AirPod: The future could be really damn ugly (10 Photos)

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  • Ricky Gallardo

    #2 Jarvis, call Pepper.


    well, it still looks better than the air-powered car that I drive now

  • Carl

    Well the good news is that most people in the city have industrial sized air compressors in their house, so it will probably catch on really fast

  • twoedges

    i'd hit that

  • Nate Howe

    Have they not seen the Top Gear segment on the Reliant Robin? 3-WHEELED-CARS FLIP OVER. FREQUENTLY.

  • TheBetterMan

    It will reduce the over-all demand for oil bringing out costs down, also there is a much larger car from TaTa that runs on compressed air. I say thumbs up for keeping our gas prices down, this car is not for the highway obviously, neither is a smart car for that matter. This car is actually genius if you think about it, ever see the roads and traffic in India and for that matter China?

  • D.C

    powering a vehicle with compressed air is pretty genius, the design, not so much, ick

  • Thiscarblows

    Kinda looks like an updated Urkel Mobile

  • Nick Coldathanapolabearstoenails Hoth

    There's no way I could get a hummer in one of those… B/C I'd look like a tool, and there's no place for her to sit!

  • A.J.R

    I wanna drive it just because of the joy sticks

  • Yak Surfer

    Sorry. No rack for my golf clubs.

  • Joshhulk1

    So why dont they just put a compressor in it and let it recharge itself?

    • Brandon

      where would it get the energy to run the compressor? The idea is that the majority of drivers can use this for the majority of their everyday driving. Columbus has already started putting up electric charging stations around the city. Before long you wont need to worry much about how far you've driven.

  • thefuturecar

    Of course they look ridiculous, but the concept of going 65 miles on a one-minute charge? Impressive. Maybe the concept would work better as some sort of scooter/bike hybrid that runs on compressed air? Anyway, it's a hell of a lot cheaper to drive around town than my 12 mpg truck.

  • Shane

    The ONLY alternative fuel vehicle that doesn't look fecal, is the Tesla brand. All these others need to take a note, and class up these turds.

  • Nym

    It's a fantastic idea, but I don't think it could manage a Canadian winter.

  • Thinkaboutit

    Why doesn't it have a compressor on board? Because it would require a large amount of energy, thus needing a power supply. Where would that come from? A battery would have to be so large that the added wait and size of the added equipment would make te car run so ineffenct that it would be less practical than it all ready is.

  • Jack

    I kinda like it, looks like nothing else

  • Falthor

    wow i remember reading about tata Motors and their Compressed Air car about 4 years ago… the models they had then were still ugly but not this ugly…

  • CPA

    That post is unbelievable and I'm afraid but most of the comments aren't better. Obviously you can't compare the safety of such a car with hat of a SUV, but if your honest with yourself: Noone needs SUVs. A very polluting car just for the sake of having a big car… Looking at the massive rise of cars in India and China let all of us hope they drive in those ultra low polluting cars… As for safey – no bike will be safer and every little car will lose agains a beast of SUV

    • Brandon

      Lets not be too preachy, I agree with you on most points. I would Buy one of these if it came over but I do own a truck. Most of the time its not needed but a lot of times I couldn't dream of being without it. The problem is that we all want big vehicles like its a status of some sort. The majority of people probably don't have a real need for the size vehicle they have. As humans we need to do better at being practical and taking what we need, and nothing more. Before long there wont be anything left to have.

  • Colt.45

    Market it to the Chinese so our gas prices go down.

  • goodbutnotanswer

    I've heard of this car before from a renewable energies minor Im taking along with Mech engineering… and its another one of those perfect ideas for those whom do not commute via highway and not that far…..however any idea is only as good as long as you can sell it…..and sadly all I see hear today is a lot of people who shot it down because its not big enough/fast enough for their small penis……I mean seriously obviously this has the intention of appealing to the same market as mopeds…..mopeds are not safe compared to motorcycles and people drive mopeds damm near everywhere…….wtv transportation is what everyone whats them to create but that is a band-aid to the problem….we need to be able to better integrate or store renewable energies to cut down in the need for power plants….once that is done who can start improving on electric cars like "TESLA MOTORS" ……but without a better electric grid network electric cars/compressed air…..which use electricity from power plants!!! we are just trading one air pollution for another

  • Oscar

    No bewbs. Not interested.

  • Brandon

    I own a gas hog truck, but if this came over seas I would buy one! Not a fan of the circle windows but either way it has a cockpit!

    Id probably spend my first day driving it listening to the Top Gun soundtrack.

  • Meeloskyvich

    Hot wheels for grown ups

  • Farms

    Bumper Cars!

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