• knotmee

    what a tool

  • ehh

    ehh. no head spinning occurred

  • Ty4

    Not the worst, but not the best. Also, Tickle Me Elmo is actually one of the most terrifying toys that has ever been created.

  • http://fromasuburbanmilieu.blogstop.com Dane

    This guy is awesome! Don't hate because the only sound that comes out of your mouth is nerd. 😉

  • Morgan Freeman

    This man needs to narrate my life story.

  • kaito

    this man is going to haunt my nightmares with the whole tickle me elmo and mickey mouse impersonations

  • nope

    I both have seen and can do better.

    • Anaphylaxis

      Record it, attempt making a living at it and then we shall believe you.

  • MickeyFig

    Def not the family guy voices…

  • Kirsten Browne

    scottish accent was alright. but as a Scot, myself, i can say that when ever people do impressions of our accents it's always the posher north accents that they go for. like Edinburgh and almost Aberdeen types. Someone do a Glaswegian accent and then come talk to me.

  • Underbaker

    Being a Texan who has lived in Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama, I can say his southern dialects are pretty much spot on.

  • Jordan

    that was awful for the most part… there were like 2 or 3 great ones the rest sucked.

  • Verbal_Kint

    That was pretty good.

  • Andy

    I want to hear Morgan Freeman.

  • Dan

    Almost all of those were not good. Seriously, his Stewie Griffin was awful and how dare he do such a terrible impression of Sir Sean Connery. Really there was just something in his normal speaking voice that you could always hear, it's like as hard as he tries he can't stop his real accent from showing. He had all of the generic well known aspects of many of the voices like the "sh" sound at the end of Sean Connerys voice and the weird kind of laugh noise for Mickey Mouse but you could always hear a significant part of his normal voice in all of them. Bottom line, all of them were way better than I could have even tried to do but my head certainly didn't spin.

  • Cam

    Hahah I'm pretty sure this was my teacher at gateway highschool :-0

  • diehardcard

    Why is everyone being such dicks? I thought this was awesome. Well done sir!

  • Dec

    Awww, no Welsh accent? I am disappoint. Overall very good though. 😛

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