My gosh Ali was fast

  • Breezy

    There are seriously no women in this video. So many to mention, not even the Williams sisters, the magnificent 7, USA women's soccer world cup. No Beckham? Michael Johnson, Carl Lewis, THE PLAY!!

  • PubicJones

    Frazier getting beaten by Foreman like that wasn't a great moment. It was heartbreaking.

  • Tony

    It's missing Ozzie Smith's backflip…

  • JJL

    I'm not a soccer fan, but those were some of the best moves I've ever seen, head butt included. Awesome vid all around.

  • mateo

    This is one of those that draws a lot of interesting comments because it doesn't involve tits and ass. What really pissed me off was the audio from the Romney ad running concurrent with the first minute of the video. I come to this website to try and escape a lot of that crap. We have 90 days until the election and the propaganda machines are running at full tilt. I wish The Chive would not be political or partisan but it always comes back to advertising dollars. Shit.

  • Matt

    Title might be a little misleading….

    Barry Bonds…really?
    Joe Paterno…really?

    Good highlights, epic music, but c'mon.

  • jerky

    the 3:55 mark and the 5:31mark are the best

  • GuinessHangover

    4:00, "Showtime Kick" epic!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=789775628 Steve Smith

    No Walter Payton or Devin Hester??? Could of used some more Larry Bird and less Vince Carter, actually no Vince Carter. Bryce Drew's buzzer beater for Valpo in the tourny was huge also.

  • Mrmin24

    Title should have been "Some of the greatest moments…". Some extreme sport, some rugby, some F1 would me great

  • dasdads

    god those coloreds sure can play 🙂

  • dasdads

    at least we have hockey and golf still!

  • Scott19

    Obviously great moments in sport but pretty sure not all the greatest. The Ali highlight reels were truly impressive though.

  • Jax

    Hmmm, no Kelly Slater 11 x world champion surfer? No Michael Schumacher? This looks like a basketball, american football, baseball, boxing and soccer highlights with a few other sports thrown in to fill the gaps. Certainly not the greatest moments in sports, what a joke.

  • paw72

    Take out Chris Webber's time out.. I can't re-live that again!! Hail….

  • Peter

    Wayne Gretzky? Sweetness?

  • Dresse

    Too much hand egg. Where Denmark vs Germany 1992 European champion finale?

  • Guest

    No Pat Summit and the Lady Vols?

  • Shaun

    Even thought there was :06 of hockey memories in a 6 minute video. Still enjoyed it

  • Dayne

    It was just an American highlight reel tbh, nobody watches baseball, basketball and american football outside of the states. Global sports such as Football, F1, Rugby Union, Cricket, Tennis have little if any clips and the core of the video should be the Olympics.

  • kevin

    that was great ……except for all the Basketball crap.

  • Jon

    Barry Bonds, seriously?!?! I don't think it can qualify as a greatest moment in sports if cheating caused the moment,

  • https://www.facebook.com/jsena1 Anthony Jenell Sena

    not the biggest football fan but 5:23 takes the cake

  • http://www.facebook.com/chappysohappy Chappell Anderson

    New respect for soccer…I get it now

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