Ladies with lovely lips (37 Photos)

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  • FarmBoy

    #17 Her, please CHIVE, find her!

  • dan

    I can't decide, so numbers 1-37, so much want!

  • Jason M. Filak

    Diggin' the lips post. #1 probably amongst the best kissers of all time. Dayum!

  • rick t

    #18 WOW!! #37 love her!!!!

  • Ahildebrand13

    This is the most incredible post I've seen in a while. Bravo

  • David

    #11, #20 and #35.

  • chuwie

    omg omg omg

  • Dugan

    I misunderstood the title.

  • JjG

    All very nice! Although I'm a bit disappointed… from the title I expected a special edition of "mind the gap"

  • Gregory Sebastion Downs

    #2 #23 Pretty sure its the same girl…

    Find her.

  • Ryan

    In my opinion black women should have dominated this post..and jump day but I'm not gonna go there! Beautiful ladies!

  • Keith_D

    #6, #10, #18 and #23 were just meant to be kissed.
    Do you think you can find the rest of sixes face? And moar of all of them, perchance?

  • Z3njack

    Are you sure this isn't the eyes category?

  • songforthenewbreed


  • Law

    This is all very nice and all but who is #28?

    Also, why is it that all the people that have rants in these threads barely make any sense?

    If you want to have a discussion, try carefully collecting your points into something resembling an argument, rather than an endless string of words with randomly placed grammatical errors.

    Another thing would be, if you think there isn't enough of a specific race of people – regardless of who you are and aren't attracted to – in these posts; go somewhere else. Quite frankly I have noticed that there isn't exactly a balance of all races in here, but, The Chive is what it is. That does not make it racist. That is like saying someone doesn't eat their vegetables because they don't like cauliflower. Stop trolling and f'off.

  • Mateusz Leciej

    WANT no wait Need! Sexy eyes, hair flick, Just beautiful.

  • BUrnt

    #9 find

  • Michael Majdanski

    #29 Looks a lot like Rachel from Suits.

  • Bradyized

    #21 I really enjoyed this entire post.

  • gs425

    #19 Tip ladies, if you want to look sexy….keep the shitter out of the pic.

  • Jim

    #20 Autumn Reilley, possible the prettiest face in the naked-picture business. FTW

  • yawlster

    OMG, Yes! All of them!

  • Chad Gerbrandt

    Your list is flawed. Where is Scarlett Johansen, Megan Fox. Angelina Jolie. Just to name a few.

  • CJ90

    #3 Stunning!… Just stunning!❤

  • supersport

    #1 #11 #12 #18 #23 Are stunning!

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