This dad is my hero — he should be yours too (27 Photos)

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  • FlackintheBox

    Awesome doesn't begin to cover it. This man is not a father, he is a DAD.

    Jeez, I guess my kids kind of got screwed on that whole "dad lottery" thing. 🙂

  • Dale Barnes


    You are a real man, a real father, and by God Sir have my utmost respect. I salute you!

    TSgt Dale Barnes
    USAF, Retired

  • Maddog

    My dad is my hero not some stranger, dot tell me who my hero should be.

  • Maddog


  • RetiredChief

    Go Team Maddy!! Check out Team Hoyt as well, another very inspirational story.

  • bob

    I got dust in my eyes.
    Truly inspirational!

  • Lissa

    America gave almost a million to a woman bullied on a bus.

    America gave almost 1/2 a million to a man who shot a kid in a hoodie with skittles.

    If we cannot top that for a man like this, we are pathetic

  • Justin Watts

    It's folks like this that make me want to be a better person.

  • Danielle

    Faith in Humanity= Restored

  • Keoki

    I would love to buy some team maddy t-shirts.

  • C-spot

    Way to Dad up. I hope I can do the same when my kids need me.

  • Whimsymaker

    Just awesome

  • Mark

    One word EPIC!

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  • Forever Indebted

    Chive, I make a lot of jokes here but without you, I wouldn't love the world nearly as much as I do. "Nearly" doesn't even adequately describe how much happier you make my life. Thank you.

  • @ChrisLewis183

    Wow, legend. A very special dad.

  • awesomeblossom

    I'm not crying, I just have something in both my eyes…

  • Dennis

    … Like a boss !!! KCCO.
    This sets the bar very high for the rest of us Dads.
    All the best to Team Maddy

  • Ron

    A reminder that decent people still exist…

  • Sergio Gamboa

    now thats a FATHER!

  • Jeff

    You are the man !!!!

  • Mandy

    This guy is pretty much my new hero!! What an awesome story, KCCO!!

  • MrC

    nobody else can ever have kids again, starting now, because they'll never be as awesome as this guy is at being a parent

  • ImpressMe

    One hell of a man and father…..much respect…, your little girl must be the light of your life… how awesome for her to have a dad like you. …. #27


    AMAZING!! Thanks CHIVE for a awesome story.

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