• emini

    ah you got me chive. tricked into a commercial

    • @McBeastie666

      I had to wait though a commercial before getting to the commercial.

    • farmy75

      Never again. Always remember 8/21/12

  • Gmoney

    So, how much did Xperia pay you guys for this? I mean come on Chive, WTF? I have cable, thanks.


    People need to make money so STFU

    • because truth

      Yeah sure, but that wasn't just any commercial, it was a shitty commercial. No doubt thought up by some exec with his finger so far up his backside he can't write legibly.

      Also, Sony has always been overpriced and under-engineered. It was that way when I gave a shit about "the next new technology" in the early 90s and it's still that way now.

  • doc q

    your going to undermine your coolness for cash

    • Pat

      Well as long as we are being so nit-picky.

      It's you're.

  • vik1109

    Samsung is better!

  • Corporate Bitches

    c'mon chive..u gotta earn…but shit…really…u did it as a post? Can we trust u anymore?

  • Phil

    come on people, its not that difficult to see its an add…"IN:ADVERTISEMENT" and "BROUGHT TO YOU BY" should be seen as a clue.

  • cjohnson0927

    Fire Alec

  • ChiveMaster

    This is bullshit

  • Kevin

    anyone notice that the pamphlet at the end says "we put the man in your boy"

  • Cunt Lips

    Fuck Sony

  • John

    No complaints, quick, comical, and helps pay the bills- like my life in college 🙂

  • grumpy

    "A Crummy Commercial?"
    Chive sure is whoring out for a lot of companies these days. Thank God at least that constant "Ted" advertisement era is over.

  • summersthree

    Sony has great ideas but poor execution. 3 PS3's failed on me and Sony says it was abuse, all three were in the TV stand their whole lives, junk. Had a MP3 Walkman that failed twice because of moisture, where in my pocket? Give me a break my ipod has been thru the clothes washer and dryer and still works. Sony sucks!

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