• Kyle Danger Bowman

    She is the epitome of girls I want to meet…

  • Noni

    I don't have a job to offer, but i will definitely marry you! 🙂 Lots of hospital jobs up in BC!

  • iwantachivette

    Jesus. She is really pretty. Job issues suck. I hope the Chive is able to help her out.

  • Maxime Malouin

    I do miss thing that bounces!!!

  • Ryan

    People are posting that a gorgeous girl like her should get a job ASAP…wtf?! No hard working people should get a job ASAP instead of being fired or laid off! She quit her job and she wants to get one by posting pics of her eating doughnuts, visiting museums, and swinging on some f'ing swings!? Yea the world doesn't work like that honey…well maybe it does for you because you're "hott" pssshhhh…come back to reality sweetheart .

  • Guest

    Let's all bow down to erin for helping the chive and get her a job! Haha yea right

  • Couvs

    Hey Erin, kudos to you for sticking to your principles and doing the right thing. My profession has a lot of ethically challenging decisions at times, and I've been lucky enough to not have to face one yet. Hope you find new employment again in the very near future! KCCO!

  • Silky

    #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10
    Good on ya theCHIVE for keeping it real and not forgetting the people who were your earliest supporters!
    Erin, no doubt you'll have 100's of jobs by the end of the day. Hope you find a great one. Cheers to from Down Under 🙂
    FB Geoff Gemini

  • Ben

    I think she is very pretty. Wish her luck with her new found freedom.

  • mike

    chive, at first glance it appears like a 'feel good' chive special post, but dig deeper, ask yourself

    1) would you have done this same segment if she wasn't so dam cute? we know this answer

    2) what message does her story tell people, that's its better to be broke and have 'morals', or take crap from work and have security? a better question is, do you really think ANY job today won't question or cross your morals at some time or another? we know the answer

    3) where do bikini pictures fit into this story?

    4) the bottom line is shit happens and people leave or lose thier jobs, that's life sometimes and it sucks. attitude in these situations is key and chivers must be strong and open minded and also to stay calm… but GAP posts and more now, the girls are toothpick skinny and the recent pictures aren't amazing… just average, not post-worthy. GAP used to be jaw dropping, now it's any courageous female it seems.

    chive… think. is this the future of your content and underlying message(s)?

    quality is more important than quantity. and you're sending the message that only rail skinny girls are 'post worthy, desirable and acceptable'… and that's not only incorrect, but alienates all the other beautiful women that are larger than a size 0 (WTF size is 0 anyway)

    I've been a chiver for years and the evolution of the women and woman message(s) is concerning. and remember, many of those who are drop dead gorgeous on the outside, are the opposite on the inside… and there will be a day thier outside, matches their inside, it's called 'time'.

    it's the 1000 shades of what we define as 'beauty'. how do we see beauty, when we're only looking at 15% of the women out there?

    I get it, she's cute, she has a good story… but what are the messages you are sending? and while you think of that, I'm searching the post about the 160lb girl who chived it up one time… oh no, her story will never be told

    DModernLove 😉

  • chiver

    I'm a very qualified and eager to work guy who's out of work too, hey chive, wanna help me out??

  • That Guy

    That you stood up for what you believe in, especially under the circumstances, is really great. I have a great deal of respect for you and I'm confident that your conviction will prove incredibly beneficial to you in the future.

  • Net

    if i was in the medical field… well id give he an interview…lol.. jk a job on the spot.. KCCO

  • Electric Eliminator

    the chive only helps out attractive caucasian people

  • Electric Eliminator

    just like all media

  • Becca Jacoby

    Good luck, Beautiful! Hope you find something soon.

  • Guest

    Can I get a job too???? I can show you I can eat 2 doughnuts at one time too! This post kind of upsets so tired of women thinking they can get anything they want because they are hott ..and they get it too! Women like that disgust me. Granted she is pretty but come on now ..I see so many people out there trying to get by and make a living ..she quits her job and wants to be in the spotlight to get a new one!? Get your pretty self a nice outfit and look for a job like the rest of us

  • Helllllooo

    Looks like a fun person and those lips are super sexy. Good luck, cutie.

  • Christopher Moore


  • Tanner Fincher

    Fuck that job Same thing happens to me but my boss is a chick

  • Guest

    What a waste

  • Mike Stermer

    I don't have any current job offers, but can I make her my wife? Erin will you marry me? hahaha

  • Sky Doherty

    How freaking cool is she!? Awesome!

  • Chazz_B

    i don't have a job for her but i would give her lots of love =P

  • Nick

    does she need a boyfriend too? i'd be happy to inquire haha. good luck, erin! i'd hire you if you marine bio ever interested you!

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