• was385

    I had a great friend growing up (still keep in touch with him and his family) who was severely mentally and physically handicapped, and he was the happiest person I've ever known. Sure he had some blow-ups, but 99% of the time that kid had a huge smile across his face. That's a lot more than can be said for most people. Good luck Anthony!

  • PlanoTx

    Want someone to admire? Lance Armstrong? Nope. (And he is from my hometown.) Anthony is the bombest kind of inspiration. You, sir will kill the delivery business!

    • PlanoTx

      And Mike – even though you are not in it for yourself… you deserve the love of TheChive.

  • NickT

    Thats 110% feel good right there! Way to go guys and best of luck!

  • CityofEdmonton

    Have definitely seen Anthony around before. Always smiling. Good Luck bud.

  • Rory

    Proud to be from Edmonton seeing something as unique as this.

  • MohawkJon

    I will be calling him up the next time I visit my cousins.
    That's a promise.

  • JGonz530

    Awesome! Get that man a 'Chive' delivery shirt 🙂

  • http://tapiture.com//user/allons-y/ TheDoctor

    Chive…Send them some Chivery items to be delivered by him to the good people of Edmonton!

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