This Chivette should own the patent on the underboob (24 HQ Photos)

You'll recognize the photos below b/c this anonymous Chivette has pretty much owned the Friday HQ DAR over the last few weeks. I have no idea how much work it takes to create this kinda' body but I imagine she's logged some hours at the gym. Plus her submissions are just so damn creative, a quality I look for in every Chivette submission.

Anyway, thank you whoever you are, for making the HQ DAR a better place. Enjoy...

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  • Kenneth

    Such an amazing body and a beautiful Woman! Thank you for sharing!

  • John

    FUCK YA!!!!!

  • Nono

    Those are some rock-solid implants (#14).

  • Trippledizzle

    I think i'm in love..

  • @AudieEagleheart

    i found myself saying "Damn", "Woah", "ZIP ZOP", and "HNNNGH" at ever single picture.

  • isotoast

    I was on board with the owning of the underboob thing, then i saw #18 #19 and then it was over.
    Long live the Longhorns! \m/

  • TachMed

    Can't help but think this should be against the law,,, thank God it's not

  • Dal-67

    Good God I think I'm in love. This woman is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Thomas Radiguer

    ferpect body and she is a Chivette, must be found to be around her! #14 got my head spinning

  • DocMots

    ohmergerd I saw this post in class had to stay seated long after everyone left. seriously she is just amazing.

  • A Fan

    When can we see the face?

  • BLUE

    beautiful, absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • Alex

    Agreed, She is a Keeper.

  • @soonersfan76

    BOOMER SOONER!!!! I love it!!!!!

  • Tom

    Finer then FROG HAIR!!!!!!

  • Colin

    #6 she cranks my tractor and #8 is 10 lbs of sugar in a 5 lbs sack


    For all those wanting a face shot, another chiver on here already found it! reposting.

  • Pittkol

    Hot! But don't look at her hands! Ouch….

  • 00GTStang

    Mother of God!!! She is an angel! and also agree on chivette of the year! how do I find one of these?

  • Roasted Chop Chilli

    She should win an award for everything.

  • billy

    I would suck a fart out of her ass……

  • Nathan

    If those are real, holy shit.

  • CJJ

    Just as soon as I find a favorite pic, I look at the next one and can't figure out wish one I like the best.
    She is smokin hot, very sexy.

  • coltd6


  • HamptonsWorld80

    The most beautiful thing I've ever seen!

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