AirPod: The future could be really damn ugly (10 Photos)

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  • luke atmydik

    only in dense urban areas where there is no space to drive fast. otherwise its A death trap

  • Steel

    All that compressed air, I wonder how it would handle an accident.

  • Notta chance

    What's happens in the winter? I mean driving a bobcat or a forklift sized vehicle to work would be cool and all but my golf cart stays on the course not on the highway.

  • WyoBuckeye

    All I wanna know is if you can adapt the escaping air while running to sound like a fart. Then I'm all in.

  • Wildeinatree

    It could fit in my pick up truck. Drive it right to the scrap yard

  • steve o

    Choose your ride.
    Airpod vs. Segway.

  • Smashy

    Compressed air you say? Could It run on farts?

    It's a friggen nerf car! Or air hogs,

  • vegasnites

    These could be useful in Vegas (instead of a Taxi). Traffic is slow on the strip anyway..

  • mattythegooch

    Still not gayer than Rollderblades……..

  • mr man

    I signed in with a, "haven't you people ever heard of… riding a goddam bike, no?"

  • chesterdrawers

    Sweet, that looks like I could get ALL of the women I've ever had sex with in it… at once…

  • Hunter_BZ

    Anyone who ever rode a three wheel ATV will know what a horrible idea three wheels are on a moving ANYTHING!!!

  • Will

    Looks like a bad futuristic interpretation of the Reliant Robin.

  • Silvertone53

    You know there's some redneck out there right now, tryin' to figure out how to cram a big block in that thing.

  • Niclas

    Enough compressed air for 65 miles?
    How much pressue is that air under – and what happens if the tank ruptures in an accident?
    First you die like a bug on the windshield of the Ford Explorer that run you over to kill the hideous thing, then you die from the blast of the tank rupture (ever seen what hapens when a tractor tyre blows up at significant lover psi), and finally you die again when the Explorer lands on yor Tatat Exploder after the blast of the tank throwed it up in the air…

  • thar

    hmm. not that bad looking (they could have made it alot worse) but for a country like india, i say go ahead. its a step up from the stereotypical moped, and they need hot countries to run, and it litteraly runs on compressed air, and thats rarther easy to make.
    loving all the comments about people not quite realising this sint supposed to be a sports car / motorway car / SUV, its a city car. i challenge you to go more than 30mph in the centre of london!

  • RussB.

    I do have an air compressor, fueling up at home and using the shop air at work sounds pretty rad to me. But it's so fucking hideous, why in God's name did they make it look like something in a futuristic toddler toy set?

  • Chris

    aka the "ForeverAlonePod"

  • shane

    how can you pick up any chics?

  • Poke4Life

    Fucking. Retarded.

  • Bowzer

    If A Dalek (Dr.Who) and a Smart Car had a retarded baby this is what it would look like

  • commander cool

    I fail to understand why new, awesome concepts have to be so FUCKING UGLY?!

  • red4

    30 mph? Basically, this piece of shit is only meant to scoot your ass around the neighborhood. Fucking worthless hunk of dog shit.

  • Bugz

    Woooo compressed air so it's clean. Nope, think again, how do you think they compress the air? People always think they found the no-gas solution when it fact, you have to use coal/nuclear/water turbines to create the electricity to charge your electric car or compress the air in your compressed air car. It might be greener, but not as much as people think.

    • thar

      thankyou. someone who realises electricity isnt magical.
      but i think the concept of using compresse air as fuel over electricity is more of a mechanical generation.
      instead of using a wind turbine / solar pannels in remote places to make electricity, to ru na pump, it will more likely use a mechanical air pump. but of course how that pump is made / how much that costs is also another issue, but at least its damn better than fossil fuels

  • Dandude

    Paper Mache car ftw

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