I hate my job (29 Photos)

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  • Betsy

    A propane tank exploded in the back of the truck.
    Coachella, CA

  • IrishMC

    #24 – What did the bagels do? Did they have a hearing or can they lodge an appeal? Sounds like they've been shopped in by the donuts or maybe there were some danish involved…

  • Michael_fett

    #28. You sir are a genius.

  • jameson

    #18 i work in the ab oilfields..why havent i seen these warlocks!?

    • Oilfield Medic

      You just aren't working on the right sites lovey!!! Keep looking! You're bound to see me aooner or later! 😉

  • sal

    PA chivettes do exist!! FINDHER!

  • Derek

    i need her on my work site! were could we find her? need more # 18

    • Oilfield Medic

      Northern AB, working the rigs. ❤ Keep your eyes peeled though. I'm bound to be around somewhere! 😀

  • FrenchGuy_Paris

    #18 I need care please

  • Oilfield_Medic

    Thanks for all the support from my loyal chivers… I'm so excited to see I made theChive's cut and met some pretty high standards! Hopefully y'all get to see much more where that came from! ❤

    Oilfield Medic

  • pa'ver

    #14 where in PA?

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  • chivermetimbers

    Hahaha these are classic!

  • Jeff

    I know exactly who #18 is hahaha

  • Dethklok

    You are a bad example of a tower hand. Seriously, no shirt and shorts?!?! Where is you're OSHA training man?!? You are making us look bad bro.

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #18 Oil…fluids…medic…the tease is too much…must resist…

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  • Dan

    # 18 where are u I'm around medics all day I don't think ur on our crew but I'll switch company's to save my life

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  • Jesus Christ

    I remember something like #12 coming out of my ass once. Not a fun day.

  • Kris

    #18 is doing it right. MOAR plz.

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