I’ll give you a nickle if you can you spot the rich person in the picture? (16 Photos)

  • Huell

    Where's the pic of John and all the Chivettes he's had?

  • Dirk Digler

    #11 another trick…neither of them even have a penny.

    • Dirk Digler

      #10 sorry

  • IrkTheJerk

    I wonder if it works the other way? I would love a sugar mama, just not an ugly one

  • Jayne

    He's the man! #23!!!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #25 – that's bernie's daughter.

    #28 – flavio briatore is a player. he's heidi klum's baby daddy.

    • FunKiller

      I would like to be Heidi Klum's baby daddy, and I don't even like kids.

  • skinger

    I feel no ill-will toward these gentlemen. If I had the means, I'd let those means grease the wheel for me in my love life. I'd have no problem with that. It takes two to tango, and both people are getting what they want out of the situation.

  • Schnizz56

    #37 I see no winners here


    #6 and #12 the same couple?

  • twoedges

    #3 at least he has a giant pole between his legs… oh wait no, that's an actual pole, nvm he must be loaded

  • JTW

    #11 It could actually be pretty much anyone in this pic

  • Retired Navy

    Nothing new here. If anyone thought this stuff doesn't happen, they live in a deeper hole than I do. The one word that defines a "happy woman" is, has, and alway will be, Money. Think of it, a nice house, car, furniture, entertainment, jewlery, clothing and accessories all cost money. If she does'nt have it, she'll want it. If you don't get it for her, she'll find someone who will. Oh yes, she'll tell you "Honey you should'nt have" when you do get it for her. What that really means is "it's about time" and then she'll claim to have a headache for the next few days so's not to have sex with you.

  • Coob19

    #26 natacha peyre. Very fake, but not fake enough that I couldn't look past it. Also, bewbs

  • lebelge

    #25 #27 Ecclestone is the man….

  • http://www.facebook.com/wvmgray Michael Gray

    Yeah, a boat and a whore… and you're still a pig who couldn't swim all the way to either one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wvmgray Michael Gray

    Oh, and #4
    Fail… have you actually seen the broke-down ho Gene tucks in at night? He may cuddle, but anything below the waist with these Bimbos will get him a second circumcision.

    • nepster

      That's funny because the a) he's openly admitted to cheating on Shannon Tweed, and b) there was a sex tape of him recently with an unknown blond. And yes, Gene fucks like how you would imagine an old man to fuck.

  • skinger

    My guess is that these ladies don't really have to put out too often. The dudes are looking for arm-candy more than they're looking for sex. Besides, they can get sex anytime they wish through high-end escort services with no attachments. And on the rare occassion that these ladies do have to oblige, I bet they coke up or drop a valium, and the whole thing is over in 5 minutes or less. With a little assist from mommy's little helper, you can push through just about anything. And then it's on to Rodeo Drive for some shoe and purse shopping!

  • lowercase

    Salman Rushdie is a pimp though. For real.

  • Hoody

    #26 Is that Preston Lacy of Jackass fame? I always thought he plowed wee man.

  • crazydog

    #11t bret michaels stunt double

    • FunKiller

      Chet Michaels?

  • Derby

    Funny that photo #17 is photo #17.
    Is she?
    I laughed and OMG through this whole series!

  • SOhioChiver

    #23 Hef Wins!

  • @low_jay

    #12 (Big) Ol girl in the back look jealous…

  • Jen

    vomit. i try to think in my head how much money it would take for me to bang him and i cant even come up with a number. but i guess if he gave me 500k, id do it. that would be a nice home for me! how much would it take you? lets be honest.

    • FunKiller

      I don't know, is there foreplay involved? It would have to be more than 500k though.

      • Jen

        25K for a blow job. stop thumbing me down. you assholes know you'd fuck anyone for the right price. stop lyin.

        • FunKiller

          And by "Thumb you down" you obviously mean………

          • Jen

            that will be 10k for a thumbing down.

            • Jon

              I'd fuck you for free, Jen, and I don't even know what you look like.

            • FunKiller

              I usually only pay 5k for a good thumb down…..let's make a deal.

              • Jen

                Jon, you sound like a ladies' man! bring it!

                stop being a cheap ass, funkiller!

                • FunKiller

                  Ok, 5k aaaand I'll throw in my collection of sea shells that I've had for over a year and a half.

                  • Jen

                    you have made yourself a fucking deal, sir.

                    • FunKiller

                      Yessssss, prepare yourself for the most proper thumb down you've ever received!

                    • Jen

                      and SEA SHELLS! I love sea shells!

                    • FunKiller

                      They are quite spectacular….promise! I hand picked them myself, and I have exquisite taste…….and I look fantastic nekkid!

  • https://www.facebook.com/Roboturner421 Matthew Hall

    #16 Seriously, what is up with those pants.

    • chiver

      makes it easier to play pocket pool

  • wymer100

    #28 #29
    Don't forget that ol' Flavio also shagged Heidi Klum

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