Going for $11 Million…this is the most expensive American car (30 HQ Photos)


  • Getitright

    The 1966 Ford GT40 MK II was assembled with a British made chassis and an American made engine. That’s a fact. So stuff it Larson. You attempt to discredit America fails.

    • Matty

      You are totally correct, but just to nitpick, this isnt the Mk II.

  • Get IT Right

    The absolute actuate knowledge and the total ignorance span in these comments amazes me ( dated headlights on a 47 year old car ?, or maybe that was a compliment, sorry if it was). There is one way for the ignorant to understand the significance of these cars is to read AJ Baime's book "Go like Hell" That will help you understand why the car is soo significant, if you are a car guy it will be one of the betterr books you have experienced, if not it may do you good anyway. However, once one truly understands, then the car like Bango said gushes Cool. BTW Steve Mc Queen turned down James Garners role in the movie Grand Prix. Really the best car movie with a plot ever filmed. If you don't have it on DVD and are a car guy, buy it for yourself now. LeMans the movie has zero plot Steve utters maybe 100 words. The racing scenes are as glorious a possible with no CGI as ever filmed. People died making these 2 movies. This GT is the camera car. Where did Steve get the idea, from John Frankenheimer who used a similar GT40 to film Grand Prix. No other car in 1966 was capable of over 200 mph down the Mulsane straight. What you see in those pics are all the safety equip they had. This when real men drove fast cars and died doing it each weekend. The car is worth what someone is willing to pay. $11 mil is excessive, but I do feel good it has surpassed some of the more prominent Ferraris whom got their arse kicked by these cars. The car was built to F Enzo per direction from Henry Ford II. Enzo backed out of the deal Ford put together to buy Ferrari in 1964ish. Henry held a meeting and told the engineering team to build a car that would put him in his place. After winning LeMans 4 straight years 66-69 he did exactly that. No other American mfg has ever matched this feat. And it could not have been done without the Shelby team. Yes the body and chassis was built by Ford interests plants in England ( Lotus), but by the time Shelby got done with it, all the English drive train and chassis crap was gone. The English had a hard time getting a car really right in those days as 2-3 liter was the max output. Sorry for the lecture, but some times these comments get us old guys fired up. If I had $12 mil I would not buy the car for $11 as much as I respect it, If I had $100 mil it would be mine. I was there and watched the gavel fall. Ford Still owns the Lemans Winners from 66-67 I believe. If they did not attempt to sell them in the heat of the car mfg. collapse , then you can bet they won't be up of sale anytime soon. The 68-69 Lemans winners will fetch more than this car. This could be the #3-5 most desirable GT40 prominence wise. What bothers me is that I doubt I will ever be in a position to drop the kind of cash on a car. The higher the go the more deflated I get. I could have bought a similar car for less than $30k in 1982. I actually has the means to do it then. Woulda , Shoulda, Coulda. Haters are just jealous like me.

    • Daydream believer...

      What do you mean getting rid of the 'chassis crap'? The chassis MADE the car! What a load of BS. It's easy to get a big engine and stick it in a littler car (Shelby) but it's all about the chassis, you keep telling yourself it was an all american car. Bitter much? How many racers have you built since then, with your unrivalled success? It must be an american company which is the most successful F1 team then? Moto GP? What about the TT? Oh it's not, that's right because it isn't about going around in a circle. When you learn to sort out your current day cars that can't go round corners, maybe people will take you seriously about a car from the 60s. Try competing in world sports properly other than the olympics and it might give you some humility.

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