• Matthew Turner

    #12 She's SOOOO Hot!!! 😀

  • partysauce

    someone should employ her to be a professional urban explorer so she can continue to take pictures of her escapades

  • Josh the Jester

    I am now hiring for a "Goddess Of My Life Who Is Also Epic In Every Way" and Erin appears to be a perfect candidate. Inquire within, please… No really… Please? 🙂

  • JJP

    Posting provocative photos online led to a male hitting you on work?! What is this world coming to . . . yawn.

  • Bigoman81

    The awesome thing about Chivettes is that they all look different, but "Muther of God" are they all beautiful. That being said, I demand that whatever job she is given and accepts, she has access to a HD camera, internet, and the .

  • Bannon

    If she isn't working for you guys yet. Why doesn't The Chive hire her?

  • Abe

    I could get you at least an interview on the east coast. Not a creepy guy here – legit research job. Entry level.

  • Jamie

    I love stuff like this that is fake. KCACO!

  • Mike

    as Maeybe Funke would say…"MARRY ME!"

  • Gary


  • Lewis Butcher

    I Like her face and what its attached to.

  • moeshere foxdale

    Dam john Though you would have married that one…Good luck ERIN I wish you the best…Don't run away on us…WE LOVE YOU…

  • ChrissyRoxSox

    If only I had my own company! I UNDERSTAND ERIN!!

  • Sam

    This woman is about the coolest person on the internets. What a sweety!

  • Lkm

    I'm sure plenty ofpeoplemak life changing decisions such as this. I'm sure if she were fat, ugly or unphotogenic no-one would give a toss

  • bidmcchug

    Aw shame a pretty white girl doesn’t have a job . . Boo hoo . .

  • da goober

    Erin you are awesome if I had a job opening i would hire you. good luck & chive on!

  • Marco

    #13 – Look up "pipe" on the French urban dictionary :O

  • flyingmonkey76

    Young. Good body. Decent face.

    Based on these pics and story, this chick ain't serious about getting a job in her field… or even retraining for another field… but I think she's cute enough to latch onto someone who will take care of her.

  • ahyeaok

    hey chive i need a job too! unfortunately im neither a woman or pretty so i guess ill just have to try using my brain instead. btw isnt it considered sexism hiring people purely because their pretty?

  • DaveyC

    The best chivette, I'd like to hire her just to be awesome all the time. Good luck with everything Erin!

  • Emily

    She removed her belly button piercing because chivers thought it looked bad. Quite frankly I'm surprised she stood up for her ethics when she made herself seem like such a sheep. Nice body, ugly face.

  • Awer

    Looks like Katherine Heigl 🙂

  • Average Joe

    Erin = Goddess

  • Food Chain – August 26, 2012 | BottomFeeder U.S.A.

    […] Erin Willett quits her job (23 HQ Photos) : theCHIVE Erin was reluctant to let me do what I’m about to do but screw it, we’re all about helping each other here. Erin is the OG Chivette and I think any girl who submitted her photos to theCHIVE back when I was lucky to get 3 Chivette submissions a day deserves our support. I created an email, GetErinAJob [at] gmail [dot] com. If you wanna hire the girl, here’s your chance. It doesn’t have to be in the medical profession at all (though that would be awesome), or even in Los Angeles. The girl just wants to work. She does have access to that email so Inquire away… […]

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