Secret hiding places: The last place they’ll ever look for your virginity (30 Photos)

Via Buzzfeed

  • DeAnna Michelle Weppler

    #18 Yea, then try finding it again…
    #20…doesn't look like a bed, looks like another room.

    • Littlet

      I was thinking the blue button on #18 opened it – hmmm what can that be. Hits button – out pops your "secret tile"…..would be genius if it opened without said button….

  • fattypratty

    #11 What is on that USB drive?!!?

  • MattH

    When can we see these ads that play music eradicated? They're really quite disruptive, and I don't get the sense that you need the ad money from Febreeze that badly.

  • heathclif

    Dude an Evo is Japanese. False advertising.

  • B-to-the-H

    #7 – Nice reuse of VHS rental cases. Very inconspicuous too… (Sarcsam)

  • Nathaniel Patrick-Bateman Fancypants

    What kind of overgrown frat boy associates clever technical design with the inability to have a social life?

  • electric boogalo

    Dafuq you gotta hide so much shit?

  • Face

    #5, who would hide their keys and $20 bucks? LOL

  • Bryan White

    Where is the fleshlight?

  • Ispeakchive

    During the college days I stashed goods in a converted soy milk carton and none of my four room mates ever touched it.

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    #2 Needs to be cleaned up a bit, but is a pretty awesome idea.

  • djmelovibes

    So who jacked who? This same exact photo dump is on another website…

  • Luimi_

    #20 would have loved to have that when i was little

  • Joseph Ross

    "It's in the place where I put that thing that time."

  • canadianchivet

    "…Oh, and you can put your weed in there…"

  • Aaron


  • billy

    #25 Somebody break out the BONG!

  • sjb89

    #20 would be amazing.

  • Yuh

    #7 #8
    Is it just me or is that one pretty obvious…

  • GarrettSnatch

    #25 Great! Now my bag of dope smells like old man deodorant

  • Fish

    #26 – That refrigerator is camouflaged about as well as I can fly by flapping my buttcheks individually.

  • dirtysteve99

    What does this have to do with virginity?

  • walter

    lets stop trying so hard to hide and just solve the problem. grow a set america!

  • Steve

    #20 seems demented especially for all that like it…

  • adrenaline880

    Until you get drunk and put your house keys in a secret hiding place… q tip box… to hide it from the fat girl you braught home, then forget where you put them. But luckily finding them… 3 months later

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