• Darren Rinaldi

    Way to represent the dirty mitten, America's High Five!

  • Anthony

    I must be good so when i die i can go to the chive office for this is how i pictured heaven #11, #12, #13 and #14.

  • Nick Sumpter

    What an amazing curvy woman! I was keeping myself under control until #23 rocked along!!!

  • This Guy

    #24 Her smile is enamoring.

  • bigcityreem

    Stay strong Mac. One day

  • Josh Grover

    Thats my kind of woman

  • Lou

    Pretty sure this has already been said

    But working at theChive offices have to be 1 of the best jobs in the country with all things factored.

    I don't care what the Top "100 places to work" says

    Oh and she's gorgeous. That is all.

  • Rob

    John is the Hugh Hefner of our generation.

  • Tyler Perkins

    Chive, you give me hope for the future of humanity. Keep it coming. So to speak.

  • Always Last


  • the blonde

    I'm a little confused about why my boyfriend John was all over this chick in pic #25… I'm cuter.

  • AmericoPolk

    Way to make the High Five State proud.

  • dragon2777

    #3 so not only do you have hot girls and Mac in your office but you are also close to an In-N-Out Burger place I really do hate you guys so much the last time I had an In-N-Out Burger was when I lived in Vegas

  • Erin Young

    She's so beautiful!! All of her photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    Very nice

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