User submit: everyone give Melissa a "good luck" wish on her first deployment (8 Photos)

  • Ditch Doc

    Good luck Melissa. You will be awesome. Of course…you already are awesome 😉

  • whyme1973

    Good luck, Melissa!! You'll do fine!

  • Mangone

    Good luck! You will do a great job! Thank you for your service!

  • tcbb789789

    Thank you for your service and from the book of Numbers 6:24-26:

    May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.

  • AX2


    Wherever and whenever you deploy, work hard, take care of yourself, stay away from those with bad attitudes, enjoy the places you go, and enjoy the people with whom you will work. Deployments are good and bad, and I hope that you will allow the good to overcome the bad in every instance.

    Though sailors are rightly notoriously superstitious, I will send you wishes of luck along with my experience that says you will do just fine in any event.

    Fair winds and following seas shipmate,


  • TheIlluxion

    Good luck! Deployments can be the greatest thing you've ever experience and the toughest at the same time. My first deployment was a UNITAS. Sometimes it was a lot of work, but the memories I have of that patrol will never leave.

    Quick question, what does the green Aiguillette represent?

    Former RM1 SS/DV

    • Melissa

      It designated "Performing Unit" at my first training command. 🙂 Thanks for the well wishes!!

  • James

    Good luck gorgeous my first deployment is coming up as well

  • Guest


  • BTI

    youll do fine, Im sure you will raise the morale of many troops.

  • CTT3 Vance

    Holy shit… I know you. You were my squad leader in duty section 6. Congrats on making it to the Chive Network CTT3!

  • Shana

    Good luck melissa and thanks for ur service (*-*)

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