My expectations have been violated (29 Photos)

  • Hunter H


    • Chaz

      You deserve to have your pee hole fisted by a German midget with unusually plump sausage fingers!

      • Barry Obama

        whoa there!! are you mad because he got there first????

        • greg

          no its because writing first is for artards. so is writing first when you're not actually first.

          • Barack Obama

            Shut the fuck up and just do what my teleprompter tells you to…..

            • Joe Biden

              Hey, B.O…may I borrow that teleprompter for a bit?

            • guest

              what a knob

    • GG


  • bradpitt


    • GG.

      2nd retard

  • jay

    #19 now that's art!

    • tv_paul

      She sure is pretty for a gal named Art.

    • DaddyD

      Doesn't matter. Had sex.

    • SplendidRids

      I can barely write with a ballpoint pen…

      • KeepinCalm

        That's amazing. =)

        • The_Dood

          I could watch them draw it with a ballpoint pen and still not believe it. Someone is insanely talented.

      • GernBlansten

        Until you posted that, I thought it was just a pleasant-on-the-eyes ginger chick.

    • John Boyle

      Photo-Realism, very cool art form

  • The Machine


    • Angel of discontent

      I guess you get eternal life, jackass.

  • sad funkiller

    I like to rub poop on the walls at work.

    • Barry Obama

      I like to lick the walls at your work…..

    • Gun_guy

      I bet the janitor doesn't like that you do that.

    • ChestRockwellz

      Tim Sabien is that you?

      • sad funkiller

        Yes this is Tim…

      • Biggus Diccus

        Someone listens to Howard Stern!

    • FunKiller

      sad funkiller, you spelled "Tim Sabien" wrong…….

  • Lunch_Box

    #9 New twist on an old joke, nice.

    • Kristen

      9mm kurtz.

  • Johnnie Ratliff

    #29 I watched this way too long till I realized what it was doing

    • Ryan Duncan

      I still have no clue what it's doing!! Haha

      • Ryan Duncan

        Never mind, I figured it out. Obviously I'm a bit slow today

    • Bogdan Enache

      same here, you win this round Chive javascript:insertSmileyReply("o.0");

    • gnocco


    • drewplp

      Yeah, they got me too.

    • 5eagles

      I think this one broke my brain though…

    • Jessi

      Same here. My brain hurts.

    • FunKiller

      Brain hurts…..but my soul tickles a little…..

    • Hugh

      I thought it was going to zoom in on an awesome hump, but after 4 hours still nothing.

    • Shooter

      way to high.. nearly lost it for a second

      • UWYO

        amen to that

      • Jack o' lantern


    • Azia

      I sadly did the same thing.

  • Mark

    First. And mind blown!

  • fuck obama

    I shaved my balls and ate the clippings…

    • Barack Obama

      You didn't shave that.

      • joe biden

        You are correct, the government made the scissors……

    • DarkRonnie

      If only deluded americans could see how corrupt the governements actually are, i also say fuck obama

  • joe biden

    is anyone else jerking off right now….

    • btown


    • Barry Obama

      I am……

      • Janet Napolitano

        Me too…but my dick is bigger than yours.

        • Hillary Clinton

          Me too, while staring at Janets huge dong.

    • Gun_guy

      No. 😦 I am at work.

      • twavor


        • Gun_guy

          You've inspired me.

          • Biggus Diccus

            Work Jerk!!! Fuck yeah, time to watch porn in the bathroom with no sound.

            • ZachBob

              Fuck that. I'll jerk it with the sound full blast.


    I like sex with big black dicks

    • Barry Obama

      What about the little ones?????

    • Gun_guy

      What about the white ones?

    • majorfathead

      What are their names? Al Sharpton and Terrell Owens?

  • whyme1973

    #14 There is a blonde joke in there somewhere. Looks like she darkens it up to throw them off her trail.

  • Lev

    Loved this post.

  • Dillon

    #29 Fucking stared at it for 30 seconds thinking it was getting closer!!

    • Mally

      well played chive, well played

    • RobyGC

      Fractals screw with you man, gotta watch out. Try listening to a Shepard Tone.

    • Wisti

      I kept thinking, man, this is the long gif I've ever seen, and then tried to figure out what was going to be so cool about the thing it was getting closer to..

  • tv_paul

    #5 I originally thought these were elves but I guess that was just a misgnomer.

    • Swaff


    • Biggus Diccus


    • majorfathead

      You sir win the internets!

  • Barry Obama

    God Dammit! now there is semen on my keyboard……

    • Joe Biden

      Yeah, you got a little on my chin too.

  • drbman

    #29 wow there's eightminutes of my life i won't get back!

  • Kigali
    • Kristen

      I'm starting to like you.

  • Cassanova

    Anyone care to explain #17?

    • Barry Obama

      he has penis hair on his face…….. you really are slow, must be a Canadian…

      • Brandon Schneider

        Canadian eh…… you even know how many states there is in your dismal country?……without using google?

        • Barack Obama

          My teleprompter knows how many states there are…..

          • Joe Biden

            C'mon B.O. you know this one. There's 57 states.

        • Tommy

          Fairly certain he was making a joke, Brandon Schneider. A play on #6. Your lack of humor must go well with your denim.

          • Barack Obama

            Let me be clear, Canadians do love them some denim……

      • shitty

        are you aware that 1st year university in merica is equal to first year high school in canada, studies have shown and im searching for the links i have read to prove it.

        • thedude325

          Are you aware that the United States ranks no.1 in higher education worldwide?

          • Another Canadian

            Are you aware that both of our countrys are awesome and a flame war on the web is not going to decide which on is "better"?

            For the record, I am Canadian and I don't like denim.

            • Barack Obama

              You do in fact like denim!! and the United States is your master, and you have a vagina!

              • Joe Biden

                show me your genitals Barry……

                • Michelle Obama

                  Hold on, I'll go get my purse.

                  • oldmanbingle

                    Well played sir.

            • matt

              … who doesnt like denim?

            • thedude325


            • I'm #1

              I wanted to thumb you up, but I had to thumb you down because I just don't believe that you don't like denim. If anything, you're just in denial.

    • Breeze5000

      Think about where they got the hair for the beard

    • hwath

      The English and grammar was so terrible in this that by the time I finally got to the end I didnt find the pube joke as funny as it could have been.

      • matt

        damn those swedes and their less than impeccable english!

      • oldmanbingle

        He's from Sweden, Captain Speedy.

    • fsuinnc

      I'm guessing his beard is not really made of facial hair.

  • kang

    #17 so what ?!

    • Barry Obama

      he has dick hair on his face….. fucking Canadians should stop posting….

      • Bee Reicker

        Shut up Barry, it's ball hair you buttsteak.

        • joe biden

          You can't talk to the POTUS like that!!!! You must be Canadian!! fucking butt pilot.

          • Jssj

            Dude. . . usually I just read the comments and shake my head. That made me laugh my ass off!

            • Barack Obama

              I support this comment thread….

      • Bschn

        I am not to sure about you Americans but we Canadians do not have hair on our dicks must be all of your interfamily breeding

        • Barack Obama

          That is because Canadians do not have dicks, even the men over there are just big old pussies….. I have proof…

  • David Phillips

    #18 That Panda couldn't 'Bear' to see the cheque.

    • Kodos


    • FunKiller


  • Brett Donovan

    #19 BRAVE

    • DarkRonnie

      Then i would watch it

  • Barry Obama

    I just ate an apple….. it was tasty…. #17

    • DarkRonnie

      Funny how people get pissed off reading 'barry obama',

  • Capt. Obvious

    #26 There is definitely something awry at the Circle K Ted!!!

    • Barack Obama

      Something strange is afoot at the Circle K…… You would fuck up a wet dream

  • Sean

    Watched 29 before for about a minuet before I realized it was looped

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