US lawyers would have a hay day with this bike track (12 HQ Photos)

Designed by NL Architects Click Here to see more of their work.

  • @FrederLusi

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  • Kyuubert

    …isn't it "field day"?

  • joe shabadoo

    first of all it's heyday, like the poster above said

    secondly heyday =/= field day, field day is what you're looking for

    • joe shabadoo

      effing emoticons

      heyday is not the same as field day…. you dun goofed. and apparently i did too

  • Roark

    Let's just send one lawyer over to China for every $1M of trade deficit. We'll have a trade balance in no time!

  • Pißwasser

    I bet the blood sucking lawyers are drooling right now.

  • bigcityreem

    So the purpose is to ride around in an oval? That's just silly.

  • Rubes27

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  • JustTrollin

    Where does all the water go when it rains????

  • derk

    The track is called a velodrome, however this one is rather small. Great architecture though.

  • SARmedic

    I've seen racers go over that top rail after a collision, that's pretty much a death sentence on this sucker.

  • Bill

    #4 and #6 are the same picture at different distances with the red banner in one. it probably is all cg

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