Nothing about this construction makes any sense (32 Photos)

Gold star on the construction execution. TOP NOTCH!

  • Hummus


  • CorwinNorway

    A toxic, blocked, "authorized personnel only", handicap access

    Someone have been drinking at work..or taking a bit early friday 😛
    Good weekend fellow chivers. out for beer now, first round on me 😀


  • Hummus

    #29 Changing up the childhood game "the floor is lava". Disclaimer: you will literally die if you touch the floor.

  • Yader Hey

    #26 Whats the problem?

    • Scott

      This is the smartest construction job in the post.

  • Soldasd
  • sup brah

    -im a twat
    -ant it 0.5
    -still look da chiet

  • Solitaire

    instantly thought of lemmings.

  • Gallus

    I actually lived in a European apartment for a while where I had to deal with an issue exactly like #24. I immediately had the landlord remove the door and replaced it with a curtain. The landlord loved the idea. – Duh!

  • MTG

    F*** construction codes.

    I do what I want!

  • Barry Parker

    #14 Cake, and grief counseling, will be available at the conclusion of the test

  • Slut_Bomb

    To much photoshop for me

  • InvertedCheeze

    so whos the bigger idiot… the contractor… or the person that actually took the time to highlight the stairs in this picture… :/

  • asdf

    #29 takes hydroelectricity in a way too literal direction.

  • mjoyner408

    #26 don't worry bro, i fixed it.


    #9 What? Dali Contracting not good enough for you?

  • Bob

    Had a #1 at my high school. I guess it was supposed to have roof access, but then they blocked it with the air conditioner thing on the roof, so they just plastered over where the door should go and left the stairs. It looked really stupid.

    • Simon

      …but would have cost a lot more to fix properly.

      Besides, if the air con situation changes, they can undo easily.

  • UKchive


    That's my street, everyday i walk past at look at those stairs and think "Wow"

    Oriental place, Brighton UK!!

  • Chris Simpkin

    #14 Anyone play Portal?

  • Colin

    #30 looks like steps for an outdoor stage that are being stored out of the way. Clearly aren't attached to the stage.

    #4 makes sense if that is a storage area from which trucks are loaded.

    #14 may make sense if that is a straight shot of open space. That may well be the only way to transport large items such as furniture to that floor.

    • Colin

      *aren't attached to the building

  • Matt C

    #1: How much y'wanna bet they got paid per stair?

    #22: Had one of these near my hometown — a relatively unused stretch of road they used for testing/training.

  • Jesus

    #17 es en Hermosillo Sonora Mexico.

  • Landon

    #23 'genius Mario' made my day. laughed way too hard at this, thank you chive

  • Matthew Turner

    That face got annoying REAL quick. #32 Please stop.

  • nescobaraloplop

    I bet they get flooding right there. If that's so, not a bad workaround.

  • Rubes27

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