I like summer because bikinis (33 Photos)

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  • Big poppa smurf

    #21 please find the tattooed chick

    • I'm Awesome

      she's been found, they've got 8 more pics of her

  • thorsky

    Gotta be one of the best posts by far………no rail thin chics — these girls have meat on their bones!!!!……….speaking of bones…………..#36

  • austinh
  • shortyclmt

    #29 anyone else notice how crooked the tv looks?

  • tino grad

    #6, #10, #15

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  • coweye

    #23 #35
    fucking gross

  • https://www.facebook.com/caelandalros Caelan Alexander Dalros

    #23 is so sexy… but the hair…

  • Kato

    #27 I agree. Thumbs up indeed!

  • tyrrrrrrr

    Very hard to look away from the middle in #6 and #15

  • Average Joe

    #8 Ashley Greene is gorgeous.

  • Earl

    Self deceit by overusing the word bitch does not get rid of its hurt or negative connotation that is used against them. Taking that word out of context, and trying to use it as a compliment is one of the most laughable things a woman can do.

  • ryder

    popped off at #16

  • Jesus Jones

    We could have had a utopia, a perfect world and country, if everyone would stop polluting and destroying nature, and stop hating us for being men who want to give compliments and whistles, stares, we shouldnt be dishonoured for that, and despised because of our kind, loving behaviour. Passing a law like sexual harassment shows you all love the Author of Confusion, the devil, so if you hate us, means you all love Satan.

  • commander cool

    wow, shutup

  • https://www.facebook.com/fratellistandoff.ricky Ricky Gallardo

    I'm as big a fan of the bikini as the next guy, but in the words (or accent) of my boss, "Errywun caint be werrrin' no bikini nah."

  • gma

    I really like #3

  • http://youngporn john

    I think that you girls need realy a boy friend like my

  • Dan

    #5 i just fell in luv, beautiful!

  • captn

    #3…smokn hot…

  • Slim

    Can I just say "Thank You"? This post just made my night.

  • Needlegun13

    You're points would be much more seriously taken if you could type and spell. Start there first and try again. Or don't. We'd rather not have yo here.

  • Manny O.C

    Most of you are as ignorant as your comments. Those of you crying racism have the race issue. If you’re angered that the women of your nationality are glorified, you’re pride has slowly died with you’re common sense. There’s a difference between ignorance and stupidity. Reach for a higher education before you preach about it. For those who feel disrespected in any way, if you hold any intelligence you shouldn’t.

  • Craig

    #42 marry me, please?

  • chase

    #23 FIND! i don't care about the shaved head, i've seen other pics of her with long hair and she's sexy and fit as hell. 65% waist to hip ratio, gotta love it!

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