This dad is my hero — he should be yours too (27 Photos)

Rick Beek’s Facebook page

  • Gianni

    Rick, I hope you are reading how much people respect your decisions. You are inspiring and set the bench mark for how humanity should be. Thank you for touching my heart. God bless.

  • Oscar Fco Valdivia Hernandez

    Thank god im alone in work
    I cry a lot =(

  • Brian

    is the epitome of a very happy child

  • Brian

    Sorry #26

  • Dubber

    A truly heartwarming story. A very, very special man.

  • Gregatron

    I've seen almost no shitty jokes about handicapped people…. That's fuckin awesome and it makes me proud to be a chiver!! Also, this guy is awesome….

  • Jay

    Send that man several Chive shirts!

  • Zach wuensch

    That is a man! Gives me goose bumps. Cheers!

  • Radryan

    He's a bad ass mother fucker!

  • JaBoO

    You Sir are absolutely, with out a dought, and lack of more awesome words at this moment, as I dry my eye's…one amazing father!
    Carry on, and KCCO!

  • Jeriamee

    Amazing simply Amazing

  • “Mio padre è un eroe”

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  • john

    i have no words to describe how awesome this story is

  • Erich Backhus

    From one father to another I salute you!

  • Jonah

    This made me cry. As a dad myself-I would do anything for my son and daughter. Just to see them smile! KCCO!

  • Ryan Joel

    Rick. As a fellow dad and Chiver. You are truly an inspiration. Chivenation rocks!!!!!

  • wrenchs10

    ROCK ON!!!!!! KCCO!

  • Mauricio Torres

    Awesome, def just made my morning. I wish them the best KCCO!

  • Wally

    Mind blown.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    While you are having a rough childhood, sweetheart, they will find a cure for your illness.

    And then your adulthood is going to be AWESOME!

  • David Weber

    I did not get to this till 9am Wednesday, but let's put it this way. I was having a shit day dealing with ahole users fighting with me and then the coffee shop mixed up my order so I am caffeine less as well. (All first world problems I know.) But this immediately brought me out of my funk and made me smile and cry… but I'm at work. So I sent it to my wife, now she can cry too.

  • Steve

    Go Rick. Byron Center is my hometown. Very Cool

  • Brandon

    I hope I grow to be half the man this guy is… wish more stories like this would take more presedence in the news than a nude english prince or Lavignelback

  • Bigoman81

    I nominate this gentleman for the Dad Hall of Fame. Chive on good sir, Chive on!

  • Josh

    Crying like a baby right now. You're awesome dude!

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