WTF Wednesday…bear with me on this one (45 photos)

  • mike re

    #76 never gets old & someone find #83…

    • mike re

      oh and #113 too

  • Philspazer

    So, the chive just creeped the crap out of me, as soon as it said "some posts take a turn for the better" I was thinking, "It's a good change, it's a good change" in that voice and then I saw the picture of that scene about Latrine and stared at it in disbelief. Chive….you….are……..awesome.

  • Fuvisicle

    #108 #113 #115. Please Find these AmAzInGlY BeAuTiFuL Gals!!! My Life will be complete XD

  • FuvisicleFuvis

    And #97 must Find! XP

  • almost6

    I have a renewed interest in the tour de oh boobs.

  • its_forge

    #72 Whether or not the young lady at the left is wearing any pants whatsoever, I am fairly sure the young lady on the right's pants are painted on.

  • MohawkJon

    Aaaasssss yyyooouuu wwwiiissshhh!

  • Kent

    #64 #111

    64 – Couldn't afford the 2-rim package.
    111- Wow. You are really good looking and if theres girls as hot as you on this planet, then I Thank god, thank krishna, thank the queen, thank jewish god and christian god, jesus on the christian side, and all the atheists and agnostics that are like me. Thanks.

  • patov40

    The fuck did I just look at?

  • ramon

    must resist urge to become bicycle seat

  • showtownman

    #69 When did Coney Island move to France?

  • FlikstRR

    omg more of #35 🙂

  • Kurtcay

    I have a new appreciation for bikes after this

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