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    • Jimbo.

      I've seen many videos people like this stand around to try to catch cops on film abusing their power.. But these officers handled it accordingly making the two jackasses look very stupid and hopefully gave them a different perspective about police officers. Happy hunting guys.

      • asdasd

        If being a cop doesn't work out, that guy's got one hell of a talent for politics.

    • lifeaquatic

      We desperately need more police like him. Those kids were fukin fucksticks, though.

      • Guest

        You Guys are so lucky to have some officers like those. Here in Mexico, we´re so ruined, every single policeman we all know that are working for both sides: one shift are good, next shift they are killing, stealing, doing extortion, helping kidnappers to do their disgusting job.
        It´s amazing that those activist are looking for troubles, when you have a great country and place to live and rise your family.
        Keep cool guys! Greetings from México!

    • NORMAN

      If You ask for trouble you will find it. These "activists" need to get real jobs instead of the money game they are playing with their right to carry rights. I carry 90 percent of the time and I am a responsible gun owner. The day I would sling a rifle on my body in public will be the day that I can't go through life without attention. This type of nonsense with open carry will influence legislature to do everything they can to take away our firearm rights… I'm not big on police , I respect them but I don't really like many of them…. with that said… picture yourself as a cop and talking to a person who has a rifle at the ready .. talk about abusing your rights!

    • Dwide Schrude

      Forgive my Canadian ignoarance, but what part of a persons brain tells them that just because they have been given the stupid fucking right to carry a gun that looks like a fully automatic, that they should?

      • Herp Derp

        It's not ignorance sir, but a legitimate question you have posed. This is kind of stupidity has me questioning how some people function on a daily basis. It also has me wishing breathing wasn't involuntary…

  • Brad

    Freaking hilarious

    • Guns are not cool

      The guy recording seems like a jackass who's looking to pick a fight.

    • Guest

      So, why is the Chive calling him a douchebag activist? Granted, the cameraman does seem to assume that the cops are going to be aggressive, which they (uncharacteristically) are not. But, from this video we don't see him being an "activist," rather, he's just a citizen, informed of his rights, walking around with a perfectly legal form of self-protection/recreational device.

      And as for the "open carry" laws: most states also have "inciting public fear" clauses, wherein if you incite fear in the general public just by means of carrying your firearm, you can be held accountable in court.

  • emini


    • ben

      Then shut your hole if you have nothing to add, douchebag.

    • Drew

      ADD is a bitch.

  • MOAR

    That ending seems fitting.

    • Smelted Pelted

      Did he put it in my butt?????

      I know it was about the mag, but I agree!!!

      • patwizz

        i like all of this! hahahaha what a tard

    • SickImagination

      Hollywood Ending:
      The cop says "later"
      The guy walks 5 steps, turns around and unloads on the cop.
      Then asks his buddy "Any comments?"

  • Felcus

    I would rather pay $5 more per shirt to help raise you enough money to not have to sell video ad space.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      get yourself an AdBlock application for your browser, brother.

    • ur_kryptonite

      ad blocking software is free

    • Dustin

      I'm immune to ads, even without AdBlock. For some reason my brain has an AdBlock built in.

    • Felcus

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    • Matt

      They will never make enough money, greed is a fire.

    • Groggy

      You honestly think they sell ad space because they're not making enough money?

      They're fucking loaded at this point. But I'm sure they'll gladly charge you $5 more per shirt.

  • clarktheshark

    well… its people like this that are going to get guns taken away from everyone. people that just want attention. bastards.

    • Beast

      Agreed. Exercising rights reasonably is one thing… But trying to provoke a confrontation just makes you a shithead.

    • Jimmy C

      No it's not.

    • Paul

      Can someone please explain to me why you need guns?
      Is it to feel protected? In that case just take away everyone's guns, problem solved. You don't add more fuel to a fire to make it stop.
      Take my country, Norway. Only licensed hunters have guns and no one is allowed to carry a gun on the street. Not even cops carry guns. 40 people on avarage are killed every year in Norway and that includes knives, assaults..etc.

      • Asshat

        Yeah…. How about that psycho last year? He kind of beat your average, huh?

        • Cerb

          I'm sure equipping all those 10-16 year old kids with firearms would have solved it..

          On a more serious note the people dealing with that situation were heavily armed, but messed up. Heads are rolling in all instances involved at the moment. There's also a question of how to deal with those completely out of control people that just go under the radar. The numerous people set on the task of diagnosing are still to come to a conclusion.

      • Aaron

        Well Paul, because bad guys. http://sheepdogconcept.com/

      • GladnotfromNorway

        So all of the law abiding Americans will turn in their guns, right? Good day to be a criminal that day. Why the hell would someone who uses guns to break laws, going to follow that one?

        • Guest

          Do you think if the system is broken then it should remain broken or there is a better way to fix it?

          • GladnotfromNorway

            Trying to take away all of the guns will not fix it. How did it go with drugs and alcohol? All that will help is being informed and trained. I personally want everyone armed. ”Criminals love gun control; it makes their jobs safer.”

            • GladnotinAmerica

              This idea that if guns are taken away from the good guys only bad guys will have them is total insanity. Take a look outside the US…countries like Australia, Switzerland Japan etc. all had gun amnesty's but it never became the 'Wild West' . Here are some interesting figures on your current problem –
              UNODC murder rates most recent year
              Australia 229
              United Kingdom 722
              Germany 690
              France 682
              And the good old US of A 12996

              How can anyone argue the right to bear arms is worth this many lives.

              • Sad But True

                This will sound very racist but I would love to see how many of those murders were done by a black man..

                • http://www.facebook.com/mickael.duncan1 Mickael Duncan

                  You're correct, you do indeed sound very racist. I wonder why that is….

                  As for everyone wasting their time trying to convince the Americans to get rid of their guns, save your breath. Guns are too big of a piece of their history and cultural identity. War of Independence, Civil War, the wild west. For better or worse, getting rid of their guns would be like trying to take maple syrup away from us Canadians….From my cold dead hands.

                  • ancientlegacy

                    all stereotypes are based on truth.

                • PhiladelphiaCollins

                  well the vast majority of murders are in places like baltimore, detroit, buffalo, atlanta. all are about 80% black so..

                • kigero

                  "done by a black man"? Singular?

              • AnyoneForCoffee

                F**k, is it that high in the UK?

                Saying that, most of our murders are gang-on-gang stabbings. Firearm murders will be a small % of that………*looks it up*….

                Per 100,000 people, there were 10.4 firearm deaths in the US and 0.46 in the UK last year.

                However, as we read from the US Chivers, there's nothing wrong with that and therefore nothing should be done.

                • antitango

                  Don't look at firearm deaths, but all violent crime deaths. Watch how much lower the US than the UK (and other countries). Then when you've done that, consider why that is?

                  Criminals will ply their trade regardless of which tools they have on hand. For a perfect example, look at knife and screwdriver crime in the UK.

                  • AnyoneForCoffee

                    Who told you that?

                    Just scroll up to this!:

                    "UNODC murder rates most recent year
                    Canada 554
                    Australia 229
                    United Kingdom 722
                    Germany 690
                    France 682
                    And the good old US of A 12996"

                    You were saying?

                    • tittybiscuits

                      Given relative population sizes that comparison isn't really fair.

                      Murder rates per 100,000 inhabitants:
                      Hong Kong 0.2
                      Norway 0.6
                      United Kingdom 1.2
                      Canada 1.6
                      United States 4.2

                      Oh… sorry. The U.S. sucks at this any way you look at it….

                • ancientlegacy

                  in the u.k. you can't even defend yourself or you'll get arrested.
                  you also have a massive influx of immigrants that don't follow your laws, expect you all to bend to their wishes, and have turned Britain into a shit hole.

                  So I'll keep my guns thanks, because it'll be a cold day in hell before I let any person, any government legislate away my god-given right to self defense.

                  • AnyoneForCoffee

                    Yeah, you don't know what you are talking about.

                    In the UK, if you shoot dead an unarmed burglar, you get investigated. Do you think that's 'stupid'?

                  • 2 cents

                    I've had a lot of fun reading this thread but at this point I had to step in and say something.

                    Firstly, you really shouldn't make such ridiculous comments about a society you know nothing about. Every country has their differences, for better or worse.

                    In the UK the gun amnesty has reduced gun crime to practically zero. It doesn't mean that violent crime has totally ceased but I would say that it has helped. Also, it isn't a total amnesty, just an amnesty on hand guns. Guns used for hunting are still permitted. But hand guns only have one reason for existence, and it isn't hunting.

                    Oh, and, I'm not religious or anything but I'm pretty sure that carrying a gun isn't a "god-given right'.

              • Efaray

                Statistics don't lie, statisticians do…

                What are those in percentages? The U.S. probably has more people than those other countries, so obviously everything would be higher (drownings, car accidents, etc.).

              • LawnGuyLand

                Populations of those countries in millions?
                Canada 35
                Australia 22.7
                United Kingdom 62
                Germany 82
                France 65
                And the good old US of A 314

              • Chuck

                GladnotinAmerica you are clearly a biased and ignorant individual. Stay glad wherever you live, I'll stay glad i'm in America

      • H3yblinkin

        If the government takes guns away from the good guys only bad guys will have them.

        • Smashy

          I'm Canadian, living just outside of Toronto, google, "Toronto gun crime" and watch what happens when the average citizen can't have guns. Only the fuckinh douchebag twatwaffles have guns and are injuring innocents. If the average person could carry a gun here, then the bullshit cowards wouldn't be so quick to pull a gun in case an average joe has one as well. But hey, we have idiot politicians that want to ban guns and ammo in Toronto?!? Like wtf?!? A ban? Guns are already illegal here?!? So what would a ban do? Take guns from legal owners?!?! Cause criminals ain't going to care bout a ban…..

      • jl1617

        Well Paul about 0.1% of our population carries this strong of a douchebag gene. The rest of us need guns for the Zombie Apocalypse.

      • thinks with you

        The cop in the video made a good point when he said that there wouldn't be any crime to worry about probably because these guys were out there with their gun. I think every single person of age should be required or at least strongly encouraged to carry guns. What criminal would dare do anything knowing that once they stepped out of line there is going to be an immediate counter attack?

        • Australian

          Unfortunately you can't trust every single person to use firearms intelligently. Everyone is aware how many idiots there are in this world, do you really want them all armed and thinking they are vigilante crime-fighting heroes? Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

      • chesterdrawers

        To make sure cops don't force you to do things you don't want to do…

    • Herp Derp

      People like this are going to get our "guns taken away," really? No, people like the those in random mass killings, those are the threats to gun rights. And to be quite honest, our Government may try to impose frivolous guns laws, but they would never try to "take away our guns." They wouldn't want that mess.

  • Mustachio


  • Oscar

    This guy deserves a medal for doing a great job. He kept calm all the time.

    • JohnFromNJ

      Reason is, he's not an easily scared type of individual. Most of my negative experiences come from police officers who rely too much on their weapon and not enough on their brain. This guy was totally chill and didn't miss a beat. Bravo..

      • Drew

        People have zero – nada – none – of an idea of what cops are trained and the inside know-how they obtain on the job. They are ready for EVERYTHING you can say to them — bad attitudes, excuses, really defensive, keeping silent — and how to navigate around it.

        So kids like the smartass in this video like to think they're really impressive and all that, with their pre-planned sound bites, but unaware that it impresses no one who is experienced.

        • Derek

          Sorry, but like people in general, not all cops are created equal. There are astoundingly calm and collected officers like this guy, who should serve as an example for other officers to strive towards. There are also officers who would have been immediately terrified in this situation (a more natural human reaction to a potentially life threatening situation), coming in with guns drawn and ready to pull the trigger. There are also cops who love the rush they get from wielding their power to dominate others, whether the abuse is merited or not. Or, do you live in some utopia where every officer is of the same quality as this officer? If you do, I want to live there too.

      • LawnGuyLand

        Just saying if there were not hundreds of videos of cops illegally detaining citizens, there would not be people going out trying to make these videos. I'm sure most encounters that go like this don't get posted, but this officer appears to be the exception. Most police are not even aware that they can be recorded.

    • cherryfarmer

      Someone deserves a KCCO shirt

      • JWE


    • guard

      Most people don't know how stressful that must have been for that cop. Walking up on someone armed and having no idea why they have what appears to be a fully automatic rifle on them had to have been terribly scary. I support gun ownership and carry rights, but that douche took it to far just for attention. My hats off to my brother in blue, nicely done. KCCO

      • dandude

        Probably not as scary once he saw the camera, but yeah good job on the cop.

  • the_mike

    Cop does job, and goes completely by the book. Yet the person with the gun will bitch about how the cop stopped him for five minutes.

    Carry a semi-automatic that looks like it could be a fully automatic, what do you expect?

    Douchebags is right.

    • Dave

      He was clearly trying to get a reaction video and didn't. What a doofus.

      • Livin' Legend

        And was stupid enough to post it anyway thinking he wasn't the douchebag in the video.

        Constitutional rights or no, I'm terrified that someone this stupid carries a gun.

        • Got Gun?

          completely agree at that point.
          1. talks too fast
          2. has a lisp…
          3. quotes "rights" to a cop..

          • chesterdrawers

            You have to do that because our rights are infringed on by cops all the time. Somebody slept through history class…

            • chesterdrawers

              This site got overrun with newfags… I'm out…

          • PiratesFan

            And quotes them wrong at that. "You're violating Terry versus Ohio!" Actually, the cop was following that case perfectly.

        • Underhill

          Or a camera.

    • Underhill

      And what part of the cops' job involves embarrassing a civilian? A foolish civilian but just the same a law-abiding civilian. Might have been interesting if someone down the street had started playing with a laser pointer. As heavy as those two cops were and as heavy as their gear is the civilian could have gotten away by walking fast.

    • Underhill

      Bologna! I've seen guys get busted–cuffed and stuffed–for playing with air-soft in their own back yards.

  • Daisey

    Im blown away that they can just walk down the road with semi auto weapons.
    If you did that in New Zealand you would have the armed defenders squad jumping on ya ass.

    • Cousin Jimmays

      Theres a reason we can, its called freedom… Merica.

      • Twilightsucks

        I know that your constitution says you can though what I don't understand is why you do. Freedom to shoot other people? That's supposed to be a good thing?

        • ancientlegacy

          "right to bear arms" does not equate out to shooting people.

          and utlimately, the second amendment was written as a final defense against a tyrannical government.

          • https://www.facebook.com/cchristopher.binns C Christopher Binns

            And thank you. There are way too many people out there that have NO idea why the 2nd amdt exists… and we as Americans are the last line of defense against the government itself. We should not fear government, the government is to fear us. They are after all supposed to be working for us…aren't they??

            • basdias

              still 10.000 people die each year due to guns in america

              • yeah so

                so? 32,885 deaths due to car accidents in 2009.

                • matt

                  cars are made to get from point A to B, but there are accidents when unintentionally someone will die. guns are made to inflict harm and damage, and people are intentionally killed. the car deaths argument is always a poor one.

                  • the other matt

                    How many die from alcohol? cigarettes? Being fat and lazy?

                    • I'm #1

                      Those people do that to themselves. Guns can be used to accidentally or intentionally harm others. By your analogy, there should be no drunk driving laws because we should have the freedom to be as drunk as we want to behind the wheel, since other things that are allowed can kill too.

                    • Jake

                      Guns are tools. In the right hands they have the means to do great good, in the wrong hands they can do great bad. However, those that abuse them tend to be those that will ignore the law, and thus they will be obtained regardless of whether it is legal to do. Just like how banning drugs does not keep drugs out of our country, banning firearms will not keep them out of the hands of those that break the law. Banning firearms disarms law abiding citizens and creates victims.

                    • Derek

                      First off to disarm (haha I'm hilarious) any potential claims to the counter, I am in no way anti-gun and own a variety of them myself. I also support the right to carry. That being said, I read an interesting article on the state of the debate, and it made what I feel is an excellent point: pretending that guns were designed for or have any other purpose than inflicting harm only serves to hinder the debate. Any sort of sport shooting is really just practicing your ability to inflict harm with a firearm. Inflicting harm is every firearms sole purpose and functionality, full stop. The sooner we all agree on that, the sooner we can productively debate the merits of our rights to own them.

                    • JohnnyDingo

                      Guns " In the right hands they have the means to do great good"
                      as Judge Koh would put it.

                      " are you smoking Crack?"

                    • TheUndertakerr

                      right…but…we dont need tools like these two guys obviously with no good reason for their mp5's…other than to flaunt their 2nd amendment right and try to make an ass out of a police officer. reminds me of a tea party prson shouting someone down at a town hall meeting…immature and not what the amendment was really put there for.

                    • https://www.facebook.com/RedRockinMonkeyBoy Pete Miles

                      The 2nd Amendment, like said above, is so law abiding citizens can protect themselves against a tyrannical government. Here's my take on it, as I have a CCW and keep a couple firearms in my house, don't attack me, you won't get shot. It's pretty simple.

                  • Jake

                    Just because something was designed for one thing isn't kinda ignorant to assume it will only be used for that thing? A car can and does kill very well regardless of its design and a gun could also be used as a hammer if you really want. Guns like cars if used responsibly can and are used safely. The reason to carry a gun is the same reason a police carries a gun. Personal safety. A police officer is only so fast. Even a thug with a knife can kill you pretty quickly while you wait for the police to come save you.

                    Though, I wonder would a better example to compare be that of martial arts? Given today it tends not to be a high killer (if at all), it was, like a gun designed as a form of coercion. In older societies it was used to great effect to harm others justly or otherwise. Would it, in your opinion, be right to outlaw its teaching if such a society existed today.

                  • respectable_human

                    When you put a gun in the hands of someone who is experienced, and of sound mind & body, the firearm can be used as a defensive weapon. As the officer in this video said, no one is going to go around that neighborhood committing crimes while two men with semi-automatic weapons walk the streets. However I do agree that when you put a gun into the hands of someone who is NOT of sound mind & body, they may use it to inflict harm on others. Now my point is that the same thing IS true with automobiles. If you put an experienced driver behind the wheel of a car, they most likely will not wreck. But if you put an unexperienced person behind the wheel, who perhaps is also not of sound mind & body, they're chances that they will wreck are obviously much higher. It's not a perfect analogy but the message to take away from it is that guns themselves, when used for harm are not the problem, it's the person who pulls the trigger.

                    • Derek

                      Agreed on the loose analogy. Vehicles have utility beyond inflicting harm, although they certainly have that utility as well. It's a poor analogy to fall back on in the support of gun rights in my opinion. Guns literally have no utility beyond inflicting harm. We need to get away from these analogies in defending gun rights. We need to argue based on gun ownership's merits, not what people might do with things that have far more utility than inflicting harm.
                      Defensive uses in the hands of a person of sound mind & body is a good place to start. (Though that, understandably, might not always be the case when presented a situation where defensive gun use is a necessity)

        • Livin' Legend

          Freedom to keep a corrupt government from shooting you.

          • matt

            reasonable concern.

          • Suicide0Jockey

            Ok. Lets see how many Americans can recall American history. The second amendment states "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
            This being passed shortly after the revolutionary war, in order to keep the Brits from changing their mind, and re-capturing the territory. I have NO idea, how this came into play with a "20 something year old" walking down a street with his buddy. "Preventing Crime", is not "National Security Enforcement", nor is him doing this "necessary".
            The thing that proves to me that the current generations of Americans are completely arrogant, is that the Supreme Court has ruled that the Second Amendment also applies to civilians with no militia ties. This tells me how ass backward your morales are; originally put in place to protect yourselves, and your newly created country, to now protecting some 20 year old ass hat walking past a gas station to get a rise out of a cop for being an idiot.

            All in all, mad respect for that cop.

            • Smitty

              I've read a lot of comments here. It is very interesting to see the various views. The idea that the constitution is an out dated document, is very scary. The constitution is the only safety valve that keeps a government in check.
              Now I don't agree with this douchebags way to test the outter limits of his rights. I hope he does go to those classes and get to know some of the cops. Then he would realize how dangerous the situation was he was creating.
              But, to deny his right to do so; as some jurisdictions have, or eliminate that right from the constitution is scary. Especially in recent years. Criminals own guns to intimidate and harm others. Law abiding citizens own guns to feel secure in the event of what if.

            • Smitty

              Here's a what if: Remember Katrina when people were on their own? Seen the riots in Greece, UK, and America where the police have no control for days? Armed bandits running wild. Imagine a major event, a terrorist attack or wide spread natural disaster. Imagine the small percentage of first responders or government agencies being unavailable for days, weeks, months. Imagine armed gangs running wild. Now what will protect you? YOU WILL, your neighbor will. Then you'd wish you had a gun in the closet, taken a gun class.
              Think it can't happen? The government says an EMP attack would kill 100 million americans in 6 months. What if the currencies of the world collapse and mass riots take hold coast to coast. (http://demonocracy.info/infographics/usa/derivatives/bank_exposure.html)

            • guest

              Let's do recall American history. The Constitution has been analyzed by the smartest legal minds in America and it has changed through changing time, as it was meant to do. The origanlist view of the constitution is a outdated and unused model. If we were to look at the original use and purpose of the Constitution we would find that it was only for the federal government. Still the entire constitution does not apply to the states (jury trials were not a right under state law until COMPARITIVELY recently). The Constitution is a living breating document that changes according to SCOTUS precedent, presumably to evolve with the ever changing cultural norms. I'm not saying I disagree its just a pet peeve of mine when people quote an originalist view of the Constitution to validate their argument. Research the law. Not just the black letter law but what it actually means to society through very easily found information via google searches.

              • ObamaBlows

                Oh, well, if you Googled it, then you're a scholar. "Guest" – your facile analysis is what passes for research in absolutely ZERO circles. Originalist interpretation is NOT outdated and unused – unless you're a flamin' lib who wants to find all sorts of rights in non-existent penumbrae, etc. The drafters knew that they were creating a document that was intended to provide the foundation of our governmental system for years to come. So, when wrote things like "Congress shall make no law . . . " they knew exactly what they were doing. Also, the Constitution DOESN'T only apply to the federal government, although I know that those that inhabit the shallow end of the intellectual pool like to ignore the first 10 amendments when it suits their purposes. Perhaps you should review those amendments and see if there is one there that pertains to the Constitution's applicability to the states. The rest of us will wait while you Google it.

              • http://www.facebook.com/paul.rusin.7 Paul Rusin

                The constitution may be changed by amendment, not whim (Executive Order/Presidential Directive, legislatively). The judiciary can be wrong as it was in Dred Scott. "Living breathing document" is left speak for "change at whim."

            • Mr.Know-it-all

              The purpose of the 2nd Amendment was not to protect against the British. It was to give ensure that the citizens would not be forced to rely on a government for their own protection. You need to realize that the federal government that was created after the Revolutionary War was fairly weak, and couldn't adequately defend all its citizens. Furthermore, and perhaps even more importantly, it gives citizens a safeguard against future tyranny.

              As for the militia part, you need to understand that the term militia didn't mean what it means today. Of course in order to know that you would need to read not just the constitution, but other writing of the founding fathers such as the federalist papers, and anti-federalist papers. Regardless, it is a mute point, as the 2nd amendment does not, in any way, shape or form, imply that militia service is a prerequisite for bearing arms. It simply lists one, of many great reasons why the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

              In short, the 2nd amendment is very cut and dry, regardless of why you think it was written, or any correlation is has to a militia, it states unequivocally and without exception that the right to bear arms shat not be infringed.

              Be careful when you throw down a challenge about knowing American history, you never know who may respond.

              Also, you misspelled morals. Have a nice day. 🙂

              • http://wilhelmscream.net Rex Hondo

                Interesting points.

                But it's a moot point, not a "mute" point.

                • Chuck

                  Excellent Office reference

                • Mr.Know-it-all

                  Good catch, thanks

            • http://www.facebook.com/paul.rusin.7 Paul Rusin

              You revisionist history aside, our founders noted that the second amendment was put in place to protect the very freedoms we enjoy; to prevent tyranny if necessary. They believed the militia was all the people (Tenche Coxe) who were law abiding citizens (John Adams). One even noted that to take arms from the American people was the first step on the road to tyranny (Patrick Henry). Before you asshats go off on tangents, you should do the work of learning the history. The 2A had nothing to do with the Brits. It had to do with defending yourself from a government gone awry like our founders felt King George had with his loyal subjects in the colonies. And, by the way, the reason ('taxation without representation') for the Tea Party was to send a message to George. He didn't heed the message, instead sending troops to quell what he considered insurrection, and this after the colonists decided to pay for the tea that had been dumped. So, I'm not sure what country you are from, but your lack of knowledge of history proves what an asshat you are.

          • Alan

            I think this debate probably won't go anywhere, since everyone already have their opinions, but i don't think the defense from the government argument is very strong, since you will not have a lot to do with a gun when the government goes after you with a missile.

            • Derek

              That's why we steam-rolled through Afghanistan and restored order in just shy of a week right? Those guerillas with their ridiculous rifles just up and quit in the face of missiles.
              /alternate history

            • Ass hat

              You're an idiot Alan.

        • Got Gun?

          everybody in the WORLD has that same right….same as the right to stab, rape, steal, molest, lie…. the weapon doesn't make you a bad person, …..only the action.

          • Derek

            I think you are confusing free will with the rights granted to you by the constitution. Unless of course there are some super seedy sections of the constitution that they somehow keep under wrap. If that is the case, I would very much like to see these secret amendments. I want to know if it grants others the right to forcibly enter my rectum.

        • Gun_guy

          It's freedom to protect yourself and your loved ones from not only "the bad guys" but from a tyrannical government. Our history is clear, forcefully un-armed civilians become SUBJECTS not CITIZENS to their governments.

      • Dimitris

        Freedom….hmmm…You have the false belief and repeat it in every chance, that USA is the freest nation in the world. Sorry to dissapoint you, US is barely on the top 50 list.

        • I don't know

          Lol. Go ahead and list me the 49 countries ahead of us champ. The us isnt perfect but there's a reason why were still considered uh best content in the world.

          • Asshat

            Hahaha, I read the first two sentences and was like, "Why is this guy thumbed down? I'll thumb him up because he's kind of right even though he added 'champ' like a dick but what-eves" *proceeds to thumb up and then reads last sentence* "….What the fuck guy? The U.S. is not a continent it is a country! Oh, this must be why he's getting thumbed down…"

            Chive, why you no have reversible thumbs?!

          • Dimitris

            How you define "best in the world"???The richest??The largest armed forces???Unfortunately, only the above doesnt qualify a nation as the best one. Anyway, we are talking about about freedom. For example: Australia
            United Kingdom
            New Zealand
            Czech Rep., The
            Finland etc

            • Guest

              Agreed. I love New York and live here, moving from London, but you slowly realise how much of your freedom and how many rights are taken away. I can obviously live with it or else I would leave, but sometimes it gets frustrating.

              • http://www.facebook.com/paul.rusin.7 Paul Rusin

                I live in NY, too. Not NYC mind you. Wouldn't live there for all the tea in China, but western NYS. I can't wait to move, because the restrictions in NYC are tougher than those out here, but they still suck, because downstate has a clenched fist around the throat of the rest of the state, imposing their nonsense on all of us.

            • DDD

              Agree 100%, to learn why the US has fallen behind on so many fronts I sugest reading "The Rise of the Rest" by Fareed Zakaria.
              The US needs to get their noses out of the air!

            • I'm #1

              In Australia the cops can stop you for no reason to check your registration and to see if you've been drinking. That's not so free.

            • Thror

              What kind of "freedom"? Economic? Hong Kong is #1 currently (America is 10th, down from 5th in 2008). Privacy? Political? Speech? Press? Abortion? Marriage? But everyone has different criteria, which makes the statement moot. "My country is more free than your country". Give me a break. I couldn't deal with all the cameras in England, but certainly most people would agree they're a free and decent country.
              This nifty tool allows you to pick what matters to you. My America is 3rd on my list (apparently I should move to Switzerland). Unless I give up completely on gun rights, then America moves all the way down to 12th for me.

              (Disclaimer: I have no idea what sources they compile their data from. Could be crap. You can find dozens of lists on the internet, if you look.)

          • ...


            Way to defend the US content.

          • Doooob

            Pff USA is junk buncha hollbillys walking around with guns cause you got no jobs prolly worst place to live

      • matt

        like most of the world, im perfectly alright trading my 'freedom' to carry guns around in public for the 'freedom' to drink before 21, gamble legally, put my money in a regulated bank, smoke some weed without going to jail, have a leader who gets the more votes than the loser, etc etc etc. i love america, but some of your priorities seem a little off.

        • Bob MArley

          You just pwned this whole thread.

    • Gun_guy

      I live in MI and if you put a folding stock on an AK (semi -auto) you can register it as a pistol and if you have your concealed pistol licence you can carry said AK loaded and CONCEALED, not just open (like these two were).

      Pretty awesome.

      • DDD

        Awesome, so if the Aroura shooting were in MI, you would have shot the guy!


        • Gun_guy

          Maybe. I don't carry my AK with me, but's its there if I ever want to. I carry my M&P daily and yes, when I go to the movies. IF this would have happened here in MI and IF I was there could I have stopped him? Perhaps. Would I have tried? Hell YES.
          There were a lot of variables. He was wearing protection and had gas. But, if all the IFs were in place and I thought I had a shot, then yes, I would have returned fire.

    • AppelBoom

      I think half of the world is blown away by that fact

      • Really?

        Poor choice of words, sunshine.

        • militarized nation

          Poor, or deliberate? AppelBoom wins today's pun contest.

    • Franklin

      Armed Defenders Squad? That's effin awesome!! how do I sign up? Do they wear costumes? because I have a homemade IronSpiderBat Man costume (that's right, bitches) that I can't wear to the office.

      • http://www.facebook.com/paul.rusin.7 Paul Rusin

        Can I play, too? Aren't firearms awesome? In a society where individual and state's rights are protected, there would be no need for someone to have to put cops on the spot. Where we have douchebag cops who act like they are the be all, and end all, this is necessary. Not only was this cop polite, and respectful of the guy, and his right, but he made a video every cop should see to show how an officer respectful of the law, and rights should act/react. Were it me, I would have had my hand a little closer to my sidearm, tho, I think. At least until I was able to gauge the situation better.

    • mike

      Do you even know what semi-automatic implies? Just about every single gun now days is semi-auto aside from your single bolt actions. So how are you blown away? Criminals walk around all the time with semi-autos and even automatics but I don't see you complaining about them.

      • Asshat

        Word. It's because people hear auto/automatic and start getting the bacon sweats.

        • Dick Bearcat

          Yea I laughed harder than I needed to at "Bacon sweats" lmao

      • Guest

        I believe people aren't complaining about criminals carrying semi-automatics because it should go without saying that committing armed crimes is wrong. Do you think if people aren't continually complaining about armed crime that they condone it?

      • Liam

        in New Zealand almost no one walks around with any kind of firearm. I think the fact that this dude is walking around with a big fuck off gun like that is pretty crazy. I've never even seen a gun like that other than in American movies. Shit, I've only ever seen about 5 guns in my life. It's no doubt the same for about 90% of people living in New Zealand.

        • jackson

          how will you defend yourself from the near certainty of a tyrannical government though? and all those bad guys with guns breaking in to your house and mugging you on the street and shooting up your work?

          • Wogsamatta

            In Australia, that shit dont happen. Its you fucked up Mericans who are paranoid about living with out fear need to carry weapons. Its in your blood to kill.

            • Ben

              No, we're not fucked up. We carry firearms to protect ourselves and our families from danger. We have sense enough to realize we need to protect ourselves, not rely on some laughable group of people (government) to protect us when danger is staring us in the face.

            • jackson

              sarcasm meter is broken

    • Maytrix

      I agree. When the 2nd amendment was created, guns weren't where they are today.

      • Jake

        Has nothing to do with arms. The idea dates all the way back to swords and shields. Its about affordable, attainable arms that anyone can get. In a confrontation the one with the most power wins. Historically speaking when the general public can defend itself it is more free from coercion. Be by the government or a thug in a back ally way. Guns act as equalizers. Its hard to reasonably expect an 80 pound women to defend herself against a 280 rapist with nothing but her bare hands. A gun changes that. So should a women be forced to be afraid to walk the streets at night or be blamed for wearing cloths that are "asking for it"? I thing not personally, which is why I believe guns have there place both as a personal defense and fail safe of government.

        • TheUndertakerr

          But not to go to your favorite eatery McDonalds to get your morning coffee and fat breakfast. Do you need an MP5 just because some boogie man might be out there to but rape you?

          • http://www.facebook.com/paul.rusin.7 Paul Rusin

            Actually, that is what my neck knife, and rape whistle are for. JK. That's what my .40 semi, and my 2 backup .32's are for. Neck knife against a gun is just stupid. Rape whistle? Wonder how many poeple that's saved when they've got a gun pointed at their head with the possible shooter, and likely rapist, telling the woman to get in the car, driving her to a remote location, nearly beating her to death, and raping her before she got away? Where did this happen? As you might surmise, on a SUNY college campus in NYS, one where, coincidentally, carrying of firearms is prohibited by law w/o permission of the college authority(ies), i.e. college president. Aurora CO, Littleton, CO, Luby's Cafeteria, office in CA, offices throughout the nation, Post Offices, schools, college campii, all are places where guns are/were verboten, and where mass murders occurred. Keep believing that it is guns that cause violence, and you'll someday become a victim.

      • http://www.facebook.com/paul.rusin.7 Paul Rusin

        But guns were a step up from the swords, knives, dirks, billy clubs, bludgeons, spears, pikes, bows, crossbows, and other weapons carried by medieval persons. Did our founders ever envision A-10 Warthogs? No, but they also knew that to defend against such the citizenry would need the firepower necessary to combat them (anti-aircraft, handheld, stinger missiles). So, should we instead of talking about what advances have been made, and this idea that our founders couldn't foresee advances, when they had knowledge of other prior advances to rest forever? It's an ignorant argument of losers, leftists, and tyrannical people who believe democracy is the answer. Democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep deciding what to eat. The majority rules. What if the majority decides free speech is no longer acceptable? Would one then say the majority is correct, or would one wish to take up arms to reinstate their right? If you don;t have comparable arms to the military, then how do you defend yourself? If we had only muskets today do you think men with automatic weapons might be more likely to attack an unequal force?

        • matt

          you must be a patriot. what with all the faith you have in your own people an what not

    • p1ll

      Kcco my fellow Kiwi 🙂

    • Conservative Nation

      That is why we live in America and you live in suck ass New Zealand.. But I guess "armed defenders squad" are better than 1 person carrying a gun that is bothering no one.

      • Canadian

        You are the definition of "too stupid to insult"

        • Dustin


          • Mike m nz

            The funniest thing I found about America was how scared the people were. I drove down a street past a guy 4 times looking for a friends house and he called the cops on us. Wtf? Give me Auckland nz any day. I would quite happily walk through the roughest neighbourhood at night.

            • dandude

              The entire country is not like that, unfortunately though we have more than our fair share of busybodies that have nothing better to do but get in everyone's else business. See HOA's for an example of this.

    • TheUndertakerr

      Freedom to kill Bears and Mountain Lions…not carry your MP fucking 5 down to get a 40oz and a pack of Newports…

    • http://www.facebook.com/paul.rusin.7 Paul Rusin

      Which is why I am thankful I live in the U.S., and not a paranoid, and tyrannical, country like New Zealand, Australia, Britain, China, Soviet Union, N Korea, Canada.

      • jackson

        wait the places where people ARENT so afraid to get ambushed by criminals and the government that they need to carry 3 weapons on them at all times, ARE the paranoid countries? your comments started at useful up top and have just disintegrated into the nonsense above

      • Wogsamatta

        looooooooooooooooooooooooooool. i had to masturbate to this comment so i could jizz all over it

    • Pcitrak

      No doubt! Why are you allowed to walk around with a semi over your shoulder?

  • Bango

    I'm 100% for the second amendment and own a few firearms myself but this guys actions are beyond irresponsible and do nothing but harm. What a tool

    • BarrowsBOY

      The second amendment is the most misunderstood of any constitutional law in this country. The true meaning is that any citizen has the right to defend his/her country with a firearm. Not carry one around town, but use one as part of the military to defend the country.

      • stonewall_79


        • Rhein

          Actually, hes right. It is understood that this is the obvious interpretation of the second amendment…in words and in context. It doesn't mean anyone is going to be able to get guns away from people, but lets just be honest about it..owning a gun in those times wasn't even a question..it was just assumed that everyone who wanted one could and would have one so they wouldn't have bothered to put it into the constitution.

          • ObamaBlows

            Actually, he's not, and now you've joined him in the wrong department. Your revisionist approach is probably something, however, that you were taught in public schools following similarly revisionist dogma, so we won't fault you. And, now that the light of truth has be shown to you, you are now better equipped to become a full-fledged citizen of this great nation! Congratulations!

      • Goldmember

        The second amendment is just plain CRAZY! Just because something is written a long time ago it's not necessary correct.
        USA would benefit from having a "no gun policy".

        I have never seen a gun in my country, except on a police officer and if I or somebody else went insane some day, it would be nearly imposible to gather weapons for a killing spree. This does not seem to be the case in USA.

        • ayo

          America would not benefit from a no gun policy at all. Criminals will continue to own guns and if they know that no one will be armed, it will give them way more power and confidence to commit crimes. Allowing US citizens to carry a weapons give them the ability to defend themselves, their family and other people around them. It will also make criminals to think twice about what they are doing because they know that someone will be able to fight back.

          With that being said, I do believe that some sort of mental tests should be performed to own a gun so they don't end up in some whack jobs hands. There just has to be education of proper firearm techniques and handling.

          • http://www.facebook.com/jesse.macdonald.33 Jesse MacDonald

            lol i disagree with that…i live in canada…right across the border from detriot and i have never seen a gun on anyone except for a cop like has been stated before and guess what…people here dont get shot….we dont have shootings in or around our city…even though we live aright across a narrow river from one of the most common places in the world that people get shot and carry around guns in public. own a gun fine….dont carry it around…thats just plain stupid

            • https://www.facebook.com/david.cornierchevere David Cornier-Chevere

              Simply put there is too much gun saturation in the US to ban guns now. Remember the Alchohol ban? It was responsible for the start of organized crime in the US. It is how the mob/mafia got their foothold here. If they US ban guns there would be rampant gun violence (since the criminals would see it as a weak time) and traffiking in illegal guns would jump since those that really want a weapon are going to get it in any case. Then the government wouldnt know who had guns at all, at least now the have records and keep (some) tabs. What needs to happen in stricter gun control and better monitoring of those that own them.

              Countries are different. People need to deal with that. I dont know why the US people having guns is such a hot ticket issue, millions have died in Africa, South America, and the middle east. I dont hear everyone protesting them and hankering for their governments to take away their weapons. If you are not a US citizen then stay out of our issues and shut up, it doesnt concern you and go complain about some violence that is way more out of hand than here.

              • Wogsamatta

                the reason people are dying in those areas is because of your governments wars and regime changes. The US is a violence machine. You guys love it, its in your dna.

            • Tony

              i guess you forgot about that

      • slamadams

        I don't know. No one really seems to know what the first amendment says. For instance, I am so sick of people saying the whole "Chicfila vs gay marriage" thing is a first amendment issue. It's not. And neither is any of those Radio/TV hosts who get the boot for saying something controversial that snowballs out of control. It is only a first amendment issue if Congress makes it (or attempts to make it) illegal to say such things.

        • ObamaBlows

          Close, but not quite on point. I think I know what you are attempting to argue, but you can't forget about the 10th Amendment making the first 9 applicable to the use of STATE power (and, by extension, local power) in abridgment of the same rights. So, to the extent that the mayors of Chicago and Boston spout off about not permitting businesses run/headed by/owned by people who hold views that those same mayors disfavor, then you are dealing with a situation where state (i.e. governmental) authority is being used to discriminate against someone for holding different views. Also, in expressing his views, the head of ChicFil-A (or however it is spelled) is exercising his right of free speech – which is guaranteed by the 1st Amendment. So, aspects of the overall situation DO involve the application of 1st Amendment, while others do not. Hope that helps!

          • slamadams

            <div class="idc-message" id="idc-comment-msg-div-427468085"><a class="idc-close" title="Click to Close Message" href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(427468085)"><span>Close Message</span> Comment posted. <p class="idc-nomargin"><a class="idc-share-facebook" target="_new" href="http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fthechive.com%2F2012%2F08%2F22%2Fgood-cop-just-embarrasses-douchebag-activists-video%2F%23IDComment427442441#IDComment427468085&t=I%20just%20commented%20on%20Good%20cop%20embarrasses%20douchebag%20activists%20%3A%20theCHIVE&quot; style="text-decoration: none;"><span class="idc-share-inner"><span>Share on Facebook</span></span> or <a href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(427468085)">Close Message I thought the 10th Amendment meant any power not granted to the federal government is retained by the state government?

            My point being that just because you are free from prosecution for saying something, doesn't mean you are free from other consequences. So when supporters of Chic-fil-a protest protesters saying they have no right to impose on his first amendment, that isn't really what the protesters are doing. Either way, the first amendment still says "Congress shall make no law….abridging the freedom of speech" so as long as it still remains legal to say such things, it really isn't a first amendment violation, just a politician being shitty.

            • ObamaBlows

              I like your restatement and concur. Far too many people think that the "freedom" granted to them in the speech department means that they can say anything they want, free from the consequences.

  • Right nut

    No love for me, eh?

    • Suck me Dry

      There's always tomorrow

  • Cam

    Good to see trolls run into a wall occasionally.

    • chesterdrawers

      Good to see you prove our points for us occasionally.

  • Brad

    Interesting, so different then Canada.

    • http://twitter.com/BBKing77 @BBKing77


      • Aaron

        Maybe then vs than is another one of those differences?

        • ...

          It is not colour on the other hand is.

          • tapsnapornap

            and "cheque"

    • Macro

      This. I can't even imagine seeing dumbass kids like that just walking around with MP5's slung over their shoulders for no reason whatsoever.

    • Scott19

      So true, you would never get away with that in Canada and videos like this are somewhat perplexing to us but I do know it is never wise to argue gun laws with an American, very different views for the most part.

    • Murph

      Not necessarilly. In a built up residential area like that absolutely you will be stopped. However if it is a non restricted firearm and unloaded you have not violated any firearms laws. In a rural area it is very different. It was hunting season I had a rifel slung over my shoulder and I was wearing a blaze orange coat. A police cruiser pulled up the window came down and I was asked… "get any thing yet?" When I replied no. Then officer said "Good luck" and drove off. It can happen in Canada. But that gun a .22 MP5 is prohibited in Canada and thus you can not even own it….

  • IrishInNJ

    I'm very much in favor of the 2nd amendment but is there any particular reason why these tools are standing on the street corner wearing a semi or fully (WGAF which) MP5 in the middle of the day? Just to annoy two obviously courteous and professional cops who have much better things to be doing.


    • Livin' Legend

      Pretty much. Abuse of constitutional rights goes both ways.

      • http://www.facebook.com/saksenov Stanislav Aksenov

        Where is the abuse of Constitutional rights?

        • dirtysteve99

          The right to not be fucking terrified that some wanker isn't walking around with what could be (wasn't I know), a fully auto weapon?

          The fact that they do this after high-profile public shootings only makes them even more offensive.

          • ObamaBlows

            Wow. Where to begin on this chain? There was no "abuse" of their constitutional rights when they went out carrying the weapons. I'm approaching that from the standpoint of defining "abuse" as being synonymous with "violation". If they'd been violating their rights, by going beyond what the constitution protects, the cop would have taken appropriate steps. Now, all of that is set against the backdrop of the reality that, in some cases, just because I CAN do something doesn't mean that I SHOULD do something. I agree that them carrying those weapons around is ill-advised (protected, but ill-advised) and makes them douchebags. You can tell that they were doing what they were doing SOLELY in the hopes that some cop would stop them and do something to them. The camera was rolling, he'd brushed up on the correct constitutional provisions, the appropriate Supreme Court ruling on searches (referencing the Terry search), etc. What they didn't count on was a well-trained cop dealing with them SANS the hysteria that many call for. The extent of my rights are not a function of, or defined by, how much fear you claim to feel. That's the beauty of having a constitution. The rights are established and not subject the individual whim of individuals I encounter. That's freedom.

    • Smarmygit


    • http://www.facebook.com/saksenov Stanislav Aksenov

      They're just making a point. People shouldn't be alarmed when seeing a person with a weapon in a country that guarantees such a freedom through its Constitution. Do you question gays displaying their "pride?" Or abortion activists rallying for their beliefs? I see no difference.

      • http://wilhelmscream.net Rex Hondo

        Well, I don't think they've weaponized gay pride or strong feelings on abortion yet, so there is that difference.

        • http://www.facebook.com/paul.rusin.7 Paul Rusin

          Difference is, gay isn't a right, but has always been considered a sinful behavior, forbidden, or hidden, in most societies throughout history. Abortion is a criminal act, the taking of a life, unborn, or not. So, there is a big difference. What is the difference between someone carrying around a firearm causing no harm, and someone taking the life of an unborn child at the behest of its own mother?

          • IrishInNJ

            Gay isn't a right? What fucking planet are you living on man? Abortion is a criminal act? Again, are you out of your rabid ass mind? Thanks for shitting on 40 years of Roe v Wade.

            You're clearly a religious addled, bible bashing fuck nut who's head is so far up a non existent God figure's ass you haven't smelled original thought in your entire life.

            Shame on you. Pathetic.

    • Chuck

      They are exercising their right to open carry in Oregon. Some would say its stupid, others would disagree but it is their right. The cop handled himself very well, and was well informed. Props to him

    • http://www.facebook.com/paul.rusin.7 Paul Rusin

      Irish, In the U.S. there is no reason anyone can't. The problem is wankers like you who think it poses a problem. if more did it, think how much fewer crimes we might see.

      • IrishInNJ

        I live in the US dude, don't preach nonsense to me. We should all march in the streets with assault rifles slung over our shoulders to deter would be criminals? That's the most asinine argument. Ever. I've heard of martial law, now apparently you're advocating vigilante law.

        As several more rounded commentators above you have said, just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD. They delayed police officers for no good reason. That in itself could be deemed obstruction.

  • ChivetteLover

    It just sucks – I mean those guys were D-bags…just attention whores trying to get a video of cops messing up. That cop though? Awesome job. Did his job in a professional, courteous manner, answered all their crap without dropping down to their level and even narrated a good portion of their protest video for them. Cops like that? I'm behind them 100%.

    • paulhitchcock

      Exactly what I was about to post. Now I don't have to.

    • https://www.facebook.com/barry.parker.39 Barry Parker

      Agreed. They should all be that way.

    • Tiber_Septim

      It would not surprise me if that officer was a former army or marine in Afghanistan where they have to be careful of armed citizens all the time. Great job and had great training

    • discobiscuits


    • Mike

      Same here, I normally don't like cops very much especially based on the most of the videos that have been posted lately. However, this cop is great at what he does and gives a good name to police officers whose reputation is suffer as a result of recent events. To the guys who made this video, read a book, go to school, educate yourselves, assholes.

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Smart cop is smart. Those dumbasses want to carry out the 2nd amendment, don't walk around like you're about to shoot up a school or some shit. Carry a 9mm or 30 cal. around with you on your hip.

    • http://www.facebook.com/paul.rusin.7 Paul Rusin

      If in a state where an unconstitutional permit is necessary for lawful carry, and they had no permit, so be it. If Vermont, or Alaska, constitutional carry is permitted. Personally, I prefer to carry concealed, all 3 of my semi-auto pistols, and the several magazines each. Am I paranoid? I have no reason to be paranoid. What I am is prepared. Wish more Americans were of this "martial" 9foundeers word, not mine) mindset. Excellent police work there. He treated them with respect, and these "douchebags" (see my other post about the idiot who made up this name for them) treated him with respect.

  • blutodawg

    I was watching some others of his earlier and he is quite annoying, props to officer Mike Holt

    • NDZahmbie

      Seriously, the kid sounds like a little whiny bitch.

    • chesterdrawers

      Fuck officer mike and his fat boyfriend…

  • Dave

    Hey Dick….so can you.

  • Andrew

    Really guy?

    • Dick

      Really. Are you autistic? Do you not comprehend what you read?

      • David

        autism has NOTHING to do with someone acting stupid, grow up dick.

        • Dick

          Fuck you Dave. FUCK YOU in your autistic ass

  • Billy Joe Bob

    Only in America would you see someone wandering the streets with a gun like that and not get arrested.
    Way to go America, way to go.

    • IrishInNJ

      You're being facetious I know. But yes, way to go America.

      • Billy Joe Bob


        • Merica

          actually, it's european-like liberal policies crumbling america (see Greece, Italy, Spain; compare and contrast with Texas)..

          • https://www.facebook.com/gregkhaikin Greg Khaikin

            Texas gets all the federal tax dollars from California and NY to stay afloat.

            • Scer

              Wrong Texas is in one of the best economic positions of any other state in the union….I dont think you know what you are talking about…

            • Kenny

              Horse shit, Texas pays more federal tax dollars than it receives, your a moron…

            • Brad

              How can Tx get money from Ca when Ca is in dept? Answer me that genius

          • mibble

            Err… how?

            If by liberal policies you mean been better health care systems, better public services and increasing the standard of living for the general public?

            Then yes i guess it could be said america is crumbling, a wall of ignorance that has been blocking the progression of one of the best countries in the world may finally be crumbling!

            About time to!

            • jasonB

              And they're all going broke ace. You do understand you can run up the credit card for a while but eventually the money runs out.

              I see you are using a computer with internet. Probably went out and had a good time this weekend, but god forbid you provide for your own healthcare right?

              Stop trying to ride in the cart. Get out and pull.

              • Dustin

                i do

                i am. i did but no, i do

                I do.

              • Eric

                Better in theory, not in practice. There is a reason why many hospitals are going broke in france and other euro nations. Europe is in a state of stagnation, somewhat like what America is experiencing. Europe is in deep shit. Dont act like they are in better shape than America. At least we know what we have to do to turn things around.
                With that being said, having little gun control, according to research, deters crime. Australia attempted to ban all firearms at one time. Crime rates skyrocketed. Do you think that if anyone could have a concealed weapon at any time, criminals would attempted to rob a store at gunpoint? Didnt think so.

                • Euroranger

                  Also a good point to keep in mind: this is the same Europe that's started/hosted two world wars and just a few years ago was happily genociding themselves to a better tomorrow. The laughable notion that Europe is superior is actually starting to sink in to more and more Americans.

                  And social programs? Yeah, about that…America spends a fair chunk of our GDP on our military. We have 11 carrier groups and 48 Army combat brigades. Does anyone think we need that kind of power to defend our east, west and south coasts? Could we possibly defend ourselves from the overwhelming might of the Canadian, Mexican and Cuba militaries with less? Of course we could. We HAVE that much armed might just so our European friends don't feel the need to build up their forces to defend themselves (because, hey, fucking history). So, instead of thanking us for relieving themselves of the need to have anything more serious than a Cub Scout troop defending their countries so they can go spend it on universal healthcare and free needles for junkies and other such worthwhile social programs…we get "you're so backward".

                  To Europe in general: pull out the old photo albums of the good times at Ypres and the Warsaw Ghetto. Haven't done that in 2-3 generations when you used to host those kinds of events every 10 years or so? Yeah, you're welcome.

                  • Jim Bob

                    Please you think think the reason the American military budget is into the trillions is so Europe doesn't need to rearm, because they have big brother America there to protect them, how very altruistic of America. May | suggest a possible reason for the comparative lack of Europe's militarization is because they have seen the true nature of war ie millions dead and entire city's destroyed. Most American's only experience war via their TV. And in regards to state spending on health care rather than on military surely it is better to invest money (creating jobs ect) saving people than killing people.

                    • Euroranger

                      I don't think that's the reason. That IS the reason. I'll direct you to go educate yourself about a conference called Bretton Woods. That set up the United States dollar as THE currency for international exchange for the post WW2 world.

                      Now, this will be a leap but you'll also need to consider there was something called the Marshall Plan (which later morphed into the Mutual Security Act). On top of that, the United States also proposed and hosted the formation of the United Nations and later NATO.

                      Altogether, the plan was to lift Europe back up onto their feet, fix their shiat, set things up so their economies (which is the basis for most European wars) would be stable and pegged to OUR dollar (so we can exercise some control) and provide a means of international diplomacy and military security…ALL of it underwritten by the American military.

                      You can snidely sneer at those historical events as "altruism" but the fact is that America got dragged into two European wars and ended the second one with atomic weapons. America was damned sick of coming to Europe's rescue and realized the next war would likely be the last. Therefore, they set it up such that they took on the burden of economics and military matters for the most part while Europe got their shit together and tried to grow the fuck up and finally start acting like the civilized people they like to claim to be.

                      I'm sure you won't see it that way but that's the nice thing about history: it doesn't require your stamp of approval for it to be true. And just so we're clear: all the things I mentioned above…they're all there to learn about online.

                    • kigero

                      I'm pretty sure the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan. Last I knew that was the pacific theater. The nation that took you war to the U.S. Just as side fact the war in europe was over then.

                    • Gordey

                      fuck you for using facts

                    • Rick

                      As long as facts are being thrown around, the Pacific theater was part of the same war. It was a World War after all. The US had a major role in ending the war taking place in Europe, then finished of the rest of the war in the Pacific theater.

                    • Euroranger

                      I'm pretty sure your point about where and upon whom the bombs were dropped is immaterial to the point I was making. I was fairly clear that I said we were dragged into two European wars (we were) and that we ended the second one with atomic weapons (we did). I don't do a lot of commenting on Chive but I'll keep in mind that reading comprehension of some is rather basic and linear.

                      And yeah, I'm well aware that the war in Europe was over by the time we dropped on Hiroshima. I could share with you WHY the war being already terminated in Europe actually pushed Truman a little harder to use the atom bomb on Japan…but I fear that'll just muddy the deductive reasoning waters a little more for some. Suffice to say: the American public opinion of their tolerance for more war and casualties by summer 1945 was only matched by their lack of caring of how we ended Japan and what that might mean to them.

                    • kigero

                      But I would had thought making a point based on a fact would be at the forefront of any debate. One of my grandfathers was in the navy during the second world war and was off the coast of Japan when then dropped the bombs over then and my other was in the air force are trained American pilots. Sometimes I get the feeling that Americans believe that after V.E day the rest of the world just sat back and said "f' it" let the yanks do the rest". This was most certainly not the case and I hope that I just misinterpreted how you feel.

                    • Euroranger

                      I guess I'll repeat myself a third time: your point is immaterial. I didn't say it wasn't factual…it just doesn't rebut anything I said. It's kinda like saying "oh, and water is wet". Yes it is…and?

                      "America got dragged into two European wars and ended the second one with atomic weapons". Considering prior to Pearl Harbor American ships and shipping were being sunk by U-boats all over the Atlantic, that we'd occupied Iceland 6 months prior to Dec 7 (to protect shipping to/from Britain) and that whole Lend-Lease thing…we were already well involved in the European war long before Japan showed up over Hawaii.

                      That all said, you can take a moment to educate the rest of us. You said it was certainly not the case that the "Yanks" did the rest (presumably to finish out Japan after VE day). I'm aware of very minor British/Indian naval actions around Malaya and Singapore…and the Russians invading Manchuria and Korea…but neither of them was even a scratch on what the US was doing. There were English, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders at Okinawa, for instance…but if that's what you're talking about, (less than 2% of the forces used) then I guess it's down to a difference in definitions of what comprises ""f' it" let the yanks do the rest""…cause 98% of load sounds like that fits the definition to me.

    • JarikCBol

      actually, only in Arizona, (and *maybe* washington state) will you see that. Open Carry is either illegal, or heavily frowned upon in every other state.

      • ancientlegacy

        not really. I see plenty of people open carrying in my state (Maine)
        even more so during hunting season.

        We also have one of the highest gun ownership rates per capita.
        Feels good man.

        • Scotty2hottie

          I was a cop in Maine and regardless of any law, officer safety comes first. The cop here did a great job keeping his cool, but I never met an officer that would walk up to someone openly carrying a loaded firearm. Especially after a complaint went out. It's better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

          • ancientlegacy

            I'm glad you're not a cop in Maine anymore.
            Yes officer safety comes first, but drawing on someone just because they're carrying or a gun is within reach is out of line.

            It seems that you had no idea so many people carry here…
            you must have been in southern Maine/northern Massachusetts

            • Aaron

              Lets be serious here. Any smart and reasonable officer would have already accessed the situation before getting out of his vehicle. These are probably a couple of people who do not fit a profile of looking dangerous. Factor in the camera, and its safe to say that he determined that he didn't have to draw his weapon to protect himself.

              If you are willing to carry a weapon out in public, you better be damn sure you are aware of how that changes things and expect others to treat you differently than they would if you didn't have a weapon exposed.

              I personally would have liked to see both of these idiots beanbagged in the forehead for being dickheads.

              • ancientlegacy

                "Any smart and reasonable officer would have already accessed the situation before getting out of his vehicle"

                but trigger happy scotty that i replied to in my post seems to think it's okay for an officer to draw his weapon on any person that would be open carrying.
                that in and of itself is retarded and reckless.

                • eric

                  when did he say it is okay for an "officer to draw his weapon on any person that would be open carrying." He said he never met an officer that would walk up to a person who was openly carrying. Learn to read, sir

                  • ancientlegacy

                    Scotty2Hottie said this: "I never met an officer that would walk up to someone openly carrying a loaded firearm. Especially after a complaint went out. It's better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6."

                    Take it as you will, but that's pretty much him saying that he wouldn't just walk up to an armed person casually, that he's have his weapon drawn. hence the "better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6." which is a term often used when saying that i'll deal with the consequences of my actions later if they're bad enough to get me arrested.

          • Rhein

            If you were that scared, perhaps you should have taken on another line of work, and left policing to individuals with the guts to handle the danger. A police officer is entrusted with a lot of power and the public hopes that they are brave and strong enough to be good caretakers of it. The public deserves officers of the law who would rather be carried by 6 than to take 1 innocent life..if that;s not your mentality, and you don't have the balls for that…move aside and let someone who does take your place…..punk.

            • cstork

              A trained professional drawing down on an armed possible combatant is far from a trigger happy cop. The term trigger happy kind of requires the trigger to be pulled. I find it hilarious all you people that have never been around an armed individual who means to do you harm passing judgement on police who draw there weapon with reasonable suspicion. The way the cop in this video acted is amazing, absolute poise under pressure but had he drawn it would have been understandable. What you have to remember is with training drawing a weapon is a far cry from using it. If you aren't comfortable with the cops having there guns out how in the world can you support Joe Citizen carrying around his. Your argument is invalid, grow up and go back to McDonalds, let the big kids handle the real problems

        • Zack

          I'm from Maine too. During hunting season I can confirm there are tons of guns around. But don't forget compared to other states with WAY fewer legal guns we have less gun related accidents and murders.

          Gun safety education is key.

          • Eric

            goes to show, less gun control (with proper training)=more safety for the public

          • ObamaBlows

            It doesn't hurt that your state ranks in the bottom quintile of state populations! Heck, there are a LOT of cities in the US with larger populations than Maine!

        • nicky g

          because noone lives there…and when hungry bears are running around killing people id say its a good idea to be carrying a weapon…but not in the parking lot of the mini mart like these guys are practically doing…very densley populated area with lots of people and probably some children nearby

      • Uncle Sam

        Not true. Your dumb. Most of these posts are by dumb people.

        • ancientlegacy


        • Dawei

          The hilarity of calling people dumb while making a large grammar error should not be lost. 😀

          • Truth

            whilst* grammatical*

      • asdasd

        Only states open carry is illegal in is California, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois(which is also the only state without a concealed carry law), South Carolina, Florida, and New York.

        • someguy

          Texas isn't open carry. I live here and we have concealed carry. There's some pretty informative Wiki pages on the subject listing the states and their carry laws.

          • someguy

            Nevermind, I didn't read your post correctly.

        • Thror

          We just fixed that in Wisconsin.

        • Guest1

          In Texas it is legal to walk down the street with a shot gun as long as you are not brandishing it in an aggressive manner… how you do that I'm not sure but it is still the law.

      • Brutha V

        Wrong. There are at least 12 states that allow permissive open carry (no license required): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_carry_in_the_Un

      • guest

        actually open carry is legal in 22 states. check out opencarry.org if you really care to know

        • bob

          Asdasd stated that those are the only states open carry is ILLEGAL

          • guest

            If you follow the indents up you will notice that this was a reply to JarikCBol not asdasd. In total 12 states allow open carry with no license, another 10 allow open carry with a permit, and only eight states (that asdasdlisted) have laws against open carry. The other 20 states have no law either way so you can openly carry if you so desire but what happens as a result will vary by location, and probably the responding officer. again feel free to check out opencarry.org.

      • Chompers

        Why do people prefer open carry? I guess if the gun's too big and you want to walk around with it, but otherwise, it seems more hassle than it's worth, no?

        • price

          Open carry prevents crime. People who intend to commit crimes rarely have any desire to die, they see a gun, knowing full well that people who carry guns (for the most part) are trained in and willing to use it if necessary. Even in the aurora theater shooting, Holmes supposedly wore a bullet proof vest, indicating he had no desire to die. Also, after the shooting, he came out and surrendered to police. If he wanted to die, he would have had a shoot out with the police. opencarry.org is a great place to learn more if you would like.

      • vagabond

        Actually dumbass 25 states have open carry, are you too dumb to do a google search before you open your mouth?

        • guest

          Actually vaginabond I counted them off of a map and I'm sorry but some of the states on the east coast are kind of hard to see on a tiny ass map. On another note I recounted and yes it is 25 sorry if I shorted you 3, but you are probably use to being short 3. So next time when you want to call some a dumbass remember KCCO, especially the KEEP CALM part for you.

          • Rich

            vaginabond…..made me laugh out loud

      • Kenny

        not even remotely true, stupid statement…

      • Jason

        Indiana is an open carry state

        • Dustin

          Indiana is a Right to Carry state. Which means that you can carry any way you choose as long as you have a LTC.

      • Sunysunshineface

        New Mexico
        South Dakota

        All open carry states

    • Sparky55

      Billy joe bob should hang himself

    • ...

      Really only in America? Apparently you haven't been to Mexico Africa or the middle east or eastern Europe where alot of ppl walk around with guns…

      • Ben

        that's the spirit compare America with Africa, with tons of civil wars… Shows how well you compare to the rest of the world.

        • ObamaBlows

          Ben, Ben, Ben. Perhaps you'd forgotten what the topic was, but the subject of this chain was the claim that only in America would you find people wandering the streets carrying weapons like that and not get arrested. So, clearly, the comment to which you were responding was not comparing America to the other nations and continents FOR ALL PURPOSES. Rather, the comment was in reference to the fact that will very likely find people walking the streets in these other parts of the world, as well. So, KCCO.

  • Brad

    Cop did his job correctly… Kids are retarded for trying to cause a problem where there was none. No laws or civil rights violated

    • Drew

      It's been typical behavior for as long as I can remember, from dumbass kids. "I'M going to be the smart one!!" … stfu, idiots. Cops are trained and ready for ALL the shit you can throw at them: the attitudes, the excuses, the hyper defensive remarks. Just chill.

    • chesterdrawers

      Wrong. You are wrong sir…

      • dirtysteve99

        How is he wrong, are you gong to provide something to back that up?

  • Hooleyman

    There is no such animal as a "good cop"… they are all ASSHOLES! (I have a family full of them bastards)

    • https://www.facebook.com/barry.parker.39 Barry Parker

      I disgree. I just watched a good cop who was respectful and professional without pushing his "authority" down anyone's throat. They should all be that way.

      • hooleyman

        The gay ones are respectful

    • KCO617

      You're just mad at your dad. My father is a LT and has never had a single civil complaint against him, maybe a few IA complaints for busting his troops for abuse of the badge…

      • hooleyman

        They're all assholes … next time you get a bullshit ticket then come see me.

        • Drew

          You're simply trying to tell everyone who knows good cops and has had good experiences that those experiences never happened, and therefore you must be right 100% of the time about all of them are actually bad. Which is totally delusional, insane, and biased. Grow the hell up.

      • hooleyman

        Your dad an LT, that means he's a desk jockey afraid of the streets where the so called working cops work. Lt, lmfao.

        • KCO617

          He is a 24 year vet, worked as a member of SWAT for 14 of those years (and has the blow out knees and vertebrae to prove it) so he's anything but afraid of the streets. Is also part of the Home Land Security task force that keeps assholes from blowing up a nuclear plant about 5 miles from our town center. I think he's a hero, you don't know him therefore you can go fuck yourself.

      • screwutoo

        probably killed anyone who would dare complain about his ass.

        • KCO617

          Right, stop watching Lethal Weapon.

      • hooleyman

        Sorry guys, I just got out of the slammer and I'm still bitter at the cop who popped me every time I sit on my aching rectum.

        • Patrick

          Do us all a favor and remove yourself from society. You offer nothing to advance intelligent conversation and your idiocy is a virus to the rest of the population. Maybe the Internet isn't a place for losers like you

        • Hard worker

          So it's a cops fault you were in "the slammer"? You keep proving you're not intelligent enough to judge or label anyone. Maybe you should just behave, get a job, pay for some schooling, and become a productive and benificial member of society.

    • Fuzzy

      I totally believe you when you say your family is full of assholes and bastards. No argument whatsoever. You've provided excellent proof of that.

      • Patrick

        I wish people like you had the balls to say in person what you write annomously on the Internet. I bet if confronted you would pee your pants like a small child. If you ever find yourself on the east coast feel free to come to new jersey and we can have a conversation like men, but since you are a child I highly doubt you have any ability to even ACT like a decent human being

        • Lee

          That's been my experience in life. Had a rectal tumor challenge me over the phone and tell me he was a black belt and what he was going to do to me if we ever met. Fortunately I was able to get his address and when I nearly beat down his door he opened it and when I said, "proceed to kickin'" he melted like the piece of crap he was. Had other phone terrorists to, but unfortunately couldn't locate them.

    • oslo

      sounds like you've been butt raped a few times and now you hold a grudge:*

    • JRP

      Sounds like the cops you know are guilty by heredity and not by association. Asshole

    • Drinkdrankdrunk

      Sounds like your family kind of blows then. I know several officers and all of them are great people through and through. I'm sorry you feel that way about police.

    • Ur lonely

      They aren't assholes, they just don't like you. But then, who does?

  • Stick

    What makes the 'activist' a douchebag?
    I think both are pretty reasonable.

    • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

      Because he is CLEARLY trying to cause a problem. He wouldn't be recording the situation or standing around with a gun that looks like that openly displayed if he wasn't intentionally trying to cause a scene or play "GOTCHA" with the cops.

      • Asshat

        But what about the kids who were sitting around peacefully a while ago that got pepper sprayed? This seems to have a bit of a double standard here. These guys are douches because the cop was clutch and did his job the way that he should have (props btw). Yet those protestors aren't douches because the cop handled the situation poorly and pepper sprayed them after they refused to disperse. If this cop would have drawn his pistol and then told them to drop the guns blah, blah, blah would they still be douches?

        • Really?


        • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

          Yep. There's a difference between a peaceful protest and walking around with a gun intentionally trying to scare people and get attention from the cops.

        • Scoob

          The d-bags that got pepper sprayed were blocking access to a building for other students that were not cause head trust find babies, and actually trying to get an education. The police tried to get them to move along so other students could pass, when they locked arms and refused, they used the next level, pepper spray. They followed proper procedure and did what needed to be done.

        • billyjack13

          I would've shot back!

        • MikeyB

          Did you see the part of the video where the guy with the megaphone tells the police if they meet the protesters demands they will let them leave? Oh yeah, that part was harder to find. You actually had to look for that part. You just saw the part where the totally innocent people were sprayed by the big bad mean officer. Here, let me Google that for you.

          At the 1:50 mark, the group chats, "if you let them go, we will let you leave. If you let them go, we will continue to protest peacefully."
          The threat being, that if you do not meet our demands, this will not end peacefully.
          Then there is this guy, who read something about rights on the internet yesterday, so he is obviously an expert now. Lets take this camera my dad bought me and go mess with the police. I think there is enough evidence to point to douce in both cases.

        • Matt

          Yes! And if the officer came rolling up, jumped out of his car pistol drawn and giving lawful commands he'd still be doing his job properly because it's his life on the line. People seem to easily forget that police are in the same profession line as the military in that their job is to ensure public safety.

          Major props to officer Mike North for handling the situation the way he did. That took a lot of balls to stroll up that calmly.

        • chesterdrawers

          Clutch? Clutch?? Hey Asshat, Chris Collinsworth called, wants his vocabulary back…

      • B_Error

        Agreed. This kid is showing all the signs of a Soverign Citizen. This is the group responsible for the murder of two officers last week in Norco Louisiana, the murder of two officers in West Memphis Arkansas, and the Oklahoma City Bombings. I hope the police keep tabs on this kid.

    • Mike

      Stick, these are just a bunch of gun-hating, no rights knowing, idiots.

    • MattKL

      Because the guy talking about his rights was obviously trying to provoke a reaction and have the cop make a scene. But the cop handled it in a calm, professional manner. My hat's off to him.

    • Rob

      Seriously? What makes him a douchebag? How about when the cop says "What are you guys up too today?" He responds with "Walking around exercising our 2nd amendment rights, and I'm recording this encounter, which isn't illegal by the way."

      • Stick

        They're trying to normalize the appearance of firearms.
        Do you think gay couples who kiss in front of Chick-Fil-A are douchebags as well?
        Different situations, but the same course of action.

        • KeepinCalm

          there's a subtle difference between a gay couple kissing in front of chick-fil-a and someone walking around with what appears to be an MP5 slung around their shoulder.

          • asdasd

            Subtle… For the average citizen, I'm sure it's pretty difficult to spot the difference. Oh excuse me, I meant to say, the average backwards far right political zombie who thinks the bible might as well be the foreword for our constitution.

            • KeepinCalm

              "average backwards far right political zombie who thinks the bible might as well be the foreword for our constitution" Made my day…seriously :*

        • Crazy_Jake

          As a matter of fact.. I DO

      • ccc

        I think when he calls the cop a "house keeper" (about 1:30 into the video) it makes him a douchebag who is just trying to get a rise out of the cop.

        • Erik

          He called him an "oath keeper" you fucking moron.

          • Thror

            Sorry, sound was bad. I couldn't hear it well, either. Don't be trollin'.

    • http://www.facebook.com/shameel.s.khan Shameel Shaheen Khan

      wondering if theres more info on this video? as in who the cop and the guys are?
      curious to know why the guy in the video feels the need to do such a thing? has he been arrested in the past? i agree there douchebags,… my opinion is i hope he fucks up in knowing his rights one day and gets taking in on a just cause. it would just make me smile a little .. kcco from canada

      • Chuck

        Shameel he's not a douchebag for exercising his constitutional right in a calm manner. Believe me the average open carrier is VERY well versed in the law and where you can carry and where not.

    • thrillho

      I totally agree with you, Stick. Why label these guys D-bags? They are exercising their rights, and completely within the law. The cops were professional and courteous. I think the guy at the beginning was expecting the cops to be all confrontational and pissed off, but in the end, this was a perfectly reasonable stop-and-check-these-guys-out type of scenario, and everybody goes on their way without a problem.

      A right not exercised is a right that is lost. Not everyone is going to like it, but this is the type of thing that makes our country great. Try doing that in (insert country name here) and you'd get arrested, or worse.

      • Cybberia

        I can stand on the corner and preach racial hate, well within my rights, and legal. I'd still be douchbag. I could stand outside a soldiers funeral with signs saying god killed him because of our tollerance of gays. Well within my rights and legal. But I'd still be a douchbag. Just because you are within your rights, doesn't exempt you from being a douch.

        • Chuck

          Open carry is a far cry from racial hate or protesting soldiers funerals. As a general rule 90% of the population of our country would find those two things unacceptable and douchey behavior. Gun ownership is clearly not something that 90% of the country agrees on one way or another.

      • Hard worker

        People who really truly excersize a right to bear arms don't do it with a camera and a unneccisarily flamboyent weapon. These CHILDREN were baiting. They don't fully understand the world around them and don't have anything better to do. I understand that nobody is perfect but they stooped to provocation of a civil servent (dual meaning) and that's what makes them douche bags.

      • Rick

        If they were just carrying and answered questions respectfully and did as they were told when the police (rightfully so and as expected) stopped to investigate, then they would be good law abiding citizens. As it happened, they did as they were told but reacted like douchy law abiding citizens.

    • engine69

      I think chocking your sister and giving her anal is pretty reasonable

    • Gary

      Stick rhymes with DICK which is what you are my friend.

    • Thror

      I think "douchebag" is part of the definition of "activist". You need to get a dictionary, son.

      No, seriously, it seems to me that in order to be an activist, you are attempting to get a rise of out people, and you're not going to be able to do that very well by just holding a picket on a streetcorner. Best way to get noticed? Douche up.

    • cstork

      The moment he tries to make the argument that the officer doesn't have reasonable suspicion to think that the weapon could be fully auto he makes himself a clear douchebag. He is simply an attention seeking idiot who gives all individuals who open carry and concealed carry a bad name.

  • Tim Hamilton

    These over privileged f*cking pricks. "I KNOW MY RIGHTS" Just like the union f*cking slackers that know how far to push before getting fired. Could you please hold your breath and lay down in front of my car? I don't want any more oxygen being wasted on you. I'm Tim Hamilton and I approved this msg.

    • https://www.facebook.com/kmills.designservices Kevin Mills

      are you Tim Hamilton?

      • Thror

        THE Tim Hamilton?

    • BType13X2

      I don't want to get into a political discussion, awww hell this is going to get political, I don't think unions are a bad thing when they are executed with even a slight bit of common sense. Your job steward can only prevent you from being fired IF you are unfairly being treated. If your a lazy asshole and you get busted for being a lazy asshole well you will get fired all the same. At least that's how it works in my shop then again unions in Canada are abit different then unions in the united states. And after looking into how unions especially the teachers union in the US actually work well they are beyond screwed up they are supposed to prevent the employer from firing you for no reason not to protect you from being fired for legitimate reasons. They need to be broken and remade into something that actually does what it is intended to do imo.

    • https://www.facebook.com/gregkhaikin Greg Khaikin

      Yeah! Unions are the worst. I mean, who wants vacation time, and sick days, and safe working conditions. Lets go back to the good ol' days when you could be fired for getting sick, and 12 year olds worked in factories.

      • Zach

        That's no longer what unions accomplish.

        • shane

          says the guy who isn't in a union.

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