Ladies with lovely lips (16 Photos)

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  • TommyB

    Maybe it's just me but in a lot of these, the lips weren't what I saw first – I think the EYES have it! Either way, great way to also include some georgeous women with great bodies and skin and and and and well you get it.

  • Sasha

    Had to comment…. Knowing that beuty to such extent exist … Makes my miserable life worth it.. Amazing.. Best list of women…

  • guest

    Seriously awesome post. Don't take away the ass, legs and boobs posts, but PLEASE more lips posts!!!

  • Warrior_5150

    #33 Ya nice lips, that's what I was thinking lol Now can we talk about her tits?

  • lebelge

    #29 We need more Meghan Markle! She's a bombshell!

  • B-Jammin

    #2 I'm In Love!!!

  • papa

    #29 #33 These (among others) illustrate just WHY no duckface. That is all.

  • Gandir Lopez

    MOAR and Find the #35 she is really awesome!!!

  • Bob

    #37 so glad she is legal now

  • Scuba_Steve33

    #21 has something luscious… and it aint her lips.

  • B-to-the-H

    #21, #28, #33 – I was admiring their lips but something more luscious kept distracting me.

  • Araceli

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  • wurkshop

    you forgot kat dennings…

  • kma

    #3 MOAR!!!!!

  • Derekw

    aww wrong lips, foiled again!!!!

  • quailman8907

    #1 just might be perfection.

  • Nighteye2

    Some of them look fake. >_>

  • Pedo Bear

    Is so hot, but you know she's an unbearable c-nt.
    Is she 18 yet.

  • tdr

    Just send me a #7 and we'll call it good.

  • Jay-Z (That Jay-Z)

    not the lips i was looking for.

  • Aaron

    Love this post. Some of the prettiest girls I've ever seen. Love 7 and 29

  • wrench

    How lucky for us that those lips are being stalked by some other rather delicious lady parts!

  • justin

    So many stunning girls in this one.

  • Busternut

    #13 Duckface, doesn't count. GTFO.

  • wannaknowher


    Very sexy!

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