Female celebs eating s#^* (metephorically speaking, of course) (43 Photos)

  • Shane

    Please tell me Kathy Griffin died as a result of her injuries.

  • Tyno

    #36 HA HA I agree

  • Biff

    Wish CHIVE would supply captions. I hate having to guess when you can't even see who the person is!

  • derek

    thats what u get for wearing dumb shit that makes u fall

  • http://www.funnypicturespro.com/15491/female-celebs-eating-s-metephorically-speaking-of-course-43-photos/ Female celebs eating s#^* (metephorically speaking, of course) (43 Photos) | Funny Pictures Pro

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  • ewilliwa53

    that bitch snooki spends more time on her knees than a 5$ whore….sorry whores i know shes kinda degrading your profession

  • Prpl

    #41 Based on the amount of goo on her, the stage and her band members I'm not surprised her knees are wobbly. No one one ever simply walks away from a clown bukkake party

  • Kenny

    #11 I see girls falling every day in NY from wearing those stupid shoes, wear flats bitches!!!

  • Crazy_Jake

    Snooki is a total Douche..

  • Hank Hill

    Oh, Snooki and Paris. You'd think you two drunk sluts would know how to walk drunk in a pair of hooker shows by now.

    • Hank Hill

      *shoes I tell ya what.

  • Kaimanb23

    I love how there are multiple pics of snookie falling. She's an idiot

  • http://twitter.com/GenoBaby GenoBaby

    Why do I feel the need to photoshop the females in these pics on skateboards

  • Tice

    wow three times with Snooki, come one chive….i expect better. Never want to see her on here again haha

  • Bob H

    #28, Wow! But she saved the sausage. Anybody else notice that most had shoes like, "WTF!" or a drink in their hand.

  • Alumni72

    HA! Kathy Griffin eats s#^* AND she falls down!

    Could it be that after her pointless face lift, she can't even open her eyes? Sure looks like it.

  • the credible hulk

    23 through 26, cock jaw?

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