Real military women…and some are beautiful (28 HQ Photos)

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  • That Guy 13

    Were are the redheads?!

  • Robbgsr

    What about the rest of the pics?

  • John Q

    Good job Rick….clown

  • ryan mason

    its on the brigade…he just forgot the banner

  • Penis

    Your a fucking retard

    • ChestRockwellz

      *you're. As in, You're an ignoramus. Its always the guy calling people names who lack the mental capcity to create an actual rebuttal to a topic.

      • Derek Baht

        "Its" should be "It's"
        "lack" should be "lacks"
        "capcity" should be "capacity"
        From one moderately intelligent person to another, I thought both comments were funny as hell!

        • Tim

          It would actually just be "lack" from a grammatical standpoint.

          • Cody

            It is lacks. Guy is singular.

    • Diggler


      Who's the retard now?

      • Penis

        You are

  • boob_cuddle


  • ChestRockwellz

    Im pretty sure i just read a post a few weeks ago about a job posting referring to exactly this. Why on gods green earth do we have iPhone app issues in late 2012? I am certain that with all the ads that are covering my screen with the addition of all the swag you guys sell that having enough money to rectify the problem is not the issue. This just shows us that no one in the chive office pays much attention to detail and execution.

  • @AllishComedy

    Dear chive, this girl at work has been making my life miserable saying she submitted good stuff that I really wanna see. She has dd's and I figured she would have hit the flbp by now. Please have these prepared by Monday. Her email starts with like aanderson or something like that. You'd make me so happy.
    Love and kisses,

  • Nesto

    What's the point in this?? One pic?? That's stupid!!

    • Cubanpete


  • Beavis

    Brigade blows monkey cock

  • Shock-a-zulu

    only 15 comments? looks like people are all out of fucks to give……..

  • Sugarwhiskey13

    This post made my day. Mainly the pissed off comments. Its not enough that thechive throws up hundreds of BA pics every day. Some people can not see the forest because of the trees.

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