• https://www.facebook.com/trevor.muxlow Trevor Muxlow

    No love here

    • https://www.facebook.com/trevor.muxlow Trevor Muxlow

      Someone should come from behind and kick him in the nuts. Then this video would be post worthy

      • 16inchzipper


  • huck

    # one

    • amplidudes

      one of thoose …

  • chapochalan

    if u post find her or moar, do the world a favor and end yourself. you are lame.

    • chesterdrawers

      Preach on, this isn't /r/ or /b/ try that crap over there and see what it gets 'ya…

    • gmoneyfreshdawg

      find him!

      • phil


  • B Dub

    I bet he gets all the girls!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/ThatWeirdDrummerGuy Tanner Adams

      Especially with horsepower he's got under that hood (or t-shirt)

  • Nicky B

    Nice, but i dont think hes ever even seen a motorcycle….

  • sliders suck!

    The main page is loading SO SLOW due to that stupid slider ad. Please get it off of there!!!!

    • Bubba

      Yes! And fuck audio advertising too.

  • tv_paul

    He should go where all untalented people go.. tryout for"America's Got Talent"

  • _DoC_

    That can was really vibrating. I wonder how many wet panties resulted from watching this…

    • http://www.facebook.com/leiland.blair Leiland Blair

      Count me in.

    • MohawkJon

      I'll bet none.

  • ayoitsdk

    My right ear wasn't impressed.

    • chesterdrawers

      Funny it was my lef….. Oh, I have my earbuds in wrong…

  • Nothin to do

    The DAR is late fml

  • Jayne

    This is awesome

  • Concerned citizen

    Guys I just found a hemmroid in my asshole and I'm really scared 😦


    • Mighty

      kill yourself! KCKY

  • fradge

    Chive! Not been able to watch any videos on my windows phone for a few days now,please sort it!

    • US and A

      thats your fault

  • Mjmchiver

    Why all the negative comments.. This is just a guy and his friends goofing around.. And he has a ridiculously good motorcycle impression using a soda can.

  • oiansdn

    my left ear "enjoyed" this

    • admiralperry

      very "improper" quotations

  • this guy

    He fuckin nailed it… Why is everyone bein such dicks??? He’s goofin off with his buddies.. Ease up

    • Daniel

      I agree………spot on

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  • Daniel

    Everyone that hates on this guy and this video is a giant jealous douche bag and deserve to be shot and hung at the same time for hating on someone who is having fun with his friends KCCO! and dont hate

  • https://www.facebook.com/thomas.radiguer Thomas Radiguer

    yeah how can you hate that… bros having fun and the impression is nice/unexpected 🙂

  • RocketBoots


  • zerokiwi

    That would be a spot on Dirt Bike… Not a motorcycle.
    just sezzin'

  • hippiehater

    Slackliners are the second worst form of hippie!

  • Lindsey KCCO


  • GeorgiePorgie

    Not only is AWESOME, but dudes smart for using an energy can like that.

  • Victoria, BC Chiver

    when did the brainless ever get into chive?
    "duhhh..lets go to a funny website and take everything seriously"..

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