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This girl is a braver man than I am (Video)

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Faith Dickey decided she wanted to walk across a tightrope suspended between two trucks before they drove under a nearby tunnel. Because what else would you do with a Saturday afternoon?

  • bobrob

    Might have been 80 kph, and it's possible they slowed before they approached the tunnel. That said, it was amazing and she's got guts, regardless of WHY it was done. As to the safety line, had she fallen she would still be dangling from a line between two trucks going 80 kph barreling toward the tunnels. More ballsy than anything I've done – EVER.

  • Galen

    I could do that. Okay maybe not. 🙂

  • Collin


  • Diff

    Surprised the rope didn't snap with the weight of her gigantic balls..

  • RocketBoots

    Brave? More like stupid. Doesn’t make it less awesome though.

    Just remember, bravery is doing something you’re afraid of because you need to/have to. Stupidity is doing something that will get you killed. Awesome is survivng it and posting the video on the internet.😄

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