This is not a photograph (8 HQ Photos)

This photo-realistic art was drawn by 29 year old artist Samuel Silva using ball-point pens. He based it on this photograph from a Russian photographer, and it's honestly hard to tell the difference between the two. Check out Silva's other work on his Deviant-Art, it's stunning.


  • Macro

    I used to work for deviantART for several years. Aside from the Chive of course, it's the best community out there.

  • Seldi84

    #1 #2 #3 I would swear they are photos. That man has one massive dose of talent.

  • MattKL

    Amazing, just amazing.

  • Dano

    What sorcery is this?!

  • Jeff

    Speaking of redheads, where's the redhead post today?

  • Bob

    Amazing but I prefer art that is about expression. Very skilled, yes but I'd like to se more of the artist's personality.

  • Curtis Payne

    who makes white ball point pens?

  • Michael Idell


  • Cecil

    If #1 really wants to impress me he'd do that with a box of crayons.

  • jmh_rgby

    Awesome work, but more importantly someone please find the real redhead from that photo…

    • Applefish

      Easy, it's Любовь Ансимова.

  • tylrd67

    #1 CHIVE, I will give a significant amount of scratch to Chive Charities if you make the model a Chivette. Up for the challenge?!?

  • Applefish

    Here's the original
    <img src=""&gt;
    And #1 Here's the drawing.

  • 2cool4skool


  • Laserbrain

    Pretty sure this is what artists refer to as a "paint-over", either that or they're using a grid.

  • Sterling_Archer

    #6 Look at his tiny spots! Look at his tufted ears!

  • Walter Sobchek

    #2 fuck the art find her!

  • Evil Xena

    The technical skill level is very high – but the real issue here is one of copyright infringement and fair use – exactly reproducing someone else's photograph, without any interpretation at all, no matter how well done, infringes on the original photographer's rights and creativity.

  • plumpyplatypus

    #5 This is really good, but her right eye is starting to wander….

  • IrishMan

    Wow that's messed up. Nice job. Now to ScarJo in Black Widow costume from The Avengers.

  • Jason A. Martin

    I've spent the better part of the last thirty years trying to perfect my skills as an artist (longer than this fellow has been alive), and all I have to say is I think I hate this guy. 😉

  • Andrew Koster

    this why i love art so much #1 and #2 the realism is so amazing.

  • Keisha

    Reblogged this on Mitochondrian Productions and commented:

  • Bill

    Mac, holy f*ck (ou "mon dit tabarnak" en francais)… MSNBC finally picked up on how cool this is (28-08-2012). TheChive is now cutting-edge news!


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