That’s a very good point indeed (31 Photos)

  • ewilliwa53

    #1 THROW IT ON THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!

  • Bonney Lake Chick

    #1 – Made me laugh… I'm a professional organizer and came up with a solution for that 7 years ago when I started my business. Just have 3 hampers in your room instead of 2. Label them as such: (1) Dirty (2) Dry Clean / Delicates (3) Clothes I can Wear Again. Once you do this… you will never go back to the 2 hamper system again 🙂 Chive On! M~ P.S. It also cuts down on how often you have to do laundry drastically… bonus!

  • anyonegonnareadthis

    #22 Reading the word "dipshit" is somehow much funnier than hearing it spoken. I had a good chuckle at that post

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