Female celebs eating s#^* (metephorically speaking, of course) (43 Photos)

  • B-to-the-H

    Some of these could prbably be categorized under So You Got Wasted Celebrity Edition.

  • Bob

    really? this post was a waste of my life…. Can I have the 2min back that I wasted looking at this post?

  • Whiskey

    The first half of these look very graceful. The second half…not so much

  • Gemma

    Yeah it's spelled "metaphorically". Like "metaphor". You honestly don't think it's "metephor", right?

    If you're gonna poke fun at falling celebs (which is funny yes) you might wanna spell the title of the post right.

  • 16inchzipper

    #18 Some Kardashian booty to boot.

  • ben

    these were awesome, good way to start the day! you guys should do more people eating shit (falling)!

  • Gallus

    #31 – Considering the insane f*cking shoes some of these women wear, it's no wonder they fall.

  • mzf

    maybe if they didn't wear such stupid fucking shoes…

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  • billy

    Snooki and Paris belong on their knees…. whores….

  • MLopez



    yyyyyyyyyeeeeessss!!!!!!! thats awesome…

  • Cecil

    This would not happen if women would just wear chucks or airwalks man. Of course you're going to bite the dirt when you wear spiked clown shoes.

  • dakari84

    Ok, anyone can trip and fall but so many of these girls seem to be asking for it with the shoes that they are trying to walk in. I don't understand the really tall shoes that are popular now. You're just asking to trip . . . or to be tripped. Ok, maybe I would trip them. #1, #9, #11, #28, #31, #38

  • Bill

    Any one else think this looks almost like a super hero-ish pose? I think I hear people photoshopping this already.

  • The Dude

    Love watching stupid people. And why can't Snooky just die?

  • Gordon

    Most of these have one thing in common – Stupid shoes.

  • Azia

    #1 and #28 , you deserved every bit of that Gaga. You look like an f'in idiot.

  • Larry

    When Snooki falls it seems funnier then the rest.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Emaly.Munguia Emaly S. Munguia

    I'm all for cute shoes, but if the heel of the said cute shoe is longer then your arm, You might want to rethink wearing them. No one looks cute head over ass on the sidewalk. if you're going to do more then three steps, wear sensible heels or flats if you know your a klutz.

    • Meowmix


  • Alan

    #1 Dress like a fool, fall like a pro.

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  • joeshmo

    can this please become a weekly album

  • phoenixv8

    And the moral of the story? Leave your dumb as shit shoes at home.

    • Biff

      Agreed. It's not worth the indignity of a tumble and even worse, having to recover from a sprained ankle walking around on crutches.

  • jmf10

    #13 #14 #15

    Not even phased…… or awake

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