This Chivette should own the patent on the underboob (24 HQ Photos)

You'll recognize the photos below b/c this anonymous Chivette has pretty much owned the Friday HQ DAR over the last few weeks. I have no idea how much work it takes to create this kinda' body but I imagine she's logged some hours at the gym. Plus her submissions are just so damn creative, a quality I look for in every Chivette submission.

Anyway, thank you whoever you are, for making the HQ DAR a better place. Enjoy...

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  • So*Cal_Chiver

    #13 playful smile..rock hard body

  • Canucks_Rule

    #8 – indeed!!

  • Moar Boar

    sweet sweater kittens this woman's body is insane


  • Adam

    In a word – Perfection

  • Edd

    Mystery Chivette for president! That is all. And hooray for boobies! That is all.

  • Tom D

    I would spend my life spoiling her …

  • Rob DeNivo

    Here name's Cindy. Jesus people. Know your Chive history…

    • ohwell

      the face kinda ruined it for me =/

  • Benoit


  • confined space NC

    Hahaha you're funny Roco

  • Andy

    Man oh Man, it doesn't get any better then this.

  • Dynamatt

    I love her. REVEAL YOURSELF!!!

  • leftmyster

    she is fantastic but did anybody notice her hands?? Ive seen prettier but she is hottt!!!

  • markkens

    Oh my nom nom nom…I'd pay to watch her jump rope.

    How I want to be hung like a porn star to feel that wrapped around me

  • CatDaddy

    I… actually know who this is. MWAHAHAHA!!!

    • @jscates

      This info is more valued then who shot JFK… are you sharing or bragging? If bragging (don't blame you) are you accepting offers?? lol

  • ramon

    ladies take note of the following equation. (_x_) + 80085 x red = #5

  • Dickle

    I'm not going to put a picture or two of her up here on my post bc they're all so f'ing hot. She's gorgeous in every one. This girl is fantastic. I could look at this thread everyday for the rest of my life. Holy Hell!!

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