• socket2me

    hmm, ok

  • http://twitter.com/BrittNelson917 @BrittNelson917

    Erin is the shit and my Chivette Idol. Good luck girl!

  • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.turner.528 Matthew Turner

    #12 She's SOOOO Hot!!!😀

  • partysauce

    someone should employ her to be a professional urban explorer so she can continue to take pictures of her escapades

  • http://projectewing.com Josh the Jester

    I am now hiring for a "Goddess Of My Life Who Is Also Epic In Every Way" and Erin appears to be a perfect candidate. Inquire within, please… No really… Please? 🙂

  • JJP

    Posting provocative photos online led to a male hitting you on work?! What is this world coming to . . . yawn.

  • Bigoman81

    The awesome thing about Chivettes is that they all look different, but "Muther of God" are they all beautiful. That being said, I demand that whatever job she is given and accepts, she has access to a HD camera, internet, and the Chive.com .

  • Bannon

    If she isn't working for you guys yet. Why doesn't The Chive hire her?

  • Abe

    I could get you at least an interview on the east coast. Not a creepy guy here – legit research job. Entry level.

  • Jamie

    I love stuff like this that is fake. KCACO!

  • Mike

    as Maeybe Funke would say…"MARRY ME!"

  • Gary


  • http://www.facebook.com/lewis.butcher Lewis Butcher

    I Like her face and what its attached to.

  • http://tapiture.com/user/moeshere/ moeshere foxdale

    Dam john Though you would have married that one…Good luck ERIN I wish you the best…Don't run away on us…WE LOVE YOU…

  • ChrissyRoxSox

    If only I had my own company! I UNDERSTAND ERIN!!

  • Sam

    This woman is about the coolest person on the internets. What a sweety!

  • Lkm

    I'm sure plenty ofpeoplemak life changing decisions such as this. I'm sure if she were fat, ugly or unphotogenic no-one would give a toss

  • bidmcchug

    Aw shame a pretty white girl doesn’t have a job . . Boo hoo . .

  • da goober

    Erin you are awesome if I had a job opening i would hire you. good luck & chive on!

  • Marco

    #13 – Look up "pipe" on the French urban dictionary :O

  • flyingmonkey76

    Young. Good body. Decent face.

    Based on these pics and story, this chick ain't serious about getting a job in her field… or even retraining for another field… but I think she's cute enough to latch onto someone who will take care of her.

  • ahyeaok

    hey chive i need a job too! unfortunately im neither a woman or pretty so i guess ill just have to try using my brain instead. btw isnt it considered sexism hiring people purely because their pretty?

  • DaveyC

    The best chivette, I'd like to hire her just to be awesome all the time. Good luck with everything Erin!

  • Emily

    She removed her belly button piercing because chivers thought it looked bad. Quite frankly I'm surprised she stood up for her ethics when she made herself seem like such a sheep. Nice body, ugly face.

  • Awer

    Looks like Katherine Heigl🙂

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