• bob

    #9 is awesome THANKS for sharing

  • Alex

    I vote YES

  • Mr Peebs

    Would she accept a job as "my wife?"

  • Jeff

    I'll give it a week before she's employed again!

  • bambam

    Chivers show up all the time. It is your turn. Chive should just step up and give her a job.

  • jrog

    marry me

  • Nigel

    Yeah, seems a little off-putting. There are thousands of kids without a job, and because she makes funny faces and you have a crush on her she is suddenly a charity case? I need a job. I'm a regular guy though, so I don't count?

    • Sarah

      Google the story of the starfish. You can't help everybody so does that mean you should help nobody?

      No, you help where you can. she's a smart girl, not a charity case.

    • Mike

      LG, I disagree, skewed? somebody once said, Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you."

      • Dennis

        totally agree with Mike. on a fundamental level why is helping one person bad. the world is skewed, darlin'. help where u can

    • Hand of Fate

      You seriously need a job, LG? What kind of field did you work in, and what part of the country are you in?

    • Truth

      No Nigel. You don't fucking count. Now shut up and go pound pavement.

  • Chubain

    If you are trying to find her a job shouldn't you post her resume with all of her qualifications? Black out personal info but at least post her educational background (school) and her work experience. Being interested in fields other than the medical profession seem odd since that is her educational background. What does that really mean? Does she want any job (flipping burgers), a professional job with career advancement or is she looking to leverage her good looks to find some sort of job (modeling/marketing/PR)? A bit more information would certainly help people clearly identify if she would be a good fit for an opportunity they know about.

    • Willy T McRibb

      You are on the wrong board if you are looking for clarity, reason and/or logic.

      • Chubain

        Fair point, but I haven't seen job request posting on this site before either. Maybe this is a change and a sign of things to come…

    • KristensBalls

      How about you write the email address provided and FUCKING ASK HER?

      • Chubain

        Despite your two year old response, here is the answer to your question. Why should I have to request information which ALL potential employers will want? She is the one looking for a job, so I would expect her to provide the information without a special request from each and every potential employer. It is how you behave in the adult professional world. You'll understand some day.

    • Patches

      lol no no no, she has tits and that's all that matters to most of the people who seem to visit this site. "top of her class, she's so smart, blah blah blah…. but we'll just post pics and vids of her tits"

      How could an employer not jump all over that?

  • oclvtrek

    Erin, will you marry me?

  • KCCO

    So, her boss sees her half naked on the internet, hits on her or inappropriately makes a move at her, she quits, then looks for a job by posting pics and gifs of her tits bouncing? Genius…

    • KristensBalls

      Yes, because that is entirely appropriate behavior for a boss. Take your fucked up morals and shove them up your wife's ass for me. After I remove my dick from it of course.

      • MLR

        Someone needs to KKCCO…badly.

  • vinn

    I sure do need an assistant I had to crisscross around asia as a human rights lawyer that requires a lot of travelling. The pay isn't that good but the experience of public service is actually pretty sweet.

  • Rae Hamrah

    Ty for sticking to your guns and telling your boss to f off, not just taking the crap just to have a job, good luck chive on girl!!

  • Kyle

    Best of luck, Erin.

  • _LG

    Honestly, I quit my job and would kill to have this done for me. Lucky gal. …But in all seriousness, have her work for theChive. She can be an Event Manager or Chivette Representative for you guys. Just saying.

    • Hand of Fate

      You seriously need a job, LG? What kind of field did you work in, and what part of the country are you in?

      • _LG

        I don't want to detract from Erin and this post, because she deserves more than anything to get her dream job and STAT, but add me on facebook if you'd like to chat! I work in the field of homeland security and emergency management, just as a heads up though. 🙂

        • Hand of Fate

          Will do, just finishing up a call.

          Actually, I just looked you up and it turns out you're from down the street and facebook friends with my cousin. Very random!


    WTF did her boss do?

  • DaBox

    How can I become Erin's photographer. Just following her around, taking a few pictures, but mostly encouraging her to disrobe…

  • boob_cuddle

    Yeah she's hot.

  • Jeff

    Is The Chive hiring? If not come to Charlotte NC…no job but a damn good first date if you would like!?

    • The anti-dbag

      KCCO from another unemployed Charlotte resident.

      • GI Joe

        Were either of you guys at Jackalope Jack's last Thursday wearing a KCCO t-shirt?

  • kng_nthn

    Cute girl, rocking body and from what you say awesome personality? She should be able to get any job she wants! Maybe theChive should hire her?

  • kng_nthn

    also, #19 FUCK YEAH!

  • J. D. Rage

    she's so damn cute!!!

  • Willy T McRibb

    There are roughly 23 million people in this boat with you and most have been there A LOT longer.
    Good luck and welcome to Oblamerville!

  • Firefighter Guy

    Doe's she need a boy friend too?

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    I'll be interested to see how this one turns out…if she gets a great job because of this post, guess what?? Someone's inbox is gonna get flooded with "HIRE ME!!" or "HELP ME AND THE OTHER MILLIONS OF UMEMPLOYED PEOPLE" emails…just sayin…


  • The anti-dbag

    She is cute, but the real reason is because she is nailing John. Thats why this is up here. There are those of us out there who need a job more desperately than her. She is cute, and a good person, but more deserving than anyone else? Cmon.

    • Woop

      Man you are a downer.

      • The anti-dbag

        The truth hurts sometimes. Sorry.

        • KristensBalls

          Sounds like you need a job. Wouldn't it be great if a good friend of yours, who happens to own a very successful Web site, help you with a shit ton of networking? Nah, you're right, I would have said no too. You fucking twat.

          • The anti-dbag

            Someone sounds angry. Networking would be a friend telling other professionals about my job history or value to a team. Posting her tits all over his website is akin to pimping her out.

    • Lojack

      I thought John likes the cock?

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