This Chivette should own the patent on the underboob (24 HQ Photos)

You'll recognize the photos below b/c this anonymous Chivette has pretty much owned the Friday HQ DAR over the last few weeks. I have no idea how much work it takes to create this kinda' body but I imagine she's logged some hours at the gym. Plus her submissions are just so damn creative, a quality I look for in every Chivette submission.

Anyway, thank you whoever you are, for making the HQ DAR a better place. Enjoy...

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  • GGwhatYoNameIs

    I'm infatuated. A red head, stunning body, and a southern girl… Love.

    It's no wonder i've never left the south.

  • KyleGamgee

    All amazing pictures, but #12 is my favorite.

  • p1ll

    #2 & #3 made my mouth water :p

  • Rick

    #3 #9 #20 without doubt are classical gaps and should be enshrined and all men ordered to bow to the Gap daily for the Gap is the holder and giver of Life or at least moans and screams.

  • Szutyok

    You can turn off the internet now, we've seen it all

  • tino grad

    she is FINE!! OMG!!

  • cga

    she's got some booming sooners, that's for sure!!

  • Captain Ahab

    #15 is the breakwater that creates the "harbor" in the southwest corner of Lake
    Hefner in OKC. Sailed through there many many times. How are we looking for a Chive meetup here?

  • Jon

    mother of god.

  • Aye-Z

    Makes me proud to be an Oklahoman and a Sooner fan!

  • Qwerty

    Where at in Oklahoma may I ask?

    By the way represent go Oklahoma

  • OK Farmer

    This oklahoma farmers son wishes he knew this perfect oklahoma farmers daughter!!!

  • Homer


  • ier

    Need Face ASAP!!!!

  • TheT

    #2 #13 #17 #23……..I know theres 23 pics but i still want MOAR!!

  • LostBroncoFan


  • NYR144

    Who ever she is. She sure spent a lot of money on chive shirts and stuff. Truly a loyal and one of the hottest chivettes

  • zach

    Feel comfortable with the possibility of starting an age gap relationship on cougarloving_C0M where people think just like you May be you have experienced a lot in life already and now want a totally different type of relationship. Recapture some of your youth and try striking up.

  • yup

    so do you believe in love at first sight #13

  • pyrosis

    She has a nice midriff and a great ass.

  • MN chiver

    If only her tractors were as red as her hair I would be in heaven!

  • Alibaba

    I am jerking off to these for the next 7 days, 2 or 3 times a day… BOOM

  • Alen

    i would suck a wet fart out of her butt hole

  • truth teller

    Damn girl, that gap…

  • Brian Dempcy

    Please tell me you're single and we're neighbors! 😉

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