This dad is my hero — he should be yours too (27 Photos)

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  • Ericvdm

    Byron Center? wow, i'm not too far from there

  • Brian

    Simply amazing. It is so nice to read positive stories in today’s world. You need to get that man a Chive On sticker for the buggy! Keep up the great work, Rick.

  • Reyes Santa Cruz

    WOW…awesome dad is awesome!

  • krystal

    so amazing

  • Janna

    This brought tears to my eyes…He is an amazing father to her 🙂

  • Tony

    Not gonna lie brings a tear to my eye. Go dad you are f*&%ing awesome! Thanks chive for the great story!

  • jimbo

    True inspiration. Keep up the good work. A fathers love is never ending. From a fellow Michigander.

  • Master_Rahl

    Damn Rick, I used to consider myself one heck of a dad, I clearly pale in comparison. Very, very cool story of a father's love for his daughter. That's what the Chive's all about. Well done, sir. Well done.

  • @tony_simek

    Chive, that was pretty cool. Make me take time to think.

  • freddy boy

    These are the people we should remember when we get down on humanity.

  • Edwin Lopez

    #24 was the breaking point, watery eyes all the way but could not hold after that one….. sucks been at work too and now i have to lower my head and hide the face LOL….. true father story.

  • KCO617

    I hope I can be as good of a Dad as Rick (ironically my Dad's name as well, and he was an awesome dad, too). Chive On!

  • RedK

    Cool. Just cool.

  • Jason

    I now feel like a dead beat dad

  • Taco_Depot

    Tears. So many tears.

  • David Story

    Puts things into perspective. Thanks from a dad that starts doing more with his kids today.

  • MTG

    Fucking real life HERO.

  • kal50

    What?? It's dust in my eye!…. really…

  • Tony

    Team Hoyt was the first I know if to do this. Check it out if you get a chance. These stories are amazing.

  • Niacin Barker

    Rick is an awesome dad no doubt but his daughter is the real hero here giving him the incentive to go and live life to the fullest. Inspiring others to be greater than they were is a gift not many people have and one Rick's daughter has put to good use. We could use more like her on this planet to help us all improve ourselves and our world.

  • Robert

    THIS guy serves as a model for all humanity. I am speechless…and inspired. May GOD in HEAVEN bless you and your family FOREVER. You are AWESOME beyond words.

  • Peetrick

    Awesome Dad is Awesome. Great stuff.

  • JustTrollin

    Kudos, man! Not sure if I could do the same (and I don't mean the athletic part)…

  • Sheep_Dog30

    What an awesome Dad…. #6 makes me believe things can always be good even when things are tough…

  • chivettebecky

    This is wonderful.

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