Your eyebrows look….good (34 Photos)

  • guest

    #19 the one girl is actually gorgeous.

  • Kevin O'Connell

    I regret looking at this post before lunch..

  • Shanna

    Thanks for the nightmares, Chive…

  • Emzilla

    Oh thank god for my natural eyebrows…..!!!

  • Sean

    #31 Her…eyebrows…are the issue here?

  • Dave

    #30 would be cute

  • Josh Costa

    Scary stuff…afraid for these people to multiply…

  • Chesters Mule

    A page of chemo patients would have been better.
    #11 – I'm never sleeping again

  • Eder St Cool

    so this is where all the chivette rejects go to…..

  • jmf10

    just disturbing

  • OhGolly

    Why? I just don't understand… 😦

  • Cecil

    Dear Chive,
    Given that this post may have permanently ruined my capacity to get an erection, I think I deserve an apology.

  • Ryan Marie Pendarvis

    #21 Tattooed on?!?! Oh goodness!!

  • oclvtrek


  • klappa

    What the fuck did I just watch?

  • Matt

    My eyes are bleeding.

  • fernsyla

    #21 good tattoo choice

  • oldmanbingle

    This post illustrates what the left side of the bell curve looks like.

  • Mike

    That was extremely disturbing!!

  • Kevin Hodge

    i don't want to live on this planet anymore…..

  • Brian Wanueka

    I scared to go out now!!

  • YourSavior

    #9 When did Marilyn Manson f@$% a Smurf?

  • BMW

    I'm pretty sure #21 is tattooed on there!

  • ewilliwa53

    ok so how many of these are men???

  • Haley

    Sweet lord guys. WHY. Why an entire post?

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