This dad is my hero — he should be yours too (27 Photos)

Rick Beek’s Facebook page

  • Darrell

    Now that is Awesome!

  • Tommy V

    Rick, you are the man. More men should look up to you as an example of what it takes to be a dad.

  • Alexander

    Father of the year!

  • StackKing

    This story brought on some serious tears. This man is a shining example of what a loving and caring human being is. There should be more people like this.

  • kyle

    what an inspiration , if only more parents did just a tenth of what this guy does for his kid the world would be a better place. Chive on to an awesome DAD and beautiful daughter!!!!

  • Jim

    A great man!

  • MrN00DLE

    Truly inspiring. Fathers like that are what drive me to be the best i can be for my children.
    "Team Maddy"

  • Bantaro

    And here's something he needs to start wearing…
    <img =>

  • Krissy

    Can always count on TheChive to restore my faith in humanity!

  • Livin' Legend

    If all parents were like this, it would be hard to think overpopulation as a problem.

  • Beckenham

    Well that made me cry like a baby. What an amazing man.

  • Dani

    This guy made me realize I need to get my shit together. Pronto.

  • skinger

    I try to do right in this world, I really do. But when I see how someone like Rick is doing things it just makes me feel so inadequate. He makes me want to get better, and that is probably the greatest compliment I can give him.

  • abchiver

    #24 This is just such an incredible photo. There's so much fight and so much love captured right here. Mankind would be lucky if there were even just a few more people like Rick out there.

  • Dustin

    As a parent to 3 little girls, this just goes to show when I think I'm an awesome dad I have a LONG way to go. Awesome dad is definitely awesome.

  • Rae Hamrah

    Awesome! Love to see truly great men/dads out there like him. gives me hope.

  • John C

    Fatherhood… LIKE A BOSS!

  • Nick

    Making West Michigan look good! KCCO Rick and Maddy!

  • Mike Turner

    Rick is an amazing person. My brother was born with CP and hydrocephalus. He was never able to walk or do the things we all take for granted each day. I lost my brother in 2002 and not a day goes by that I don't miss him. You are an inspiration Rick, keep enjoying every minute of every day with your angel. KCCO Maddy.

  • Jay

    Beautiful to see that kind of heart and dedication to spreading joy. Nearly brought me to tears to see that smile on Maddy's face. I have a daughter about the same age and finding that shared happiness is about the best feeling in the world for a parent.

  • HotMomma

    Not gonna lie. Totally crying right now. This dad is awesome and the little girl is very happy. Truly and amazing and inspiring story. Thanks Chive for sharing and reminding us all of what love really is all about.

  • Adrian

    INSPIRATIONAL, and puts your own sporting achievements into perspective. A great dad!

  • Krzysztof Romot

    Truly amazing!

  • hulkontilt

    This is indeed touching. But aside from all that, to swim and pull that kayak… he's inspirational on so many levels.

  • Casey Napier

    It makes me feel good to know there are these kinds of people in this world.

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