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    • Shanda

      L’ho cpmaroto, l’ho cpmaroto! Questa mattina mi sono precipitato al media markt e ho preso the conduit!Devo dirvi solo una cosa: FANTASTICO!Allora, io i voti li do dal numero 1 al numero 6 (qui in Ticino cos ).Grafica 5,3 su 6: Grafica davvero fantastica, le texture dei personaggi di ottima fattura, mentre quelle dell’ambiente sono un po’ ambigue. Pecca per la amncanza di stile, es: certi nemici sono inguardabili (sono di un rosso con riflesso verde nauseante). Il forte della grafica di questo gioco il gioco di luci (scusate il gioco di parole) che esso contiene, l’illuminazione della pelle del protagonista (la mano fatta allo stesso livello si quella di bioshock) delle armi e tutto il resto fantastica! Pregevole anche la fisica in generale.Sonoro 4.9 su 6: Le musiche utilizzate sono un po’ piatte ma riescono comunque ad emozionare nel modo giusto. Ottimi anche gli effetti sonori delle armi: molto realistici.Multiplayer online 5.9 su 6: Il mioglior mutli online per wii. Non me la sento di dare il massimo dei voti perch la parfezione impossibile da raggiungere. Finalmente quando si enrtra a fiocare online ci sar anche qualcun’altro e quindi i tempi d’attesa per iniziare una partita saranno brevissimi! Fantastico!Controlli 3.3 su 6: Il reparto controlli sicuramente il lato peggiore del gioco. Sono disastrosi e anche frustranti; ma una volta capito che si pu modificare i controlli a proprio piacimento questo andicap svanisce almeno parzialmente.Longevit 5.3 su 6: Il multiplayer online non fa altro che rendere alta la longevit . In singolo il gioco bello, ma pecca di una trama obsoleta.Giudizio finale (non una media) 5.5 su 6: Gioco fantastico sotto quasi tutti i punti di vista. I talloni d’Achille di codesto gioco sono la scarsa qualit dei controlli, la trama ed infine la mancanza di stile nel reparto grafico/stilistico. High Voltage ha dimostrato di credere nel Wii, e ha anche dato la prova tangibile che questa console (se spremuta) pu raggiungere ottimi livelli grafici. Sia chiaro che non potr competere in un killzone 2 o in un Halo 3, ma rimane una gioia per le nostre insaziabili pupille! Consigliato a tutti. Grazie per la lettura: djmario

  • aspirinson

    It's videos like this that almost make me wish I lived in Russia….almost

  • Adam

    IS there something wrong with Chive? I can't see anything past the latest post? And this is saying I am the only one to comment, which I also think is reason to believe there is something up?

    • MylesofStyles

      Your computer and/or hard drive must be dirty. Wash thoroughly with soapy warm water.

      • Adam

        Lol, thank you. Looks like it's bubble bath night for the old PC. Simple no could have also worked. 🙂

    • Samuel L. Jackson

      If this is an attempt at a cleverly worded "first" post…I am willing to give you points for creativity, even though you were a little late.

      • Adam

        Lol, it was legitimate. If I ever actually found myself to be first on comments I would probably just close the window and reopen. I am not clever at all so I like my comments hidden. I have thumbed this comment down in order to restore balance. But you're still a bad mother fucker! KCCO!

  • Ih8u


  • Dugan

    Seems like a dash cam is a popular feature in Russian cars.

    • aspirinson

      I'd want one too if shit like this happened in my country

    • thefamilyman

      it's required for insurance purposes

  • Kigali
  • Shant1k

    лололол нананана фонне стафф

    • aspirinson

      "lololol nananana fonne stuff" <—Google translate for the lazy people

    • MylesofStyles

      Девяносто девять бутылок водки на стене, девяносто девять бутылок водки, возьмите одну вниз, передавать его, девяносто восемь бутылок водки на стене!

      • Shant1k

        go easy I just started learning the language

        • Lolasaurus

          Kak Dela? 🙂

  • Nelson Muntz

    "Ha ha" – Nelson Muntz

  • Engine 69

    Hey, I still have not received my KCCO firefighter shirt. I'm walking around without it, and I look like one of these common chive jerkoffs who are always talking about, " FIND HER!!!" and "MOAR!!". I am a firefighter and I deserve my respect and admiration. I also deserve for your girlfriend to blow me ( chicks love firefighers!). So please send me my shirt and fuck all these common chive fuck………………FIND HER!!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/AfroWookie Ryan Duncan

      I have a feeling you're trolling, but if you're a firefighter just for respect and admiration, please give it up

      • true story

        Firefighters? Lazy.

    • ChestRockwellz

      Not as many people think firefighters are heroes as you might think. Because most of them are arrogant jerk offs like yourself.

    • ChestRockwellz

      You should probably just go ahead and kill yourself.

    • CarbonDieOxide

      Listen Chest, Don't be angry, but Engine is right. The reason we deserve everything we get, is because we are the cream of the crop era… a cut above the rest. We have earned our spot as men among men. I bet even your sister would being dying to go out with one of us and brag to her friends if she receives anal. Instead of getting angry, educate yourself a little and try to join our elite rank. Perhaps one day you will earn you right to wear a KCCO firefighter shirt. Until then keep up the good work at Burger King.

      • Woodman88

        Tell these people, Carbon! If it wasn't for us, they would probably be dead!

      • Suck me carbon

        Firefighters are fags!

      • Jason

        Bahaha firefighter are a lazy pos. and don't deserve anything. Be a real man and light a city and actually make enough money to support a woman that is if you can get one… Even firefighter need heros. Lineman for life

        • engine69

          I love linemen..you guys deserve your own KCCO shirt too! Maybe someday.

      • Paul from the gump

        Are you a volunteer firefighter?

    • http://www.facebook.com/wanuekaz Brian Wanueka

      Show ur profile pic douche bag!!

      • engine69

        So you can stroke yourself to it, Brian?

        • engine69

          can I finger your ass?

    • Medic905

      Firefighters like you give firefighters a bad name.

      • engine69

        I'll have you know medic905…i've been on the job 6 years and i've already done more for the community than they deserve. Gross fried chicken eating, hi-c drinking, apple pie grubbing,cigarette smoking, cocaine snorting, marijuana blazing blood suckers of the community. We have to save them from themselves and they are never happy. I work out everyday, and sure I get admiration from girls at the supermarket, but why doesn't the average slob get motivated when he sees an Adonis like myself, when I walk passed him as his wife gocks at my junk? I mean, God people work out!

        • Lolasaurus

          You need to chill out and KCCO… just read both your essays and its full of "I do this", "I do that". Simply by analyzing what you've written you're really all about yourself.

          If the man next to me wants to be an average joe or a fat slob let him be.

          This line pretty much proves you're a douche bag:

          "I walk passed him as his wife gocks at my junk?"

          If you want my professional opinion…lighten up on the roids or red meat…deflating that ego of yours would help too.

          • engine69

            I eat mostly chicken and high protein foods. But maybe your right about my roid cycles and taking it easy on poor average Joe. My goal is not to make people feel bad, but to encourage them to be as awesome as I am. It feels great! But to each their own….i guess.

            engine 69 E.O.W.

            • Lolasaurus

              Best reply so far matey 🙂 hope you get your KCCO shirt!

    • Chapo

      I told you not to be stupid you moron

    • catwhisperuuuuur

      Dude u let the chief tea bag your face in the shower at the gym, we all saw you. Thats how you got your elite status club.. Go hose yourself down.

  • Pat_Bateman1

    Oh Russia?

  • boring

    Did I miss something? What was the point of this post? Some people chased some people, then there was a massively unspectacular crash and a bit of indicator ticking and pants pulling up.

    • Cliff's Notes

      Car #1 blows stop sign and sideswipes Car #2 and then takes off. Car #2 wildly chases Car #1 until #1 drives over a curb into an embankment. The end.

  • DudefromSLC

    Why does every car in Russia have a camera in it?

    • mittens

      I've read that it's popular because most Russians drive like they're suicidal, and that it keeps insurance claims and litigation honest. Don't know how true that is, but there seems to be no end of Russian dashcam footage on the internets, and most of it involves people driving like they want to die.

    • Lolasaurus

      Not sure if this rumor is true but I read a while back that on board cameras help drivers defend themselves in courts against people who fake getting injured by purposefully jumping in front of cars to claim damages + insurance..

  • Stick

    Yeah, speed up and cause another crash, dipshits.

  • Peter P


    Only in Russia (and maybe China and few other countries)!!!

  • Nicnac

    I am never amazed by these 'Russian' videos. Is Florida that unique in having drivers exactly like this?

    • hara

      That's due to all our lovely (and they are lovely) eastern European immigrants.

      • Sofia

        – Thank you for the comments. August, I am so happy that you and Tony loved the pohtos. I certainly had a fantastic time being a part of your special day. The reception was a total blast. Hope to catch up with you again soon.

  • saltygary

    I never see shit like this. I need to get a dash cam.

    • Gnole

      So you can film the shit you never see? 😉

  • justin

    well that was a bit anti-climactic when compared to other Russian road gems.

    • Lolasaurus

      Agreed the road side revenge mud wash was brilliant!

  • dasdads

    haha fuck you russia!!!!! but not really the the kgb will kill everyone……

  • Djz

    I never, ever, want to drive in Russia

  • Nighthawk

    Can we get back to the funny firefighter arguement? Thought that was hilarious.

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