• DB Conor

    FAKE! Nothing that beautiful ever came from New Jersey.

  • Nice thought

    Good luck to a beautiful girl that deserves whatever she is pursuing.

  • ChevyChiver

    I think I will offer her a job. She has the chipperness for it!

  • Matt

    Why dont you give her a job at theCHIVE Charities, let her run that bitch!!

  • Alex Santana

    go back to your country, wetback……….

  • Mike

    Lame Post. I don't feel guilty for a young, beautiful girl at all. We don't even know what happened? How about we do something for a real hero; a fellow brother on the fire dept responded to a house fire. There he managed to locate a victim and haul his ass out – this victim was heavily overweight. This firefighter pulled his back out, and is now off the floor, and off on medical leave. A few weeks prior he was in a fender-bender….so the doctor said his injury was from the car accident and not dragging a fatty out of the fire….so he is not receiving workers comp. To pay for his medical bills, he has had to sell his house. Pretty shitty situation to be in just for doing your job. Help this guy out! I'm sure the young hotty will find another job.

  • Idk

    What a babe. Beautiful, she can have my job!

  • Nicolas Ferraro

    #18, so now I need to quit my job, start a business and hire the lovely Erin! I'll go on a date with her! 🙂

  • AKcanada

    This is the kind of thing that makes me so proud to be a chiver! Thanks Chive for caring so much about the Chive community and humanity in general. Interwebs: you're doing it right!

    • Lojack

      There are many things to be proud of in life.

      Being a 'chiver' isn't one of them.

  • dusty0601

    #18, #19
    I'd hire you to just come over and stay like this all day.

  • Stephen

    Damnit, my first thought on the last picture was "oh cool shoes". I think I need to go drink whiskey and carve something out of wood.

  • Logan Ouderkirk

    i think i love you…. #23

  • bkfrijoles

    #19 the reason i love you

  • matt

    i sympathize with her boss, it'd be very difficult to not attempt to put her in a compromising situation.

    get her ajob

  • MLR

    Send her back to Jersey….we'll welcome her home w/ welcome arms…

  • BOB

    Do u want to work at a body shop in Florida seriously order parts and answer the phone

  • jbb

    I'd rather her give me a job.

  • @royalmetal

    She's what every chivette aspires to be! Sucks that most good people get fucked around by people in powerful positions, though. Good luck on the job hunt, Erin!

  • Dale Buckingham

    To all those that are griping about this post and the "well I'm out of work, why don't I get this special treatment" kindly check yourselves. Look at it this way, Erin became friends with John via the site, and by contributing to the site on a regular basis from the beginning, has helped grow the it into the fantastic thing that it is now. So like any real friend would do, John is now helping out Erin by any means available to him, which includes posting to theChive. It is as simple as that. Anyone who has been a regular follower of this site knows that theChive does not help out only hot looking girls. They help out those that need help and have the humility to ask for it (and sometimes they don't even have to ask) and have a reasonable cause to be asking. If that rational doesn't work for you and you're still pissy about John making this post, then I encourage you to please turn in your KCCO shirts and go bitch about your sorry lot in life and how "other people" get "special treatment" somewhere else.

    Respectfully, a 2 years unemployed/self-employed Chiver who's KCCO.

    • StackKing

      I agree and disagree!

      she seems like a lovely person and of course friends should always have each others backs no matter what. So i agree with you there

      ill keep my reason for disagreement to myself… no need for fellow Chivers to argue.

      p.s. I also wish you the best of luck.

  • architectmosby

    #12 Love you Erin! Always have, always will! Keep your head up.

  • Kristen

    Nice definition of ethics. Twat.

    • Friend

      I love how some people instead of using reason or some what of intelligible idea to dismantle a comment or thought they just name call… Kristen use your words dear we're all grown ups… pretty sure back was just making a light hearted joke 🙂

  • Teej

    I'd drive from Alberta, Canada to LA just to take her out for dinner and hear about her adventure. That's awesome!

  • Zach

    i love you.

  • CRix

    I'm glad this beautiful woman gets this attention and help, but I know some homeless veterans that would be happy for a part time job and just a chance…

  • Foxmcfly


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