• NebraskaGuy

    Such a beautiful girl, and she's obviously intelligent too – that's a double-hitter in my book!
    Thank you for your submissions and we look forward to them any time!

    Good luck to you in your job search, Erin – Wish you the best!


    • Willy T McRibb

      Dude, you got some brown stuff on your nose and no its not from tailgating.

  • Sauce

    #14 #17 have boobs size discrepancy.

  • juangrande

    Sorry Erin, there are always a few douchebags in every crew(chitown,jayd, etc). You are Great!! Keep up the great attitude and stellar pics! Oh yea, FUCKOFF chitownchiver!

  • chad

    CHIVE ya'll said your about to start up your Chiver charities website, I bet you could find a way for her to get a job working for the charity group. she sounds really sweet and loves helping people so it would be a perfect job for her!!!!!!

  • FireCaptJohn

    If she’s willing to to get some training I’ll hire her the day out of the fire academy…I’m being forced somewhat by an entire male crew of a large firehouse in Florida.I would imagine as fit as she is and what medical knowledge she already has that being a paramedic would make a perfect fit. As a father of two great teenage daughters, it’s great to see another young lady so full of life.Your Mom and Dad must be incredible people. Tip of the cap all around.

  • Jeremy Sias

    #14 yes! #18 & yes!!!

  • NothingToSeeHere

    Dude… "Any job field and state is open game"… how much you wanna bet Vivid Entertainment already emailed John…

  • Bdrizzle

    This is the best Resume I've personally seen!

  • Don Franklin

    #8 You are absolutely smokin' hot. Someone has a job for you out there somewhere.

  • Abel

    Ur in the medical field with a good background I'm pretty sure you'll find a job ASAP cool pics btw I was just at the Santa moniCa pier on Saturday I went night swimming 👍👍

  • Shant1k

    #13 Erin, that's not a pipe. Be careful.

  • Adam Brewer

    Way to go Chive!!!

  • nacirema

    #1 Is that a brain monitor? Doesn't look like much activity! 🙂

  • F3n1x187

    Erin you are amazing!!!

  • dantheman7

    Why doesn't John hire her to work for the new charity thing he was talking about yesterday?
    Also, bewbs! #19

  • C-spot

    Yeah, because she needs help getting a job.

  • boxman

    i think she already has a job/Users/joey/Desktop/7272112432171543526.jpeg

  • BetaNDA

    She leaves Katherine Heigl in the dust

  • Justhrowit

    Ms. Erin…. If I had something for you, I'd hire you in an instant, but you don't want to work here. I don't even want to work here. We'd love to see you in Dallas though! Lots of jobs here…… Good luck to you, KCCO!

  • Jiggs Verry

    #2 Close enough!

  • Jayspare Fyend

    Hot chicks don't stay unemployed long. She has nothing to worry about.

  • Gordon

    What was the ethical issue?

  • VegasMarcy

    <- This Chivette has a crush on that Chivette. Hottie!

  • Deano

    I need an office assistant in Canada !!

  • Lala

    Posts sexy pics on the internet…gets upset boss looks at her. Sounds about right

    • FLChiver

      Because that's what happened. Even if you knew this to be true, you think putting sexy pics on the internet is a reason for termination? Probably one of those sad Christians that feel sorry inside after they fap.

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