Nailed It! (36 Photos)

  • laurla

    #21 He sure fecked that up!

  • BlackHorse77

    The sad part is, I know exactly where in my home state this is. #20

  • PhiladelphiaCollins

    #32 well this isnt the country kitchen buffet.

  • Jamie


    How many times are you going to post this fucking picture?


    Get a new arCHIVE of pictures, please. Fucking hacks.

  • Chrisw

    Ha ha ha #4 Lake George NY at the Mcdonalds!

  • phoneboy

    ugh. #2 is gross.

    Girls, smoking is just disgusting.. please stop doing it. Almost nothing is more unattractive than a girl smoking a cigarette. :/

  • Mega-Hee

    #20 is definitely more colorful since recent law changes 🙂
    – A CO Chivette

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