Dogs publicly shamed for being bastards (43 Photos)

Via Dogshaming

  • thelogicbox

    Wash or throw away your nasty fucking period panties. Stop letting your leaky vagina swabbed twat cotton lay out where the dog can chew it.

    In all cases, the owners should've written. I'm an incapable fucktard who can't train my dog to stop doing _____.

    • steve

      you are a moron. go back to commenting on youtube videos

      • thelogicbox

        Thanks for your input, random troll-fag. I will take that under consideration. Btw your breath stinks from eating assholes.

    • ashes

      You're just gross. Lighten up, laugh a little, then maybe you wouldn't sound so rotten!

      • thelogicbox

        How am I the gross one here? Don't tell me what to do. I do what I want!

  • Aurelia Vettoretti

    Calm ya farm, these people aren't giving their dogs up because they do naughty things, nor are they beating them or abusing them. I mean I really don't think the RSPCA is going to follow up on these people 'shaming' their dogs.

    I volunteered for a no kill shelter where i got my first dog and I just rescued my second dog from another shelter so I know what it's like when people give up their dogs for bullshit reasons like barking or aggression or they just 'don't suit' them, but seriously these dogs may have only done this once or twice, they probably are being trained out of it.
    When i got my second dog he chewed through a few different things, including a power cord, we've only had him 6 weeks and now he wouldn't even dream of picking up anything that wasn't his. So don't have a go at these people who are having a laugh out of the stupid shit their dogs get up to, they obviously love their dogs and if 'shaming' them is a new form of training and it works then I say go for it!
    I know next time I find my Stumpy Tail waiting outside the front door instead of the back door he will be wearing a sign!

  • CHuck

    #26 my dog does the exact same thing he too is a Siberian husky… also # 32 my other dog does the same thing! hes a tiny little chihuahua

  • micky

    fucking crying. thanks for the good start to the day

  • Don Bruns

    Bad form, Chive. You're just stealing from another website. You can't even give a credit?

    Bad form. I expect something a little classier.

    • Don Bruns

      Oops, my bad. I see you did credit them. My apologies. Please delete my comment.

  • bbb

    #28 — hey, then do what a good dog owner is supposed to do and relieve his pent-up anal gland!!! simple, disgusting, but essential if you are kind and uncruel dog owner, a simple squeeze, five seconds of cleaning up shit, and NO MORE DOG ASS ON CARPET….Stop being a lazy dog owner, your dog is suffering!

  • Rob

    #3 Daniel tosh n his bitch

  • cmardero

    Why anyone would call their dog names like "asshole" I'm not sure. You really think your dog is an a-hole? As they say, a pet is the reflection of the owner.
    These pets are so cute!
    Most behavior problems can be solved by walking your pets more, so they won't be bored. Most dogs will eat thier poop if it smells the same coming out as it did going in. – change their food.
    Yes I have a dog, and I practice what I preach. My dog is awsome and only has very rare lapses in behavior.

  • NotMe

    #16 has no regrets. He looks as pissed off and hateful as Hector Salamanca.

  • Tim

    Some of these dogs have nice penmanship.

  • Tim

    People who refer to themselves as being their pet's parents are the very worst type of people in the world.

  • AWDsome

    #34 Damn perv weims. Mine does the same thing. She is banned from the bedroom most of the time.

  • Dab

    This is a great example of poor dog ownership, failure to be the pack leader, failure to take the time to learn how to correct undesired behaviors, and how to humanize a dog (which is a bad thing, wake up!). These people should be publicly shamed for being irresponsible pet owners. I'm forwarding this to Cesar Milan.

    • ashes

      Oh my god, lighten up!!! It's just a little joke! Forward it, even Cesar might get a little chuckle out of it.

  • ashes

    Where is every one's sense of humor? Dogs do silly stuff and every dog has behavior issues, even the dogs that have owners that say their dog is perfect and all these dogs need training. Some of you posters need to lighten up! Mean people sure know how to ruin a funny post. Good god.

  • ashes

    Learn how to take a joke. I work at no kill shelter as well, all dogs have behavior issues at some point. Lighten up!

  • shawn

    here's a thought, maybe all these animals have anxiety from being kept in apartments and houses for our selfish amusement. maybe they are meant to be free??? that said, i have had cats and a dog

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  • Dito

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  • Zeppelins Mama

    Very cute pics. But very sad. Allot of these dogs are just bored and over energized and are very unbalanced. For the one that pee/poos on the floor; Maybe the poor lad just has a bladder or bowel issue and cannot go as long to be let out. Allot of these need excersize and some are just being mischievous. Exercise, Discipline and Affection 🙂

  • DaisyJSF

    I created this account just to say, when your dog is being "bad" by stealing food it is because you either have them on a diet of kibble or some other very boring not especially nutritious commercial dog food. They are HUNGRY. Feed your dog a home made diet with real food, or at least buy real food diets for dogs, and give them some variety and that food stealing will stop. You will also have a healthier, happier dog. Some people don't learn until their dog eats something that nearly kills them, why don't you take my advice before that happens!

  • Jolene LeBlanc Richard

    This is awesome!

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