• Miggy

    Where the buffalo roam! great movie…classic bill!

  • Sam

    Might be wrong, but I'm thinking that zombieland is the reason people stopped and realized "Yeah, he's pretty awesome". Before that, was he hyped….not that I can recall.

  • brw

    No King Pin? WTF

  • Joey

    The Rza and The Gza..more epic than anything.

  • BadTickles

    Great use of coffee and cigarettes clips. Don't se that too often. Or ever.

  • BFMallday

    What?? couldn't fit the "cannon ball" scene in there anywhere??? would of been complete

  • Rooster

    THAT was BFM-AZING!!!

  • koala

    'til. As in until. Not till as in grocery store.

  • Lali

    Tell J Linda and Annette from San Rafael say Congrats. Great to see good things hepapn to good people

  • Lee

    I love Bill fuckin Murray, and this was a pretty good mashup. What keeps it from being great is the absence of any scene from Stripes, probably one of his best if not the best of all. "So the problem is that I'm still around,.. where's that sharp knife we have"? "Talk about your massive potential for growth, I am the acorn that becomes the oak"! I'm gonna move on now, but I wanted to tell you 'don't have the schnitzel, they're using schnauzer." So, since I gotta go, "hold on to this for me, will you senator"?

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