Here’s one for the dog people (46 Photos)

  • Gallus

    "Dog People." Wasn't that a made for TV movie on the SyFy Channel?

  • danny2step

    #31 – More "barks" in more places… Sorry, it had to be done.

  • jswledhed

    Canine Monday would be a rather brilliant new series.

  • Lexie

    10- and then my heart broke into 1000 pieces.

  • wolfpack_11av

    dogs are awsome! Imprison cats….

  • boob_cuddle

    I knew dogs were hunters but damn!!! #14. Dogs rule!!!!!

  • HotMomma

    First of all this post rocks. Second, dogs are not better than cats, nor are cats better than dogs. Instead, all animals are equally awesome in this Chivette's eyes. KCCO! My personal favorites #17 and #28 because they look just like my dogs.

  • Hazel

    #28 – the look on the dogs' face is priceless! Funny stuff!

  • Cartwright

    This has been long over due. Thanks chive!

    • Cats rule

      So has your death.

  • Lou

    #31, Is he doing it right???

  • dusty0601

    Dogs >>>>>>>>>>>>> Cats

  • Dan

    #12 is not impressed

  • FunKiller

    #44 Gotta love a bulldog!

  • Zeny

    What kind of dog is #17? My dog looks just like her! Thanks..

    • Daniel Nguyen

      Hi, we think she's half Australian Cattle dog and half Australian Shepard.

      • Zeny

        Awesome! She's gorgeous. CHIVE ON.

  • Master_Rahl

    #26 Time to collect! Tucker, clean that shit!

  • Rory

    Come check out my site that I made when I was inspired by theChive.

  • Crescent Fresh

    "Iv seen some shit."

  • 1fjef

    #31 That is one hell of a dog food bill.

  • Stick

    Fuck yeah, our German Shorthair does the same thing.

  • Nafseeknay

    #33 looks so happy

  • Ashley Fournet

    #23 is my pup Reggie. She was named for a bar at LSU and loves a cold beer after a long day, long walks on the beach, and her duck toy.

    Totally made my day!! Thanks Chive!!


  • Zack

    #10 That's my Lucy. She has her good days and bad and she recently went completely blind, which is pretty sad because her eyes have always been beautiful. We are spoiling her like no tomorrow and she's loving every minute of it! Thanks for all the Chive love for my sweet Lucy!

  • Project Mayhem

    Dogs are stupid. Dog people are stupid. Dogs smell. Dog people smell. I hate dogs. I hate you.

  • bkfrijoles

    Way better then Caturdays

  • howler


    That's mah boy!

    Thanks Alec!

    • Howler

      Crap! Should've been #35

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