown!

    • Brian Wanueka

      A million and one… So fuck off chink!!!

    • PNB

      If you're counting your mother, yeah I am sure you have had better. Personally, I found your mother to be pretty mediocre, but at least she was cheap.

  • BuffaloJustSayin

    All the best luck, Erin! Good luck getting a job.

  • bambam

    So John – hire her. She is a perfect chive employee.

    • Fred

      You should just pay her for being hot John.

    • Average Joe

      Give her a job at The Chive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!11!!eleventyeleven!!!!

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    Such a beautiful girl. Really curious about this unethical boss business though.

    • Nahvis

      I'm guessing some type of sexual harrassment…the wording has that feel.

      • Tiber_Septim

        agreed, sexual harassment is no game and hard to prove, so she did the right thing good on her

      • Emily

        How would someone hitting on you test your own ethics? It does not sound like sexual harassment at all. She's not even that great. She's in the medical field, probably some kind of malpractice issue.

    • Rholio

      She works in the medical field, odds are she was asked to be dishonest on a report to cover someone's rear.

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