More girls that worked hard for a little attention (45 Photos)

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  • Pezski

    This reminds me, I really must get to the gym

  • Guest

    ok, if I HAD to chose it'd be #18

  • crash25

    #19 is good news. Also i love #8s duck face. i wpuld do dirty things to her

  • Emily Skye

    Thanks for featuring my pic "The Chive"🙂
    X Emily Skye
    pic #3

  • Joey

    OMFG SOOO HOT! Some of these girls are fucking impressive.

  • MrMr

    #19 – Hottttt.

  • Macm is a troll

    Amen Esrod!!! So tired of people blaming others for their problems… saying a particular part of society is to blame for anoter part of societies problem is what Hitler did, we all know how that worked out. If you don’t like chive then don’t get on it or use an alternative site that fits your taste. This site is for entertainment purposes, don’t try to make it the root for all of all your problems. You clearly have many more things to worry about other than the Chive.

  • Ben

    #32 please show us more. Way hot!!!


    #16: GOOD LORD!!! Who is THIS??!!!! Find her PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • George

    #7 and #36 are the same (Extremely hot) chick.

  • CanadianPiper

    #19 every time your pic shows up in sexy girls…I just stop and pause for a minute…or 20

  • bill

    wow,awesome them all.

  • jake

    I'm just not into girls with hard six packs. Flat stomach is ok though.

  • Ryan

    Dear lord 27!!! How is it possible to be so hot!!??

  • Kyle

    wow. I gotta give all these girls major props (even the ones that I do not find attractive). They must have worked so hard to look like that.

  • Tim

    #39 way to go!

  • kyle

    theyre all sexy

  • Jules

    8 and 14 please

  • Pezski

    Good god damn…

  • Anonymous


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