AirPod: The future could be really damn ugly (10 Photos)

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  • Voice in the dark

    i dont think so tim

    • sinbad

      haha I gave this the thumbs up, but I doubt many will get the reference. thanks for the throwback.

      • The_Dood

        Needs more power

        • r@f

          Mr Bean would shit on these

      • ...


        • sean

          it looks like Tim the tool man already pimped Urkele's ride!

  • Lnt

    We're all doomed.

    • Gonasiphaherpalitis

      That would be awesome for hot boxing.

  • David.

    Looks safe.

    • Anonymous

      It kind of looks like Steve urcel's car. But some how dumber…

  • No thanks

    Hmmmm… This vs. SUV in a crash. Methinks it would be a bit like a bug hitting the SUV's windshield.


    • Simon

      But there are lots of places in the world that this is more suited to than an SUV. This would beat a Vespa in a crash in Milan.

      • UCLAbruin

        Wouldn't drive a Vespa either

      • No thanks

        Neat for those places. I'm thinking about the 95%+ of America where that's very much not the case.

        • Chris

          Well it says it was developed by a French guy

          • Ipee Freely

            The French are assholes Loyd

            • Asshat

              Yet Americans assume that they are the standard of the world…

  • lol

    Fucking ugly as hell


    Look like they would tip over easily

  • Rafiki

    That looks pretty goddamn epic.

  • budock14

    I would rather walk

    • Unfkngblvbl

      …but did you see it's controlled with a fighter pilot-styled joystick? Fuck yeah!

    • Pat


  • Adam

    Its the Urkel Mobile!

    • The Pict

      Urkel at least had the good sense to drive a BMW. The only good thing I see about this thing is being able to say I drive a TaTa. Funny, but not very.

    • Jim

      That's what Isetta

  • Stan

    Actually a fan. If used in the city, these things would actually be smart purchases. I am wondering about the A/c though.

  • Guy

    Next thing you know air will be a dollar per psi

    • Another guy

      A dollar per pound per square inch.
      How the fuck does that work?

      • poop

        Its like when people say, "ATM machine", when the acronym for ATM is Automatic Teller Machine. So people are saying , "Where is the automatic teller machine machine."

        • Carl

          I think you are saying the expression "[X] per [Y] per [Z]" should not be used in systems of units. If that is the case, then I must disagree. While not conventionally stated in this manner, the units of acceleration can be described by "unit distance per unit time per unit time", i.e. m/s/s = m/(s^2). In this sense, any "per unit squared" would fit the expression.

          However, $/psi doesn't make sense because psi is a measurement of pressure, which would vary in physical amount of gas needed for individual gas containers of different properties, like volume. So, the price of the physical quantity of gas would not reflect in a measurement of $/psi without a defined canister. Differences in initial pressure might screw with a universal system too, but I'm not sure how to write that out.

          Also, The ATM machine thing bothers me too, but that is just redundancy.

      • WyoBuckeye

        I suppose that if you have run the air tank down to 150 PSI, you plug into a compressor and repressure your tank to 450 PSI, that'd be $30, please.

      • Guy

        You know what i meant

  • Pat_Bateman1

    Welp my penis just packed up its balls and left.

  • Bangerang

    #9 the only reason they can run on air is cause they're practically made of cardboard. There's no way they would pass any US safety regulation.

    • blah

      sure about that?…think of some of the mopeds that are allowed to be on the streets with all cable brakes and bare minimum frame….etc etc……I've been fixing geely mopeds for a long time now and its actually really scary what people are flying around in normal traffic… this coffin eco-friendly death trap…..really is not any different then a moped is safety …….so yea it could pass

      • Hank

        They already have

    • Anon

      "Cars" like this often qualify to be on the road in the US under motorcycle type safety rules (e.g. next to none) vs a standard car.

    • Stu

      The crumple zone appears to be your legs…

    • partysauce

      it'll be fine as long as it drives in the bike lane

  • Felcus

    Did they have to make it look fucking stupid?

    • MonkeyMadness

      Yes. They actually came out with a really bitchin sports car design first but the investors said no way, we want it to look really fucking stupid or we're not buying! 😛

  • Black6dog

    Fuck that noise

  • Kigali
  • Heeyuk

    Murkins cayunt drive them thangs. That's fur sissy boys and homos who eat bree.

    • No thanks

      Yeah, mock people for something that's true. You do know that most of the country lives in places where this is not just impractical, but actually impossible? I know yoi're superior to the people in the "fly-over" states, and that all of your food just magically appears in the city you live in, but try to have some perspective.

      For people in sparsely-populated areas this makes no sense at all. But good for you for looking down your nose at them. Your hipster friends would be proud. Make sure you show them this post.

      • Shazam

        Fuck you cock sucker

        • OtherRob

          Ah, there's the ingrained response to a logical argument.

      • Smashy

        What do you drive? The waaaambulance?

        33 million Merican's do not live in sparse areas. 2700 – 4000 people per square mile is New York, or Los Angeles.
        It's sad that one TV show called "Repo Games" is a window on America.

  • tv_paul

    So they threw a fiberglass shell on a Rascal?

    • Si1entStatic

      and swapped the car battery for a giant compressed air explosive device.

      The only good part of this whole thing is the airplane cockpit style controls. so while I'm racing down the Bicycle Lane I can scream "Talk to me Goose!!!"

  • Bdon

    I am actually a time traveler from the future and I can tell you we don't use these. Everyone rides around on cyborg house cats powered by potato chips.

    • Endo

      Regular chips, wavy, or salt and vinegar?

      • heywood jablowme

        and by regular chips, wavy, or sat and vinegar he means lay off the crack pipe.

  • back2worknow

    ***HIPSTER ALERT*** Take your Segway to the nearest AirPod dealership and trade it in!!!

  • Alena McMahan

    There's no frakin' way you can outrun zombies in that "car"! =P

    • MonkeyMadness

      At least it's air tight so they can't smell your brains.

  • Colin

    "AirPod emits a fraction of the pollution." How does it run on compressed air and emit any pollution? Is this really a reference to all of the smug emitted by the owners?

    • TheFifthIngredient

      There's a perfect storm of self-satisfaction a brewin'…

      • The Pict

        Good, that means Rob Reiner is on his way to Colorado so I can smoke my Lucky Strikes in peace for a few days.

    • aircar

      Well, there's bound to be some energy consumption to get the air compressed in the first place. I'm sure that's what it's referring to.

      • bgreen

        you are exactly correct aircar!!!!…..think of it this way Colin….if EVERYONE started driving electric cars tomorrow there would be no way in hell to produce enough electricity to charge them all…..and so would need more power plants….wind farm…blah blah….so in turn if everyone switch right away we would just trade one pollution for another…. which is why renewable energies are slow to integrate into the grid network….they produce clean/cheap electricity but only certain times/ and inconsistent amounts….so the person who figures how to upgrade the U.S grid will be a billionaire or the person who can find a way to store enormous massive amounts of electricity 🙂 In short gotta start somewhere

  • Ricky Gallardo

    #18 "I'll show that Avril bitch who Chad should be with!"

    • Ricky Gallardo

      Please disregard, wrong thread.

  • 0_0

    Reaches speeds of 30mph-plus! This thing is just a golf cart.

  • tv_paul

    #8 Davros Motors a division of Tardis Enterprise presents the Darlek their new line of hideous device to exterminate all mankind.

    • PA2AK

      they can…Darlek my balls with that contraption.

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