Ladies with lovely lips (16 Photos)

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  • Cecil

    Thank you Chive!
    Does anyone have a towel?

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #35 for me

    • Fireinthehole

      I Agree!! MOAR!!! Find HER!!!

  • Kevbone316

    Somebody please find #30!

  • Atom819

    #6 wow!

    #37 isn't she from that show britney's sister did

    • Dunny_

      yes, #37 is Victoria Justice, she was on Zoey 101. Has her own show on Nickelodeon called Victorious.
      *She is also singing at Busch Gardens Williamsburg on Sunday night.
      Teenage boys make me aware of all this.

      • Atom819

        That's right. I remember her, but I also remember her being very very skinny. Maybe she's better now and ya… she's very beautiful.

  • Two

    Why no camel toe pics?

    • ericg

      I agree

  • Goldenboy

    2# and 6#. I wanna date those lips…..

  • chivarama

    #21 What lips?

  • echogeo

    #3 #7 #8 #9 #24….their eyes are the winners (yeah I know & many others)

    • chesterdrawers

      I'm the winner today…

  • Jeff

    Those lips on #27, kissable morning, noon and night!

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    GREAT post about an often-overlooked incredibly sexy part of a woman. Alec, DEMAND A RAISE!!

    Is it noon yet??


  • Dave

    #30 oh so beautiful. Lips, eyes, hair, WINNER!!


    I pick #11 and #18 for the win

  • deprydation


    Are you about to take a deuce?

  • JUtah

    #2 Hell Yes

  • toastymoe

    GD SON OF A B… #3!!! and thank you for not putting any pictures of Sydney Barlette in here

  • Justin

    This could have just as easily been an eyes gallery, My god a bunch of beautiful women.

  • Ryan Phillips

    Nothing like a nice pair of DSL's.

  • Der'

    I watched #30 for what seemed like 25 seconds, but I missed dinner, a phone call and my girlfriend broke up with me. Back to the pic!

  • chesterdrawers

    #2 this is the most repeated in my fap folder…

  • MNChiver

    #7 #27 I instantly fell for them. I need moar!

    • EvilTwin

      who know her name, we need moaaarrrrr 😉

  • Adam

    #24 for the win.

  • Dan

    #4… Beautiful. Faultless.

  • Aaron

    First post ever with no first attempts?! Did that really just happen?!

    • chesterdrawers


      • Aaron

        Oh you so funny.

  • chesterdrawers

    #35 Oh yea, watch me when I do it, Oh yea… You're a naughty little girl…

  • KeepinCalm

    #28 #35 Wowzers:p

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