• d.c.

    i actually expected someone with her credentials to be able to put words together, meh, tna

  • Wow

    haha I love that you can hear Donald Glover laughing in most of them

  • Mighty

    Boo that is some weak sauce

  • JSt31

    She's hot, big fan

  • ksc

    this chick is so annoying..she sucks.

  • huh?

    I want a collabo with her and Childish Gambino!

    • Muddy

      She covered one of his songs

      I've never wanted to be a mic stand more in my life… well there was this one time

  • ToldUsoo

    She the perfect mix of sexy cool and goof rolled into a cute little package

  • hot diggity dog

    You wouldn't?

  • Spencer

    Gambeezy is just enjoying every second

  • bkfrijoles

    Nerd Crush has Started this day

  • Squid

    Holy shit…I definitely need to remember the difference between "raped" and "rapped"…I was totally expecting something else from this video…I'm a moron.

  • kang0saur

    Immadabbo werewolf?

  • André


  • @SuperNilly

    i'd go balls deep!

  • chesterdrawers

    Peter Campbell totally cheats on her…

  • kang0saur


  • bill

    awesome job.keep you.

  • دردشة عراقنا


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